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darkoneko: "He hadn't even encountered a woman whom he genuinely desired," liaaaaaarrrr what about Night ?

Shadow Hack · C526
3 hours ago

Unit_of_War: Azure-Red Great Sun Tyrant Dragon Devil-God Bone Muscle Marrow Body Admiralty Plotarmor Bloodline...sounds more comprehensive I think.

Shadow Hack · C525
3 hours ago

anitahegerland: Because of plot reasons the other 65 drops have magically disappeared. After all we can't have the MC reaching deity level strength too soon! We'll be lucky if we get a half-assed explanation by the author 20 chapters from now.

Shadow Hack · C525
3 hours ago

spyfoxjm: "Naturally, he wasn't an idiot who would really cut off his finger to experiment."

Your not? I guess Li Yunmu is finally starting to mature!

"Since the system had given him complete assurance of it, there wasn't any need to question it."

I take back what I said about Li Yunmu maturing...

Apparently, he still is an idiot that would cut his own fingers off for an experiment.

The only reason he didn't do so, was because the system assured him it was possible, and therefore it was no longer nessisary to cut off his fingers to test out his regeneration ability...

Shadow Hack · C525
3 hours ago

jenomzy: Bloodline power... yeah this is a sign that it’s time to mate with d ladies 😏

Shadow Hack · C524
3 hours ago

iancyclone: he went from the lowest level to a sage in like a matter of days...

Shadow Hack · C523
3 hours ago

darkoneko: it'd be nice if the fruit auto-repaired so he could just take one drop every few days

Shadow Hack · C522
3 hours ago
Hey bro which one do yo recommend me to read ?? Do you have any other good novels View More

Mat33: Yea. But most of 'em do have some serious problems after a couple hundred of chapters or so.

Shadow Hack · C520
9 hours ago

spyfoxjm: Yes, his heavenly world can grow in size, so as long as he has the reasources, then he can continue to expand it until it becomes a full world.
The drawback is that he has to sacrifice a unfathomable amount of high quality highly valuable reasources in order to do so.

Then we have dimensional spaces, like the island, the orgin good world, and the black spirit valley.
The benefit of dimensional spaces is that they already posses a certain amount of power and reasources. Therefore, so long as you own a Demensional space, then you can obtain all the power and reasources inside.
The drawback here is that the dimensional spaces have a fixed size. There is no way to expand them and as such you can never obtain more power and reasources then there already is from the beginning.

Then we have the special treasures with a Demensional space.
The benefit of these is that you can freely transport goods inside and outside of the space.
The downside being that it is a fixed space with no room for expantion and if said treasure breaks, everything inside is lost and destroyed.

As for why this technique is so powerful and so valuable,
it essentially allows you to sacrifice two smaller and less valuable pocket Dementions (The space inside the treasure, and the space inside the Demensional space) in order to obtain a much larger and far more valuable pocket demension the size of an entire world. Your basically creating something out of nothing.
(Well, you still need the two pocket Dementions, as well as all the other stuff listed in the technique, but the materials used can't account for what you get as the end result. It might count for a small portion of the world, but the rest of the world is created out of nothing.)

This technique isn't simply adding the spaces together, and not even multiplying the spaces could accuretly describe it. The new space created from the two small pocket Dementions is exponentially larger than the original two spaces combined.

Think about it this way:
Let's say you own a small house.
Then let's say, you also own a city.

Now let's say that you just found out that if you get rid of the house and the city, you can obtain an entire planet. All just for the small price of the house and city that you started with.

That's essentially what this technique does.
It allows you to blatantly disregard the normal rules of the pocket Dementions, and transcend the limits in order to obtain something much greater than what you started with. As I said before, your creating something out of nothing.

Again, they didn't do a good job explaining it, so I don't know the exact details of how it works.
But that's the general idea.

The following is just my speculation and is not meant to be reguarded as fact.

Since he wants to use his Azure Dragon Expert Armor (or more specifically the Ghost King Armor part of it) and the Black Spirit Valley for the technique, I'm assuming that the two pocket Dementions used are not destroyed.

And since the technique calls for the use of a special treasure, I'm assuming the resulting world is portable, as in it gets stored inside of the treasure.
At the very least, the treasure might actually as a key to the resulting world, allowing you to instantaneously access the Demensional world.

I have other things I have speculated on, but there isn't enough evidence to support those ideas, so for now I'll just keep the rest to my self and I'll wait and see.

Shadow Hack · C520
13 hours ago
Bro is the last 3 novel like the 1st one??where the MC is super OP View More

Mat33: Yea? Did you read that spatial farm thing? Or Terror Infinity with it's clones, all sorts of Ultimate Evolutions and armors? What about Castle Black? The System of Gods and Demons? It (the volume) have to be cut 10 times at least, generally...

Shadow Hack · C520
13 hours ago

Mat33: Yea? Did you read that spatial farm thing? Or Terror Infinity with it's clones, all sorts of Ultimate Evolutions and armors? What about Castle Black? The System of Gods and Demons? It (the volume) have to be cut 10 times at least, generally...

Shadow Hack · C520
13 hours ago

spyfoxjm: Not quite...

I think the general idea here is taking a pocket demension with a specific attribute,

And using a treasure of similar attribute to turn the pocket dimension into a entire dimensional world.

(I think that the special treasure that is used to refine the pocket dimension must also have a small pocket dimension inside of it. So I guess the technique here basically combines two pocket dimensions of similar attribute, in order to create a world sized pocket dimension.)

He listed several different pocket dimensions that could potentially be refined into a new world,
Such as a space like his heavenly world, a small space like the room inside his storage badge, or even a world space.
(World spaces are the dimensional spaces such as the island, world ancestor tree, and the demon valley area that he just recently wiped out.)

They mentioned that the Ghost King Armor must have a pocket demension inside of it, otherwise it wouldn't be able to collect souls.
(Basically, it wouldn't be able to collect souls if it didn't have a place to put the souls it collected.)
And it seems the Ghost King Armor possess a Demonic type attribute.

The demon valley is also demonic type attribute.

And I think Li Yunmu now plans to use the Ghost King Armor and demon valley to refine a world sized Demensional space.

I could be wrong here. This chapter was a little confusing since the author didn't do a very good job at explaining everything.
I'm pretty sure I got the general idea behind everything right.
As for the exact details of how the entire process works, the author didn't really make it clear, so I did my best with what I had to work with. Just don't expect it to be 100% accurate.

Shadow Hack · C520
13 hours ago

Dracaras: This novel tends to look like it's written by a 14 year old with cool ideas but has yet take the classes required for them to have the abilities to write a story in anything but a stream of consciousness

Shadow Hack · C520
13 hours ago

Thekingofgamez: i feel that he might kidnap some people to find a way to upgrade his body. well if it was the mc from Warlock of the magus world he would of already had experiments in mind lol

Shadow Hack · C517
13 hours ago

spyfoxjm: Let's see...

He can summon an army of underworld Ravens with his bow,
He has two devils,
An army of several hundred ape gods,
And now he has a swarm of demons.

With the exception of the underworld Ravens which require use of the bow,
He can instantaneously summon a massive army of monsters.

Add in his shadows who serve as his personal guard,
And he's pretty much the general of his own personal army.

Shadow Hack · C514
13 hours ago

Sky_Shard: They still have three lives daily, right?

Shadow Hack · C513
13 hours ago

Sky_Shard: Technically its been several months to a year, I think, but I'm just saying that it seems like the blood shadows would come in really handy right about now.

Shadow Hack · C512
13 hours ago

Mattmick222: So the Underworld version of Southwest Airlines

Shadow Hack · C510
15 hours ago

darkoneko: "She felt that she would never be able to surpass Li Yunmu." Of course ! He's the MC, you're not.

Shadow Hack · C510
15 hours ago

Pannath: This makes no sense. The shadows should have his same armor. They always produced a perfect shadow replica of all his gear before like his Raven bow and were able to use all it's abilities. This goes against previous precedence set.

Shadow Hack · C509
15 hours ago

PopcornSectJunior: Finally we get to see Li Yun and the other kids show up again. Papa Yunmu and his broken armor kept hogging the spotlight from the shadow kids who are the real mcs :)))

Shadow Hack · C509
15 hours ago

spyfoxjm: Technically, each of those shadows are their own separate being.

Remember the Ape Gods? The tribulation thunder didn't strike them down because of their combined strength.
It's just that once their individual strength surpassed the world limit, the Tribulation Lightning would erraticate the offending individual.

The same can be said about the individual shadows.
The limit doesn't apply to individuals combining their strength to surpass their individual limits.
It only applies to individuals that have exceeded the limit of what a individual of that world should possess.

They may be controlled by Li Yunmu, but they aren't part of him, they are separate beings.

Therefore, even if they did have a copy of Li Yunmu's armor, they wouldn't trigger the tribulation thunder, it would just be an incredibly broken power.

Since Li Yunmu hasn't been struck down yet, we know he hasn't broken any rules yet.

Therefore, even if all of his powers we're to be perfectly copied, including his armor, since their strength is equal to Li Yunmu, and since Li Yunmu hasn't broken any rules yet, then the shadows wouldn't have broken any rules yet either and would not need to fear the tribulation thunder.

Sure, it would be a broken power, since all that power is under the control of Li Yunmu.
But being a broken power doesn't mean it breaks the rules.

I suppose this is what you would call a loophole.

Using the shadows to bolster his strength count's as a group effort, and not individual force, because each shadow is it's own individual life form.

Sure, they may be subservient life forms with no real will of their own, but they are not Li Yunmu, and Li Yunmu isn't them,
Therefore Li Yunmu is able to surpass the individual limit by replying on his shadows, and is technically not breaking any rules.

Shadow Hack · C509
15 hours ago

darkoneko: Finally time for the shadows to shine ! Wait, that sound wrong

Shadow Hack · C509
15 hours ago

darkoneko: Princess carryyyyy

Shadow Hack · C508
15 hours ago

CalmCentre: Imagine if his system was a hybrid of his own and Lin Fan's; a combination of the best parts of both 🤔

Shadow Hack · C507
15 hours ago

PopcornSectJunior: It's different. His armor is already broken and it isnt even complete. If each shadow is capable of powering up said armor then that's 13 bodies powering 1 suit that already allows mc to battle sages while he's just at great flux expert lv1. At least with the skills they have a cap and require a gay amount of points at certain lvls but that armor can basically improve to infinity.

Shadow Hack · C507
15 hours ago

Login_Achieved: So if he attacks himself its an infinite feedback buffing loop.

Shadow Hack · C507
15 hours ago

lonebinger: The spirit of slaughter and protection are manifestations of the shadow hack is my opinion, what do you think?

Shadow Hack · C507
15 hours ago

Devouring_Master: You have to realize that the difference between a sage flux expert and a great flux expert should be gigantic and almost impossible to bridge. If I remember correctly a 10th rank great flux expert should, I think, barely be considered a Domain Sage on Earth, but a sage flux expert should have the power equal or greater than a battle sage. The difference between those 2 is gigantic

Shadow Hack · C506
15 hours ago

Sky_Shard: "When he looked at them, he considered them even inferior to ants." - Now to be fair, ants have proven to be a difficult opponent in the past.

Shadow Hack · C506
15 hours ago
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