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Didn't the origin era start only 20 years ago? Why are all the world espers old people? Where are all the world espers in their 30's? I don't see why someone in their teens or even a kid who got powers when it all started couldn't become a world esper? View More
Godly Model Creator · C756
1 week ago
This story is supposed to be taking place in the modern world right? I'm really interested to see how many people actually use the words "courting death" in real life. View More
Godly Model Creator · C734
1 week ago
Since Su Hao became a professional esper before he can even enroll in college, did he already graduate? View More
Godly Model Creator · C488
1 week ago

WilliamER: Author not to be a hater but you're dragging things too much with this, at this rate he would kill the entire race in about a month or two with people showing up every 2 chapters

The Adventures of the Young Master · C208
1 month ago
Lord Zeref is born again. View More
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C1640
2 months ago
"Family won't harm you"? That's the worst advice the anyone's ever given in this entire book. Let's look at the facts:
1. Mu Family - Mu Wushuang abandoned her family to die in order to join Tian family
2. Ye Ling, the third prince, was abandoned and sent to the enemy kingdom as a hostage by his family
3. Ning Family - The master of the family let his wife be beaten to death and almost sold his daughter for profits.
4. Tian Family - Betrayed Tian Ya and sent assassins after him. Zhonger's father tortured his own child.
5. Xiao Family - Abandoned Xiao Yun in a dangerous forest and later tried to kill him again.
6. Ye Family - Ye Jingchen was forced to leave his family because he married a random girl and couldn't get her pregnant.
7. Xue Rou'er - Killed her mother to get back to the Xue family and frame the MC.
8. Lin Yuan - This noble city lord abandoned his daughter when he realized she was caught in her wrongdoings.
There might be more I've missed, but 90% of the families in this book have abandoned their family members for selfish reasons. View More
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C830
2 months ago
A certain someone won't be happy to find out that our girl is sharing a room with a guy. View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C393
3 months ago
Nice, another beast added to his group. At this rate, he could open up a zoo and showcase all the rare and legendary beasts he's added to his group. View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C99
4 months ago
Hmm... just wondering, if your aging slows down as you advance level, then won't geniuses like Grey or Natalia look like kids even when they are 20-30 years old. Especially if he breaks through magister at 13. At the rate Grey's level is increasing, maybe he'll never grow up :P View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C64
4 months ago
Hopefully, the girls are not the only ones to improve their skills and foundation. Konrad needs to do that as well. He has the same problem of increasing his cultivation too quickly. Even though he has an OP bloodline, physique, and the system, he won't be able to dominate against someone who has similar bloodline and physique. Even if he does, it might be due to the advantage he gained from overlord trials. He sparred with Yvonne for a few days, but he's still just a mediocre fighter at the moment. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C141
4 months ago
Well, they can only hope that their "protector" doesn't turn out to be just as bad as the Universal Government or the Elementalist or maybe even in leagues with one of them. I agree with your idea that desperate times lead to desperate measures and I'm guessing they did more background check and analysis on Roley before making this decision. It would still seem like a risky move to give a person, a human no less, more powers than they possess especially when he's manipulating you into giving those powers. It's also weird that Roley's situation is almost similar to the first question that was asked to him and yet they're doing the exact opposite of the answer Roley gave and they approved. Anyway, this was just a hypothetical situation. I'm looking forward to Roley's power up. Would also be cool to see the entire planet join Daniel's group. Maybe the elementals will also get a power-up and evolve into laws or something higher. View More

reptoptickus: They probably did but they are clearly desperate. the thing about the elementals is that while they're strong they have a definite power cap. Which is why they make the elemental hybrids. But even that isnt enough so they have to make an elemental god in order to survive. Roleys talents are more rare than one in a million years. They are likely impossible without the cheat that is the karmic system. So they have to either wait for the powers at hand to destroy them or make random dude that came from void and risk it for the biscuit

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C349
4 months ago
Didn't it ever cross the elementals' minds that Roley may have been manipulating them this entire time? He clearly knew the purpose of these questions and also that some of them were trick questions. How do they know that he wasn't simply telling them what they wanted to hear in order to gain power (not that he was)? Anyway, I like where this seems to be going. Each of his friends is apparently becoming top existences in his/her field. Can't wait for the grand reunion where this group of powerhouses faces the Universe. View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C349
4 months ago
Honestly, the headmaster is probably the most hypocritical character seen until now. All other characters are very open about their views (mostly contempt towards MC). On the other hand, the headmaster claims that he doesn't want to let talented mages' lives be ruined due to abuse of power and fight for the rights for the less fortunate and yet, he was ready to "abuse his power" and reject the MC just because he studied under Nana. Honestly glad the MC is not fooled by his righteousness and its not given much spotlight. View More
Supreme Magus · C56
5 months ago
So basically, these academies have the same point system as Hogwarts. View More
Supreme Magus · C49
5 months ago
And that, kids, is how I met your Uncle Lord Voldemort. View More
Supreme Magus · C8
5 months ago
So, who ended up getting Xue Yun's spirit beast core? View More
Legend of Swordsman · C171
5 months ago
Wait, why is their cultivation jumping around so much? When the MC first saw Meng'er in the previous chapter, it was profound gold core, when she and the two core disciples walked into the residence, all of them were primordial gold core and a few moments later, the remaining two disciples claim they are at exceptional gold core. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C130
5 months ago
As usual, the enemy organization will send opponents in batches that the MC can handle and slowly temper himself instead of just sending the strongest one and killing him. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C105
5 months ago
I just remembered something that was said in chapter 42. "The distance between the Initial Gold Core Realm and the Exceptional Gold Core Realm was so large that even a genius who possessed a Heaven defying Cultivation Method, like the Heavenly Creation Skill, still couldn't compare with someone at the Exceptional Gold Core Realm." It's funny that Supreme Gold Core which is the cultivation method's version of the inital gold core is stronger than exceptional gold core. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C104
5 months ago
So, I know that the sect was a traitor and all, but are none of the 1 clawed dragon guards or even MC even going to ask why they're just brutally slaughtering all these people. It's not like they know the real reason. All they know is they were told to kill, so they kill. Also, I'm really surprised by how calm the MC is after killing those disciples. This is probably his first time killing a human. I thought he would at least feel something after killing them. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C50
5 months ago
Damn! So, Dante and Vergil are already dead. But if the twins are girls, chances are they're still alive and the MC just found new members to join. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C120
5 months ago
If the flame flower had already become extinct in his era, how did the MC recognize it's smell? View More
End of the Magic Era · C162
5 months ago
So what exactly is Daniel's current cultivation? View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C338
5 months ago
So, I'm guessing Sewah is now officially part of Daniels group, seeing as his power has greatly increased compared to the previous Oni Leader's power. Probably due to the system's group perks. View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C330
5 months ago
Soooooo... When are you going to reveal the MC's cultivation? View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C327
5 months ago
Just FYI. This is the same as the previous chapter. View More
Solitary Sword Sovereign · C80
6 months ago
Why would the king be exhausted? He didn't even fight yet. View More
Solitary Sword Sovereign · C16
6 months ago
Wait, I thought it's been several years since he got his powers. Wasn't he supposed to be at level 20? Or is all this happening right after he disappeared from his Aunt's house and before saving the girl? View More
Solitary Sword Sovereign · C8
6 months ago
Lord Cliffy has accumulated a lot of negative karma. The MC better kill him before his power increases even further. View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C314
6 months ago
A professor giving the MC an item to collect and record information about different monsters on his behalf. Hmmm.... Where have seen/played this before? View More
Taming Master · C76
6 months ago
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