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Reading Status: C40
At least it has less grammatical errors compared to the others. Read the free chapters, but definitely not spending spirit stones on this one. View More
The world turned into a game after I woke up
1 year ago

Neveryoumindme: This story is a massive disappointment, i'm not sure if i was spoiled by other translators who selected better stories or what, but i expected a lot more from a korean novel. In my experience they are usually better written then chinese ones and shorter, being shorter is usually what helps them because the author doesn't repeat the same plot points every arch to pad the word count.

The story start is pretty weird, we are introduced to the main character and a villain whose action are baffling. The mc "luckily" manages to return to the past, he's now got a FULL YEAR before the game starts and he pisses it off.
From what it's described he does nothing other then finding a very important location in the first few days, only to leave it and do nothing for the rest of the year. He doesn't try to maybe, i dunno, find and kill the guy who he hated so much before, try to connect with figures who are going to become deities or possibly very strong allies in the future.
He could have reincarnated within a few days of the start of the game and the story would still be the same while leaving the readers with less doubts about the author and protagonist intelligence.

Now we get to the juicy part, he gets to the location he scouted a year before and becomes the first to transition to the new deva mode.
He gets a pretty sweet +200 stats bonus for every aspect of his character and proceeds to tell the reader that such a huge bonus, even higher then what he expected, would definitely propel him to the ranks of the top devas.
It actually makes sense since reaching such stats would apparently take a year or two. That would have been a good point where the author should have stopped the *beep* plot armor and sent the mc into the wild, but nope.
The protagonist has not enough of a leeway so we get another stupid scene where he "totally randomly" gets a whooping +1000 stats in each attribute. That results in the mc having now better stats then what he achieved in 7~11 years before the reset while still being a level 0.

He's now ready for adventure, the revenge is probably forgotten for now but i'm pretty sure we'll meet the antagonist later in the story where he proceeds to trounce the mc anyway or gets blasted for sins he has not yet or may not ever commit. Anyway the protagonist finds a low level dungeon he goes in and is immediately confused, apparently in 12 years of surviving in the "hellish" world he never learnt how to fight or think since he fights like a toddler who just learnt he has arms. I should stress that the basic stats for a normal lvl 0 deva is 20 across the board, our mc has 1200 in each, by all rights he should be having trouble just moving without having spent some considerable time adapting to such absurd stats. He should be having fun and being mildly frustrated trying to take a few steps without accidentally breaking the sound barrier.
The power level is so high he should atomize anything that he touches, especially low level mobs that have their name preceded by the word "weak". He kills them easily enough but apparently the stats are meaningless since he only manages to crack some skulls and he's considerably astounded by the fact.

One last thing that really baffles me is the protagonist choice of future development, apparently being adaptable is stupid? He's got stats that could lead him down pretty interesting development paths but he's going to throw such an advantage away and just focus on being a melee class. Really? The argument for why he should go down that road it's pretty flimsy too.

Anyway avoid like the plague unless your favorite decent korean author pissed you off. If that's the case, read this and you'll understand that the tiny mistake that upset you is not that big a deal when compared to this burning pile of trash.

The world turned into a game after I woke up
1 year ago
"Closely after that, he stepped into the bathing pool which was filled with the live hot spring water being led from the underground; additionally, the water was covered with pedals."

I have trouble imagining a pool full of floating pedals as comfortable... View More
Castle of Black Iron · C695
1 year ago

Kaze: The content has been blocked

Heavenly Jewel Change
2 years ago

Robert_Chien: The content has been blocked

Heavenly Jewel Change
2 years ago
Reading Status: C501

Well, this is the biggest disappointment I had in years. Who would have thought, that the high and mighty webnovel.com would stoop so low, that they would steal a whole translated novel from **********... View More
Heavenly Jewel Change
2 years ago
Looks like it is not going to be fixed any time soon :( View More
The Desolate Era · C340
2 years ago
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