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Obito_Tobi: no devil fruit then make him master all marine six styles and the technique needed to master all of them "Rokugan" master of hand to hand combat master swordman and master marksman not to forget all type of haki and i mean it make him a perfect marine without devil fruit

That's One Strange Marine... · C12
3 months ago
Looks interesting, cant wait to see where this will go View More
Doulou dalu: Reborn As Ma Hongjun · C3
4 months ago

LittleElf: Thanks for the chapter, can't wait for the next one

Against The Gods - Shooting Star · C13
4 months ago

swaran: Do you know much about greek mythology, things like rape and ****** came from there in our world, Zeus is the supreme ancestor of all rapists

Justice League - The Protector · C6
4 months ago

Lord_Silver_X7: Sorry for low rating like other people I don't like the other world traveler i only like mc, also for the world he going, I like

Strike the Blood
Date A Live

God succession system
4 months ago

Zerak: The MC didn’t actually lie. He said it’s a variation of the future.

So according to the infinite possibilitie theory, in one or more time lines Yun Che would do that.

This is why I am not a fan of following prophesies. Since they can easily deviate.

It’s ok if they are big events such as the apocalypse or something big that is inevitable.
But prophesies about a single persons cant be predicted by human means regardless of how strong they are. Unless you are able to know where every single molecule in existence is and calculate how they will interact with one another you can’t predict something so specific.

Like honestly the stupidest thing a person can do if they are put into an anime world is think that they know what will happen. Since just their very existence can change the future.

At best you can know secrets and people’s personalities and fighting styles up to that point.

Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C35
4 months ago

Haowie: Yunche is a mass murdering rapist. Please don't compare them both.

Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C34
4 months ago

AurumWang: Harem.

Against The Gods - Shooting Star · C13
4 months ago

AurumWang: 1./ Before you ask,(cause I know you have the thoughts)Jun Lianqie wasn't raped or anything, ok?
2./ I haven't clarified this in the synopsis, nor in the tags, but, I'm planning to make this story dark, ok? Anything might appear here(Not NTR; don't like NTR). So blood and the whole package, bear with it!
3./ I had a list of things I wanted to write here because I know they will be asked(If anyone would still comment, LOL); however, I forgot. Yeah, I'm dumb; I didn't write them anywhere. So ask in the comments.

Against The Gods - Shooting Star · C13
4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter, can't wait for the next one View More
Against The Gods - Shooting Star · C13
4 months ago

Omnislayer: Why i rate this one star ? I dislike Issei, I dislike Issei, I Dislike Issei i dislike issei i dislike issei i dislike issei.
And chanting it with a different yet the same meaning. I hate issei, i hate issei, i hate issei i hate issei i hate issei.

I dislike MC's Personality. He said he want to have a proper life ? A good life ? Peacefull life ? Then why bother to train some trash! Then why bother to help other ?

Just giving his aunt (basically Rias) to Issei ? Fuck damn ****. I have never seen a sickness bastard gave his own aunt to Some perverted bastard that want to become a harem king.

Am i wrong ? Or what ? All in all I JUST HATE ISSEI!!

no matter what, if the story goes with the MC's teach Issei and more even give him girls i will definitely put one star. Uneless you gave an interesting plot like the one that i read from Fanfiction, (if i'm not mistake, it goes with Runes) then i'll give more star. (The term of "like" doesn't mean to be the same but almost similar)

DXD: Hard to kill
4 months ago

Kali_Grapy: The content has been deleted

4 months ago

LazyBear: Well, I mean he IS a vampire so he should be able to control blood or darkness to a certain extent ,after all we have already seen him become invisible with the shadows.

DC: Vampire · C7
4 months ago

Zerot_Solar: Thanks for the chapter!

Now you need to remember that there are cheats that can ignore those eyes as they don’t have the concept of death in them👀


The Types from nasuverse you can destroy their materialization body but their true body is the actual planet...

Arcueid somehow survived it.

Kama/Mara from nasuverse probably can survive too as she don’t have an actual body thanks to Shiva.

Don’t know if Heaven Feel(True Magic) can survive it.

Now other universe entities that can survive those eyes:

Ophis(From High School DxD) she/he is literally nothingness you can’t kill nothing 😂

Zeno(From Dragon Ball Super) bitch please he can’t kill something that mean literal erasure, probably Zalama can survive it too 😂😂

Chaos(what give birth to Gods in almost every universe) that thing have the concept of death in it so it fruitless trying to kill it.

Death(again almost all the universes) is imposible to kill something that is literally Death as he is already “Death”.

I don’t know actually if he can kill someone that can manipulate time(reverse it before he/she was damaged by the death concept).


Mystic Demon Slayer · C5
4 months ago

Lize: Father : and thats how i meet you mother..
Son (9 yo) : woaaaghhh..
10 years later..
Son : *seeing woman he like*
Son : *slash her with a sword*
Son : ah she died too..
Father : son, why you kill her?
Son : because i like her!!
Father : huh??
Son : you said you and mom meet after having sword clash.. and you guys look happy.. i want to be happy too..
Father : ( what have i done ) 😨😰😱

Irregular in Akame Ga Kill · C18
4 months ago

CapGrizzlyBear1203: Honestly thats just your perspective of evil. I saw the other guys comment, about Esdeath and Garou being similar and Esdeath not being evil and whatnot, and I agree with him.

While most people would consider her evil without a doubt, a villain or something similar, I actually pity her. I think her more as a victim. A victim of the world. Her entire life has been molded by this barbaric and cruel philosophy of "The strong survive and the weak die out".

She has experienced this philosophy first hand, from her hunting danger beasts and from her entire tribe being wiped out due to being "too weak" or "not strong enougth". Not only is this philosophy her way of life, but it is also her hobby.

It wasn't that she wanted to end up like this, it's just that the cruel and disgusting world of Akame ga Kill is exactly like her philosophy states. The strong survive and weak die out. The rule of the jungle.

This reinforcer's her ideal that her way of life is correct as she is strong enough to do whatever she pleases, to resort to starting or participating in wars just to sate her thirst to be strong or stave off her boredom. She wasn't born evil, the world did that to her.

If she just grew up in a different environment, she could be a pacifist that loves and supports peace, a politician who schemes and leads the people or a nobody. Her environment shaped her into who she is today and just like the rest of us, her environment helped shaper her morals as well such as the weak have no right to their own lives if they lose to the stong.

Just because she has different morals than you doesn't make her evil, it just makes her misunderstood. While you can still think of her as evil if you choose to believe it, the least you could do is at least understand her motives and character.

This is one of the reasons I love dark anime and **** like that. It's so realistic!

Unlike those shonen protagonists were they change the world to their own desires (which is unrealistic), a character like Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill and Eren from AOT are eventually changed, shaped or molded by their current environment either mentally, physically or both so that they can adapt to the world and its rules to have a better chance of survival.

It's like society, we change and adapt to the new trends and morals to fit in and not be the othered by our different way of thinking. It was only recently when our differences were accepted by society, such as race, religion, sex and etc, even now some people can't accept the change and now they are the ones othered by society.

Plus some of the things such as race, religion, and sex still havent been accepted or has been accepted but nothing has been done to stop the discrimination.

Damn! I just went into some deep **** without even realizing it. Our society is ****ed up... Anyway back to my point, Esdeath is just a victim of the world and is just misunderstood, not evil.

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C24
4 months ago

Chaosreigns: He has a soft spot for children its the same in Canon dumb ass get your facts straight before you go spouting ****. Look up his wiki if you wanna actually have the knowledge to find faults with his personality because it's pretty spot on at this point.

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C5
4 months ago

RionSteiner: Seems like author has lesser motivation to write this fic now compare a month ago. If author get a writers block on MCU maybe just considering him to travel on different dimension or universe, time ratio stop on MCU if hes not there. He can use the time stone and space stone. In that way you can have fresh start while thinking what's next plot you wite on MCU.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C77
4 months ago

HuskyWarrior: *beats Sona at chess*
Sona: What...? How did you beat me in chess I've been playing for years and I'm a pro how did you do it?
Kisuke: Oh that nothing much was on YouTube last night watched a chess tutorial didn't seem that hard
Sona just spits out a mouth full of blood

Playing with other Supernaturals · C21
4 months ago

JStyles: He was the best chef in his world so he must have been a prodigy. No one can reach the top of their field without talent. Hard work alone can never make you the best. Saying that he is not a prodigy sounds wrong

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C2
4 months ago

RuberDF: Uh, incest wincest? XD

A New Wolf in Twilight · C2
4 months ago

Asmodai216: Summary: 3 stars overall. The story has a cool premise, a solid writing style, and a well thought out power system. The only problem is that the Main Character is pretty much railroaded, and poorly at that, into the canon MCU without making any real changes. This, predictably, makes for fairly unsatisfying reading, at least in my case. If you dislike an author that blatantly makes the MC act out of character just to push events towards canon outcomes, this isn't for you.

Writing Quality: 4 stars, it isn't a masterpiece of literature, but the story is pretty damn well written. There aren't any of the blatant grammar issues that run rampant through most of the stories on the site.

Stability of Updates: 4 stars, it isn't quite daily, but it is frequent. Honestly, as long as I get around 5000 or so words a week, I'll call that 5 stars.

Story Development: 1 star, this is where the author starts to tank. It's basically a rehash of all the marvel movies in chronological order, the only difference is, the scenes aren't as well written, and there's a random OC that has zero impact on the plot. Literally nothing changes, at least for the first 20 chapters.

Character Design: 1 star, I might be a little critical here, but the MC just plain sucks. He had a cool premise, but he fell into the same trap that those MCs that are described as "Genius with an IQ of 300" fall into. He didn't match his background with his actions. That is to say, when you describe someone as a Demon Lord who lived for 2,000 years ceaselessly slaughtering humanity, you expect there to be some character traits.

The MC fails to react in anyway that his background would indicate he should. Just like those garbage "genius" MCs end up being complete idiots because the authors themselves are too stupid to write an intelligent character. The MC, Finn, is an absolute failure of a Demon Lord. He claims to want to protect his new life and live it quietly, but immediately throws it away to save the life of some worthless human girl. Said human girl then blackmails him into being her assistant, and Finn just sort of shrugs and goes along with it.

The worst part about all this is that he's completely apathetic to the plight of normal humans, when they get attacked by Hammer Drones for example, he would be perfectly happy to let them all blow up, and doesn't interfere until the girl that's BLACKMAILING him decides to run into the fray under the assumption that our MC will protect her, which he does.

The MC ends up being portrayed as a typical beta-male Japanese light novel protagonist. Now I get that in Japanese culture, things are different. Being assertive, or god forbid rude, is not exactly acceptable there, and it helps explain why some Japanese protagonists are so damn pathetic. That isn't the case here, our protagonist was an American who took advantage of his mother's kindness, before being enslaved and then tortured for years, before spending centuries going on a killing spree. Our protagonist was portrayed as a selfish, bitter man who took out his hatred for the world on literally everyone. Despite that portrayal, the MC somehow reverts to that classic, 14 year old Japanese Isekai protagonist, in spite of being a 2,000 year old genocidal maniac. It doesn't make any damn sense, and the "explanation" given for his behavior is pitiful.

World Background: 5 stars, the power system the MC is set up with is actually well put together, there are no real flaws from what I've observed. The MCU was portrayed pretty damn accurately as well, I couldn't find a single blaring issue with any canon facts, or anything else of that nature.

I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic)
4 months ago

HalfAdonis: I'm kinda put off by the pack of criticism for this fic so i'll give you this review. So before you wants to read it you should go away if you are a Percy Jackson book series fan and have a decent coverage of greek mythology. Why? Because first, this is based on Percy Jackson movie not the book series. So the characters appearence and age is different than the usual one you'd read on the book series or its fanfics. Second, this looks like an AU(Alternate Universe) fanfic. Some of the important elements and characters are changed.

For example Athena here liked Poseidon by the time of Medusa as opposed to other canon sources that stated Athena and Poseidon are bitter rivals and doesnt have a great relationship. So in here Athena is kinda nerfed, her wisdom is degraded and it focuses more on her vain, petty and prideful side. Plus grover here is a confident badass as stated by one of the comments rather than the usual nervous grover.

Third, well if you are a Percabeth ship fan then your gonna get offended. Because in
this fic annabeth insta-fall for the MC's beautiful appearence. LOL. Fakking funny hahaha. The good thing is the storytelling is probably great? And you dont have to waste a lot of your time reading this because theres only few chapters. Sorry i look like ****ting on the little things here but i can't seem to enjoy this fanfic.

Son Of A God
4 months ago

Athame: How can anyone say that it is the best fanfiction is beyond me.
The main character is a psychopath who during his 17 years of life in the Harry Potter universe didn't bother to do anything besides studying.
He has a good opinion of his caretaker in the orphanage and he is into NymphadoraTonks without any reason, probably because the author is crushing on her character or actress.

He is supposedly an heir to one of the sacred houses, yet he is in a muggle orphanage and there is no mention of his magical guardian, all the factions just forgot the existence of another house who has a say in Wizengamot.
All the house elves of his house disappeared too, he had to buy his own house elf.

The author likes to make his opinion known in the comments, for example, "I won't write about romance and I won't write about the things that the main character changed in the books, because it's not that kind of novel."
So you get 32 chapters of MC doing nothing, completely nothing and the author is proud of that.

You get to see how he got O+ on everything, but he could have gotten O even before going to Hogwarts because he conveniently found all the books needed to know everything to graduate in a trunk of a dead wizard, just after the main character reincarnated/transmigrated to this world.
Then he proceeds to close the door to his room and study, then after he gets Hogwarts list and gets to Hogwarts he proceeds to close the door to his room and study, and study.

That's basically it, well almost, he became an animagus, he has two forms, normal golden falcon and magical shadow something which allows him to travel through shadows, original right? ...
He is chosen as a Hogwarts Champion instead of Cedric, the first task is the same, the author just got Harry Cedric's dragon, and the MC got the horntail, he killed the dragon because he needed it for the ritual.
The author decided that second task will go like in the canon so he just won't write about it.

He goes on a dates with Tonks, but we don't see it, then he proceed to **** her, which we don't see, this goes for several months and he still calls her "Tonks".

The author said that the novel starts after Voldemorts death, which can be interesting if done correctly, but it's not really HP fanfic when you insert your character in HP universe after all the plot already happened, it's just an original story in this universe, but because the author didn't want to get called on that he wrote that 30+ chapters that could be written in one chapter, because as he said the novel didn't even start.

MC will get a harem, just not right now, he gets Tonks now then he will get another girls in another universe. But since "it isn't a novel like that" there won't be any romance besides "they went on a date, later they ****ed", boring. There is no action besides the fight with a dragon, but it went like that: "MC traps dragon in chains, but he doesn't completely trap him because he needs to kill the dragon, and he doesn't want to be knows as dark wizard, he turns away from the dragon, dragon escapes, attacks MC, MC kills dragon with his super original spell, the end".

I don't really know what this novel is like and I don't really have great motivation to read later. The only redeeming original quality is authors idea about magical cores, though it isn't really original, it is copied from cultivation novels, magical core is in gaseous state, after first maturity it's in liquid state, then for Dumbledore, Voldemort and our MC there is solid state after second maturity. But after MC completes the ritual his core has grown to a maximum, so it doesn't get any stronger, boring.

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
4 months ago

Ikkarus: Pussy mc -check
Naive mc- check
Beta mc -check
Heroic mc- check
He don’t wan to kill cuz he’s a hero- check
He forgives everyone- check

Conclusion- dropped, byeeeee

Winter is Coming (Marvel)
4 months ago

CliffkunLolRekt: Fellow Harem sect this novel is not for us the author responded nicely so don’t bomb this novel the harem haters readers are cancerous not the author
Leave a 5 star revue as thank you for informing me so I can inform you guys and the author had a chill response to me asking the question

Remember we are the ones who spread the love not hate

So give this dood 5 stars

The Antai harem sect is always the aggressors so they always look crazy

like antifa everyone thinks they are crazy and have something wrong with them in there head

We don’t start **** we end it
Sage of culture out

MarvelousTube (MCU FF)
4 months ago

FujiCigarette: Grammar 3- while it can be easily read but the characters keep saying things that make it seem like words mean nothing
Stability of updates 4 - has enough chapters for the story to be judged
Story Dev 2 - because of inconsistencies
Character Design 2 - is a fanfic and the characters are acting OOC's while the MC also has nothing special to offer
World Background 4 - cause even if i will be dropping this story the concept of the world the author made is still interesting

first of all.... man the characters are OOC's and the words they speak seem to mean nothing... like, yes staring is rude and all that but you have to like stare at someone for a full minute or two to make it awkward, and like for someone with peak human genes the mc keeps spacing out a lot to stare at someone for so long...
another thing... its sentences uttered a few paragraphs earlier like "you humans are all the same" and later paragraph the girl is like "are you really human?" the mc already showed superhuman reaction and strength before the first was uttered so for the girl to then ask if the mc is human again makes the girl seem kinda stupid...
in later chapters this repeats with the line "you seem to already be a martial artist and dont need training" so mc sprouts **** like "let me fight you to prove that i dont know martial arts" they fight and the last premise was forgotten when the line "you aint gonna win this" was uttered cause it already proved the point that he doesnt know martial arts... but the mc was like "no im not gonna lose" and some other bull**** and kept the fight going.... like what was even the point of the freakin fight in the first place......

Peak Human In An Anime World
4 months ago

Dragonkaiboy: Since hades controls the dead, he should start collecting heroes after they die and make his own version of the throne of heroes.

A God in Percy Jackson · C5
4 months ago

manny0101: Honesty I'm starting to hate the sage of six paths. He completely ignored what Minato and Fugaku had done but was disappointed with his own son. What kind of father is he? I'd like to spray 'BitchBeGone' on his face. Moreover, Hashirama should be drowning in shame for what has become of his will of fire. But nooo, he just appears and says that wasn't very nice kyuubi. Though I can't say much about it. We'll see in the next chapter.

Keep it up author. Though you better show something good happening for the main characters because the vein on my head is getting bigger with the recent chapters. I fear it may burst, making me rant a whole **** storm in comments.

The White Demon Fox · C24
4 months ago

Dzerx: Meh they're made of Chakra... a little Incest won't effect them or any possible (would it be possible?) Kids. 😅

The White Demon Fox · C16
4 months ago
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