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Original Works

  • World Diver

    World Diver


    In the world of Kazin, there was a young man named Aaron. He lived for his country and dies for his country. And upon his death, the universe granted him a system. A system that allowed him to traverse to different worlds. A system that made him into a World Diver.

  • The Automotive System

    The Automotive System


    Carlos Reidrich was a normal college student who dropped out of graduate school because of family problems. He started working in a car service centre when suddenly he got injured in an accident. But when he woke up in the hospital he was surprised by a mysterious system. What will the system do? How will his life change? ------------------------------------------------ Announcements: -> 4 chapters per week -> Bonus chapter for every 200 power stone. -> There might be delays if there are some RL problems.

  • But I am a vegetarian!

    But I am a vegetarian!


    Transported to a magical world after an unfortunate incident, John Mate's biggest problem is not the demon lord or anything of that type. No it was the unavailability of vegetarian food.


It's called king something right? View More

Brezer: There is another novel where the mc has a diablo 2 system where he actually goes into diablo 2 and by leveling up there it crosses over into the real world as cultivation and eventually he is able to bring over items and npc. Its actually a good story but like all these it gets repetitious, fight almost die rinse repeat until fight op domination then carry on.

Abe the Wizard · C23
1 week ago
I was reading a comment in the previous chapter about why he did not make an assassin creed style hidden blade and just kill them. Like even if you want the character to break their personality how tf is he supposed to get iron or any strong metal from? Any and all metals were strictly controlled by the feudal lords. Even if he manages to get some how is he going to forge the metal? Some people just don't think. Don't bother with them. Just take the constructive criticism and forget about these useless guys View More

Nick_Alderson: That's pretty immature. I don't ask you to continue reading, I'm merely here to counter your point. He comes to feudal Japan looking for peace, is beating up two kids in line with that attitude? I think not. He acts to secure peace. That's looked down on, I suppose. But it's fine. Who he develops into is a character I'm proud of. A strong character. Stronger than he would have been had he beaten up two children in chapter 6. If the you, or any future readers are unable to stomach him starting off realistically, then I'm afraid this book really isn't for you.

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C6
1 week ago
Patriotic bs and author bootlicking coming through View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C430
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C430
1 week ago
I don't know about on computer but on the phone app you just have to click on the chapter text to bring up the taskbar and you can check the comments View More

NovelNewbie354: How? I can't read comment section without unlocking the chapter first

World's Best Martial Artist · C48
1 week ago
So he has 6 "perfect" potions and doesn't try combine 3 to see if he can get a better one? He thinks that about gems but not about potions? That's the first thing I would try if I was him View More
Abe the Wizard · C20
1 week ago
Well you can and that's what I am doing right now View More

NovelNewbie354: Too late to warn people. We can't read the comment section before the chapter is unlocked 😂🤣😂🤣

World's Best Martial Artist · C48
1 week ago
First View More
Celestial Emperor is a Lifestyle Player! · C1
2 weeks ago
Like kill him and say you found him like that when you came to check a loud banging sound. Case closed. No one is gonna think a student killed a level 2 martial artist. This is just dumb View More
World's Best Martial Artist · C31
2 weeks ago
Then he kneeled down and the government ended his career View More
King of Sports · C159
3 weeks ago
People in this novel like fixating on thing so much huh View More
The Man from Hell · C38
1 month ago
At the beginning of chapter 4 the old dude gives him a black card. Ye Feng doesn't check it View More

Pascal: Did I miss where this black card come from? It probably isn’t from the „old“ ye Feng right?

The Man from Hell · C36
1 month ago
You sir have been bamboozled View More

xXLe0ffXx: But I just payed 250 stones for the advanced chapters 😭😭😭😭

King of Sports · C146
1 month ago
You might just throw up the bug too. Drinking helps after all View More

David_Tieku: Been ill the last few days, with a stomach bug but feeling slightly better now.

I had to drag myself to a party (which I unwillingly agreed to go to ) and it turns out drinking doesn't help either so here is a chapter, I'm off to throw up.....

King of Sports · C145
1 month ago
Bruh in the 25 chapters there were 4 chapters which kept saying the same thing over and over again. I know this is going to be **** show of a novel. I don't know if it is the same in raw or if the translator just screwed up. I wouldn't suggest anyone to read it if they have something better to do. This is more of a time pass novel when you have nothing to read. And I am pretty sure that's what the author intended it to be. Also there are professional book review writers who have never written books and their opinion is taken very seriously. And also reviews are one's own opinion of the book. You have no right to say to someone not to write something just because you don't agree with them. Many people decide whether or not to buy a book by reading the prologue, review and the first chapter. Can't judge a book by the first chapter is a very wrong idea. I know some professional editors from publication companies. They decide whether a book is worth publishing by the first paragraph of the first chapter. If it can't hold your attention then it is not worthy. View More

NVMY: Oh really, then sorry didn't look trough it :) Maybe it can be, afterall most of novels starts going downhill at 1600+ chapters, but still it's long way until that, so I think we could enjoy it, well I would prefer better translation, because now it's a bit hard to read sometimes.

The Man from Hell
1 month ago
You are forgetting this is the Marvel world. They had holographic projection and flying suits by 2014. They had super soldier serum and the like. They also had freaking quantum jump technology before 1980. Anything is possible here. Also didn't you read before about the magic voodoo stuff making him stronger? View More

NulZilch: Bro this is just to ridiculous for 1 yr old. Babies don't even have proper motor functions by this age.

Also multiple signal hopping in this era? Are there even systems in the world that can receive and process such huge data?

Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C14
2 months ago
The previous 2 chapters were released before and when they did they missed ONE chapter. Webnovel decided to remove the previous 2 chapter and release them again as new chapter after inserting the missing chapter as if they were all new. Technically they are 2 chapter behind an schedule as 2 chapters were released as normal chapter twice and also some of them were charged again because the chapter got locked again even though we paid for it already when it was first released View More

IAINTgotnoLEGS: Did nobody read the message saying a couple of chapters were skipped? They put those chapters back in so we didnt lose anything. So much sbs in the comments

The Legendary Mechanic · C551
2 months ago
Actually a lot of original novels in RoyalRoadl used to make the baby cry and explain why (their first breath hurts). Not a first but definitely prefer this over a stone cold killer baby View More

GuyTB: I really liked this chapter, it's by no means the first reincarnation novel I've read where the MC starts as a foetus, but it's the first that mentions the pain he felt as opposed to just the mother. I quite liked that, not because I'm a sadist but because I agree that it must be in barefoot painful for the baby as well, being squeezed through a tiny hole like that when your bones haven't even fully formed! Ouch! And due to that, he's crying when he's born... I'm sure that babies cry due to both the pain of being birthed and the overstimulation of the new environment - I highly doubt that all babies cry just for the hell of it. So I like it how he cried unlike lots of novels where the baby is born silent and alert causing the mother or the maid (inexplicably all maids in fantasy world are also experienced midwives... Even when they're only 14-16 treats old) to either think that he's a creepy freak with something wrong with him, or that he's an outstanding genius destined for greatness... Of course, No matter what they think, the father is always 'pleased as punch' at what a tough little man his son is, not crying when he was born - forgetting of course that when he himself was born, he cried 'like a baby' (See what I did there?)
So yeah, Good job on thinking it through and the realism (at least as realistic as a birth due to reincarnation can be) of it.
The novel seems good so far, please keep writing, please don't give up on it!

Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C5
2 months ago
Danke View More
King of Sports · C136
2 months ago
Legge, the drug dealer, strikes again View More
The First Order · C24
2 months ago
The punctuation in lots of places are amiss. You should probably give it a once over View More
King of Sports · C129
2 months ago
Coz many people don't read it here? View More

FlameEvil: How am I first even after reading the whole chapter. 🤔🤔

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C266
2 months ago
It's like the difference between Scrubs (or Grey's anatomy) with Dr. House. One focus on actual medical stuff and other on hospital politics. All of them are great shows. You might like one more than the other depending on what you like. View More

Perfect_It: Meh in my opinion this novel is spending too much time on politics/social interactions unlike Great Doctor Ling Ran. It distracts from actual skill-building and the use of the system.

Path of Medicine With a System · C21
3 months ago
Technically he could just do bungee jumping and finish the task View More

Aakurii: "jump off a cliff 20m or higher 10,000 times and survive. Reward:+100 vitality" might be a good ending for this novel. But I don't want it to end too soon either... Ahhh.... Decisions.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C46
3 months ago
Still not first. You got flexed over your flex OmegaLul View More

FLEXTascios: Hey if your reading this, I beat you to this Chapter.

Suck Out.


King of Sports · C118
3 months ago
Well Korean web novels are way shorter than their chinese counterparts. Typically they end in around 300 to 400 chapter compared to the Chinese o e which extend well beyond 1000 chapters. That's why the pay wall is up early. Having said that I wish pay wall doesn't exist at all but we live in a capitalist world. View More

EroMaster: The story seems good and interesting, but the most painful thing is paywall after chapter 22.
I know Qidian must pay the royalty to the Korean author, but at least make it after 100 chapters or something!

Return of the Legendary Hunter
3 months ago
The big brothers are howling because the big sisters are trampling them under their shoes View More

rook144: She bringing him to a charity marathon? Why do I shmell a date here? And also, why do I hear howling big brothers? Hmmmmm

My Extraordinary Achievements · C32
3 months ago
Or well 4 sets of octuplets? View More

pokeperson1000: Holy ****, her parents f*cked like rabbits...

Well, either that, or her parents believed in the “love should be free” ideology and she has a very extensive list of people who are in a conflict-free love dodecahedron in her parents’ generation.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C28
3 months ago
Wait a minute! So Simba's abusive wife is Nala? View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C42
3 months ago
That would be fine but it says 14 chapters/week in the info page of the book. They be lying out there... View More

Tortuga: Broh, broh, broh... are you serious? 1 chapter a day? Have you considered that it would be 1 month to get at least 30 chapters?

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C26
3 months ago
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