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I was just thinking. The way the mc is set up. He could easily play as a sapper or combat engineer. Close combat and tunnel warfare seems to be what the warrior side of their race would be best at. He should start hiring npc to do odd jobs like brick laying and such. Get whole families of npc living on his farm and when he moves they move with him. Possible buy wagons specifically for farm work. He should also make a studio. Get hired hands. View More
Farming For Gold · C49
5 hours ago
Alright ready for chapter 10 View More
Magical Me (Harry Potter) · C9
6 days ago
You dont understand. Politician in china need to grasp onto any achievement they can desperately. Majority of chinas achievements come from intelligence property theft. Not through competitiveness. They seriously believe in if we have more bodies to toss about everyone else should bow to us. I actually watched a talent show where a local politician was handing out ribbons . To children in elementary school. That was when i visited china two years ago. They are seriously desperate out there. Of course it is quite funny to see him leave moments later in a convoy of land rovers suvs and ford trucks and a security detail. While he riding in some expensive rolls royce. I didn't recognize the car i had to look it up. Only reason I knew what it was. View More

themibuclan: Ok I see this as fake

Even if you win math Olympic. They wont go to your dorm, front of your house to just interviewing you

The most possible answer is

That politician is calling the reporter because he want to be famous..

Why? Because I know a engineers who solved aviation problems... And even made a theorem

And respond is not big but above the radar

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C79
6 days ago
I want to say he pretty stupid also. Then i thought about it. If i was ticked off with my rewards i wouldnt think clearly about it. Hindsight is 20/20 View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C67
6 days ago
This was actually not an easy read. I kinda knew what was supposed to be going on, but half the time i am guessing. View More
Isekai Blacksmith · C2
1 week ago
No harem tag.. in that case i want the female mc to die. I hate monogamous relationships. No one does them right. They come off as a crappy romance. View More

Mike_Smith: Is there a harem tag on this story? If not i tni k i am already tired of it.

The Union · C14
1 week ago
Is there a harem tag on this story? If not i tni k i am already tired of it. View More
The Union · C14
1 week ago
I think i would have brought the queens wifes family in front of her and executed the whole family then the guards family.. once the baby was born killed the baby. And while it is gruesome. This is a queen who betrayed her country. It needs to happen. As for the guard he needs to be made an example of. Sleeping with the monarchs wife is treason.

It is seriously the kings mistake to raise the child. Sure he can love his ex wife. He can forgive her. But he shouldnt have given her no punishment.

Everyone complaining about the king but other than not showering the prince with love as a young ***** man. He is not actually bad. View More
The Union · C12
1 week ago
Many times young men thinking they know best have led to major disasters. There are few exceptions. View More
The Union · C11
1 week ago
Alright.. the screenshot comment was the one thing that hit me. i still cant figure out how to make a screen shot and i have used a smart phone for years..

You make valid points.

Your mc is still more beta than a japanese shool boy who saw a girl in a short skirt.

The way you Wright him i am surprised he doesnt have nose bleeds just for being in the presence of girls. Im not looking for an arragant prick. And clapping two rocks together is still brighter than he is.

But the circumstances at least make sense for the majority of the mc struggles.

Thank you for replying. View More

Seink: Thanks for the comment ;)
I agree with you that this story is quite a bit unfocused. And I confess it depends a lot on my mood.
While I do have a timeline with many bullet points of what happens each day for this whole war, sometimes I just don't feel like that's enough for a day and end up adding new things to it, other times I just think "hey, how did he do XXX?" so I make a whole chapter explaining it ;p which make the story progress many times slower than expected.
As for the MC's intelligence. Well, he is definitively NOT the brightest, but I don't think he is dump as well.
There is a bit of a mess in his memories and personality because [is this spoilers? its on the glossary ;p] a Homonculus is made with multiple souls.
He is actually really lucky as most of his personality comes from a single source, I could have made him completely crazy XD instead I just put some random thoughts...
Also consider that this story's world is not our real world. Information is not readily available for everybody and unless you have some master to teach you, you have to learn things on your own, and when learning things on our own we make a lot of stupid mistakes that a simple guidance could have prevented.
I remember the time when I first got a cellphone with touch screen, I was completely confused. How do I go back? Where is the menu? What do I do at this page?
Sure its quite easy to use it once you know it, but if there is nothing and no one to explain and you never saw it before, it will take you same time to get to know it and many functions may never be found out (like how to take screenshot ;p )
Well, I think I said enough.
Thanks again for the comment. I will copy it and read it a few times to see what I can improve. Just don't expect any huge change from a chapter to another...

Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C73
1 week ago
This is really hard to read. All i know is the mc is from gao kingdom. And his name is remus remus. Oh and his servents are not brignt. View More
Here I Come One Piece World !! · C1
1 week ago
I would actually like to see the whole village survive damaged sure. View More
Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release · C23
1 week ago
Not interested in reading about quidditch. Its similar to listening to people discuss football players on the radio while picking thier draft for the fantasy football division. View More
Wizardry System · C18
1 week ago
... i am really not happy with this story. What i think could improve the story. First add intelligence to the mc. That is the dungeon lord. Please think out your chapters. Maybe scribble out ideas for each chapter before you type up a chapter.

While i think the names are lame i don't care enough about it. But i do want more intellegent interactions. Maybe draw up a plan for your dungeon. I see your adding a more concrete system. That is a good direction. I don't normally like reading that status menu. But i think you need he thought out framing.

Less mary sue-ish. Your not doing well with the descriptions to make this a good mary sue story.

Your story needs more planning. Possible have someone who wont just agree the chapter is good but will argue with the author on what needed in a chapter.

I love dungeons, i love farm stories, i do not mind isekai stories.

Your dungeon lord is extremly unfocused. The key word is extremely. Give the dungeon lord a more linear thought pattern.

This story gone on for awhile and my opinion hasnt really changed.

I have repeatedly wondered if the author was creating a story with a mc that had mental development issues. View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C73
1 week ago
Im getting a strange vibe that this will turn into a bl story.. if that is the direction i want a tag so i do not follow. Doesnt like women shows off to male best friend. Pinches his butt...that unusual.. View More
A day in Hogwarts · C3
3 weeks ago
Let me put it this way the snake summons the more powerful often ask to be feed 100x number of humans before they give help. Where did Orchima get those humans from? My guess from normal villeragers. Children from orphanages. People deemed non important because they are weaker. View More
Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C16
3 weeks ago
Alright is the mc evil?. because if so this is pretty much standard naruto fan fiction. The reason i ask is how heartless the mc is. Then he picks a snake as his summons.which is pretty much the symbolic representation of evil. View More
Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C16
3 weeks ago
What is the point of these paragraphs.. were did the story go.. i feel like i been reading the ramblings of a creepy kids power and sexy fantasys but their is no story at all.. it all ****. There no redeeming factor View More
4 weeks ago
Can you make butter bot a sarcastic asshole. Like all the time and especially at inconvenient times wih a sick dark humor. Wish 1

Wish 2..
Hire ex military give them a serum like an upgraded version of captain americas. And lots of cool armor and weapons.. then hire them out to really weird places like grocery stores, churches chicken.. places that normally wouldnt have hightech high end guards. That make no sense to anyone unless they take area photos and realize he making a web.

Wish 3. Upgrade armory of the state military as a donations and pay for them to have a high active element. Also give them a serum.. but basically straight captain america serum.

Because it sucks that normal people have to fawn over rich assholes because said rich assholes opinion is more valuable then a dad who wants to protect his family.

It sorta like the gun debate. A certain rich senators believe that normal citizens dont have a right to self protection instead they should wait for a the right people to protect them after a crime happens. View More
4 weeks ago
Hmmm you know honestly i never been a fan of spiderman.. i dont even understand how it had enough fans to get a movie let alone several.. he just not cool.. View More
4 weeks ago
Reading Status: C22
This is an well written story about how stupidity is contagious. The author also copied konsuba and self inserted himself as the main character but did not improve the story. Some people said the stupidity was the charm.. i stopped watching konsuba because of the stupidty i was not charmed. View More
Bless this Wonderful World with a... Void Highlord?
4 weeks ago
Why the hell am i reading konsuba.. this is literally a repeat of the show.. you switched ojt the mc and kept the dumbass **** in.. it not even better than the orginal it is just a repeat with the author throwing a title on the mc.. there nothing here.. it like he took the chapter copied it and then switched the mcs that is all.

I stopped watching the show because it was stupid. View More
Bless this Wonderful World with a... Void Highlord? · C7
4 weeks ago
When she levels up force here to upgrade intelligence and wisdom.. i can not stand a stupid person. View More
Bless this Wonderful World with a... Void Highlord? · C2
4 weeks ago
Am i the only one who thinks it is odd that, the mc girl just got mind ****ed into telling secrets to shield which is basically a terrorist organization.. that barely on the side of the us government? And the mc just basically says oh well? View More
Technomaster in My hero academia · C24
4 weeks ago
Why not? He was *****ing about being llonely two elvish girls pop jp and ask to marry him nd he denies it... what the hell is wrong with him... i seriously do not get it.. the mail is so beta.. it pisses me off. Does he expect the women to romance him? Because it seems like he has extremely unattainable drive to catch a unicorn. View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C54
4 weeks ago
Im bored with this horrible act. She so weak and blah blah.. if she is mentally that weak. Toss her out. Dont baby her.she has no redeaming characteristics other than she can be breed.

Then there is the pathetic mc.. everyone is just walking all over him.. he is a fucking doormat. No back bone none. View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C53
4 weeks ago
Lots and lots of emo bull**** i have to read just waiting for the bs story to start. Dont care about 11 years hormones. View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C28
4 weeks ago
That actually happens so often even smart people do it because they are hurt and want revenge they are not thinking about the kids that will happen. View More

AnotherJunji: Well, the moment that was stated that his "father" messing with his life for no reason everyone thought that or he's a bastard or his family deserves to die.
The real problem is that his mother isn't really smart, she discovered that dad was cheating and then goes and cheat too? She could just rip any penny and reputation the guy had, divorce and then go make a another son, no reason to make your second son suffer for a retard "deal". The thing is way dumber if you think a little and notice that the dad don't add nothing for both sons, and the mom doesn't depend on him either so meh it's stupid AF.

Farming For Gold · C45
4 weeks ago
I was just thinking.. that was a pretty mean move their at the end.. dying while holding your exs wedding invitation.. when he is found and word gets out... hahahaha View More
Starting life in another world · C1
4 weeks ago
Ahh you shouldn't make fun of the narcissist merman. View More

Jlax: Hahahahaha 'A pretty Shellfish person'

Starting life in another world · C1
4 weeks ago
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