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Edited my ass View More
Otsutsuki In The Celestial Realm · C3
3 weeks ago
You're a fucking melon View More

Chizaram: Shut up 🤐. No one sought your opinion. If it ain’t nice for you, it is for others. If you don’t like it then DON’T READ!!

Evolution God
2 months ago

FujiCigarette: Grammar 3- while it can be easily read but the characters keep saying things that make it seem like words mean nothing
Stability of updates 4 - has enough chapters for the story to be judged
Story Dev 2 - because of inconsistencies
Character Design 2 - is a fanfic and the characters are acting OOC's while the MC also has nothing special to offer
World Background 4 - cause even if i will be dropping this story the concept of the world the author made is still interesting

first of all.... man the characters are OOC's and the words they speak seem to mean nothing... like, yes staring is rude and all that but you have to like stare at someone for a full minute or two to make it awkward, and like for someone with peak human genes the mc keeps spacing out a lot to stare at someone for so long...
another thing... its sentences uttered a few paragraphs earlier like "you humans are all the same" and later paragraph the girl is like "are you really human?" the mc already showed superhuman reaction and strength before the first was uttered so for the girl to then ask if the mc is human again makes the girl seem kinda stupid...
in later chapters this repeats with the line "you seem to already be a martial artist and dont need training" so mc sprouts **** like "let me fight you to prove that i dont know martial arts" they fight and the last premise was forgotten when the line "you aint gonna win this" was uttered cause it already proved the point that he doesnt know martial arts... but the mc was like "no im not gonna lose" and some other bull**** and kept the fight going.... like what was even the point of the freakin fight in the first place......

Peak Human In An Anime World
2 months ago

FujiCigarette: if you dont see the problem in the way the story flows when it was pointed out then thats fine....
and your reasoning really really is lacking... disbelief? there is disbelief and there was that... in a world which is known that there are supernatural elements when a person displays superhuman qualities first reaction should not be disbelief... like really? youre using above 4 times and more multiplier power levels already when a peak human athlete would dominate every sports with just double human capacity.....if your gonna say "well its anime" then you dont get the charm of using multipliers based on humans in anime rather than in reality cause if your just gonna be randomizing the stats then what is the whole point.

genes have everylittle thing to do with spacing out... high reflexes means high perception meaning higher cognitive function.. peak human doesnt just mean peak body... if you only think of muscle when saying peak human, then you are forgetting the no. reason why humans are in the top of the food chain... our freakin brains man... use it.

i know sakaki and hotblooded is a greatway to explain his personality... but you just cant go with that flimsy excuse alone, martial arts needs descipline... and in my review i said you forgot the premise of the fight as well as the mc, there was no mention of what sakaki's character had to do anything with the fight... he was already saying that the mc aint gonna win this... so again quit it with the flimsy excuse.

and really? i like my comments so that it gets shown in the front page where people will see it earlier.... i think it is more acceptable than making a 5 star review of your own story..... and really if an author learns from what i wrote and decided to edit the story...
heck you dont even need to change the storyline just edit it to make it flow easier so that it makes for a good read...

i have fought authors and also came to an understanding, ive also come back to stories when the authors asked me if they have improved.. if you gonna post something expect to get criticism and actually learn from it....

cause even i myself write... but i write for myself so i dont post it cause i dont want it to be criticized.... easy as that

Peak Human In An Anime World
2 months ago

FujiCigarette: see... this is what i dont get... youre whole take away from this is that im a sad man... you wont even agree to the flaws that i have pointed out.... you are a terrible terrible author... and frankly its only my opinion and what you say is also your opinion.... i dont see myself as sad.... i see myself as someone dedicated to my hobby that i get passionate about stories i read...

im frankly happy everyday and the only time i get sad is when i encounter people like you, every bad thing i have said has been based on what you have written and every attack you have made to me is all about your biased view on how sad of a person i am.... when in fact your opinion is misinformed and you are assuming too much to know me...

last comment and good buy... as a person and as an author, you have shown your horrible personality to me... and it doesnt matter really cause i have ignored bad stories and will now continue to ignore you forever and forget you.... atleast there are horrible writers here that i still go back to cause they improve... really, in the business of shamelessness you won... i lost... goodbye

Peak Human In An Anime World
2 months ago

TheGentlemenWorld: Where do I even begin? This novel is literally Cool Anime System all over again, for those of you that remember it. I've only read 2 chapters and I immediately knew it. The hype for this novel is very stupid and I feel like giving an actual review that doesn't make me sound brain dead.

Grammar - Holy ****. Why is 'that' spelled 'taht'? You don't even need to be an English major to know 'that'. There aren't any commas, ever. Don't even give me that 'English isn't his primary language'. My Spanish is sub-par at best and you don't see me writing novels in it. This desperately needs an editor ~ 1 Star

Story Development - I racked my brains on this and I can't tell how the author thought that these were even decent wishes. Who on Earth would not wish to be overpowered? The point of reincarnating in novels is because you desire something. In this novel, he desires to struggle pointlessly because he is literally mentally challenged. ~ 1 star

Character Design - Everyone speaks like a 1st or 2nd grader. I haven't read much but I don't wish to know more. When they speak like they or someone else is talked when they can barely talk right, it just doesn't come off as convincing nor impressive. In the end, this goes back to grammar. ~ 1 Star

World Background - Kinda difficult to rate world background for a fan fic. After all, all they are doing is taking the background from another novel and pasting it onto this novel soo... ~ 2 stars

The only thing somewhat decent about this novel is the update rate. It's at least daily so that's an easy 4 star. I hope this clarified some things.

Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens
2 months ago
Translator should go back to middle school View More
Warlord of Chaos · C1
3 months ago
Already full of cliché's not looking good View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C3
10 months ago

AxomiaHoiMoi: Hey, how do I apply to be a Translator for this? I believe i can keep update frequency to 1 per day

Versatile Mage · C259
1 year ago

Novelnantic: I think the best animal would be a White Tiger (Baihu) of the Chinese history as his animagus transformation as they have like Draco have great pride and are also black and white which could also represent good and evil.

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C19
1 year ago
Super lame View More
Invincible Kungfu Healer · C34
1 year ago
Lame View More
Invincible Kungfu Healer · C32
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Dual Cultivation · C59
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Dual Cultivation · C59
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Ring View More
Dual Cultivation · C59
1 year ago
I hope he becomes like Raiden View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C5
1 year ago

Hauntred: The story has an interesting premise and is certainly amusing

But it’s main flaw lies with the grammar of the author

Though for casual readers it wouldn’t be too bad , for people like me who have been reading novels for years might find it nigh unreadable (god knows I didn’t last 5 chapters)

If the author manages to get an editor to clean up his grammer this could be a really good novel

+18 - Harem Palace Sect's System
1 year ago

PrinceOfNilfheim: Firstly, It is not a mistake, fishes have pores, and the fact that you said that so blatantly as if you were sure of it made me sick. Secondly, I kinda hate the type of people who just try to find faults in an authors/translators work NOT because you feel disappointed in him but because you just want to show of your so called intelligenceand knowledge to us readers who doesnt give a f**k.

I Can Turn into a Fish · C43
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C9
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C9
1 year ago
poot View More
Monster Paradise · C269
2 years ago
\[T]/ View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C45
2 years ago
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