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Original Works

  • World Diver

    World Diver


    In the world of Kazin, there was a young man named Aaron. He lived for his country and dies for his country. And upon his death, the universe granted him a system. A system that allowed him to traverse to different worlds. A system that made him into a World Diver.

  • The Automotive System

    The Automotive System


    Carlos Reidrich was a normal college student who dropped out of graduate school because of family problems. He started working in a car service centre when suddenly he got injured in an accident. But when he woke up in the hospital he was surprised by a mysterious system. What will the system do? How will his life change? ------------------------------------------------ Announcements: -> 4 chapters per week -> Bonus chapter for every 200 power stone. -> There might be delays if there are some RL problems.

  • But I am a vegetarian!

    But I am a vegetarian!


    Transported to a magical world after an unfortunate incident, John Mate's biggest problem is not the demon lord or anything of that type. No it was the unavailability of vegetarian food.


I think one adds proficiency and one removes penalty from using weapon belonging to different class View More

RoxasKn: Isn't his omnipotent hand legendary skill already provide what that martial weapon proficiency does?

Abyss Domination · C17
2 days ago
I think this project was translated somewhere else before the translator decided to do it here. That's why it has 90 chapters as soon as it released View More

Baewha_Main: What the **** is this bull**** at the end of the chapters? Did these people at webnovel litterally copy paste this stuff from another website?

Abyss Domination · C2
2 days ago
The manhua releasing before this doesn't help either. I know what is going to happen in the next 100 or so chapters. Webnovel didn't think this through View More

WhosUrDad: 2/day is a lot for some novels, but for ones like these, basically nothing of note happens

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C29
5 days ago
Dude's just an attention seeking dumba$$ too lazy to use google View More

naosouonight: Connate is a real world and its meaning isn't unrelated to the topic of self cultivation and spiritual matters.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C4
2 weeks ago
Connate means to for as a single entity. That is something along the line of piecing together broken pieces. Its an actual word in an actual dictionary. He didn't make it up View More

Positive_Lullaby: wtf is connate you retard translator. Use foundation building its the official translation, dont make up new words

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C3
2 weeks ago
And i finished reading the chapter too. What are the first commenters doing? View More

Maajimboo: First

Sword Among Us · C38
2 weeks ago
First View More
Sword Among Us · C38
2 weeks ago
It would have been in that context if it had ben "had shaken his head". But here when he says repeatedly in disbelief which means it's not past participle but a continuous action. Hence shaken would not be a correct usage View More
Sword Among Us · C31
2 weeks ago
First View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C134
2 weeks ago
Couple of grammar errors in this chapter. Neither -> none, shaken -> shook View More
Sword Among Us · C31
2 weeks ago
I think he is referring to his previous encounter with that guy when he came out of the hotel to attend the closing ceremony. View More

dequindrick: Why you keep say Caucasian like that's the only race in America. Their is a large number of asians and a small number of Africans that got to princeton too.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C127
2 weeks ago
Nutty Zhou is never gonna nut View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C121
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
King of Sports · C1
3 weeks ago
Take it easy man. You can release the bonus chapters slowly. Just maintain your normal schedule and release the bonus when you can View More

David_Tieku: Well played 😭😭😂😂👏 Will be out tomorrow along with regular chapter

King of Sports · C48
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
King of Sports · C47
3 weeks ago
Oof the number sect is unstoppable. Eighth!! View More
Fatal Shot · C28
4 weeks ago
The problem is this is a Korean novel. And typically they are short with around 300 chapters unlike the Chinese novels with 1000+ chapters. And moreover Webnovel (Qidian) has bought the right to translate since they don't own them. So they want to make as much as they can. It is sad though View More

PGPURIFICACION: Going Premium now ? bad choice make it free at least 100 chapter then go premium. dont like to waste stone for this kind of rate 2/5 novel.

The World after the Fall · C22
1 month ago
Anything* View More

warrior: I didn’t understand nothing either

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C92
1 month ago
Of course you do. You are writing it View More

Jason_Umahi: This book is so nice and I like books like this. I also like THE RISE OF TEKNIOM. The book is so interesting.I recommend the THE RISE OF TEKNIOM to everybody It’s so interesting, I prefer it to this book.

I Cant Miss !!!
1 month ago
Well here comes another 20 chapter of fight description View More
Fatal Shot · C16
1 month ago
Attendance points View More

Brak: Just be shameless and do the problem or why go to class at all 😹

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C82
1 month ago
What's everyone on about? View More
King of Sports · C30
1 month ago
That's coz its not translated. Its copy pasted from a mtl site View More

vvyyd: Well it's an amazing story but the translation is seriously terrible. I have to crack my brain to understand some words. But overall it's an amazing story.

Football Emperor
1 month ago
He should just add all his thesis to Xiao Ai View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C81
1 month ago
Shadow school View More

Wandering_Sage: Shall I have Daredevil and Iron Fist call him master?
Help me think of a name for the training school/dojo guys.

Marvel: My Own Path · C21
1 month ago
I feel that too. I feel she is gonna steal the thesis for the student council president (the guy that walked her to the station before) or something View More

champakes: Is she going to steal her team's work?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C61
1 month ago
The problem with systems giving MC money is it breaks the economy. The money is not from original circulation. That means it's new infusion that the government has no control over. This leads to inflation and eventually (if done in large amounts) will cause an economic breakdown. I advise against it but since it's fiction you could just make the system conjure it from somewhere else in the planet View More
Marvel: My Own Path · C16
1 month ago
The one in brackets is not View More

SirDabAlot: Its not?

12 Hours After · C54
1 month ago
Wait a minute. What super soldier serum? When did he get that? Did I miss something? View More

Wandering_Sage: Oh is it? I didn't know that! Thanks for the heads-up. Kek, now I'll have to think what ability his X-gene will have...

Marvel: My Own Path · C15
1 month ago
I like to believe that the Bible was something like Harry Potter written in some long lost civilization and the church is just some fan group that refuses to accept the fact that it is a fictional story. But that doesn't stop me from making fun of the people who believe this crap with the stuff that is in it View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C18
1 month ago
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