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Gonna have to stop here, Author seems to think the readers know Legilimency themselves. Last 2 chapters are missing some interesting scenes that Author for whatever reason decided to just skip and transition to something completely different. Author named these 2 chapters around these key events and completely cut out both conclusions. Not sure if this is going to be a recurring theme from now on or not, so I am just going to stop here. View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C73
4 weeks ago
3 3 3 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 3 3 3.....Are you confused? Some will understand it. View More
One Piece: Bouny System · C1
4 weeks ago
The real question is; How is this supposedly the most dangerous forest? This kid has been screaming his head off and passing out for 3 days yet is still alive. Where are all these vicious beasts at? View More
Dragon God System · C1
1 month ago

FeatherLitePen: Has 10k points spent 13k.... WTF. XD

Exploring another World with a System · C3
1 month ago

Lunatic_Lucifer_13: After living and interacting with people for so long in previous life he still doesn't know that every person is different and he is a cripple when it comes to judging people. Cold shoulder to the women who raised you as her own despite you being an orphan?? I think he needs to be killed again he is an utter thrash without whom the world would be much better.

Pokemon Trainer · C5
1 month ago

Fateister: Frankly I do not understand why there are so many 5 stars. it's horrible to read, there are good ideas but it's just badly said and too much time skip.

One Piece: Death Scythe
1 month ago

Boghog: No, he is in fact correct, this is a pretty **** story, the reason he leaves lots of bad reviews is because webnovel is filled with way too many terrible stories.

One Piece: Death Scythe
1 month ago

Nydre: That's why he commented on the contradictions, bad grammar, and hypocritical mc.... You guys seem to think that because a story is a fan-fic that it can't be bad....

One Piece: Death Scythe
1 month ago

DaoDerper: This grammar is atrocious...

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C2
1 month ago

dragon_among_men: HNGGGH THE GRAMMAR. its atrocious. now I usually don't comment about grammar unless its almost impossible to read or the words dont flow properly. this story being the latter. proofread or get grammarly. other than that great start and am looking forward to reading th rest of the story.

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C2
1 month ago

ErozothDraeor: There is to much talking in this novel, not enough description of the world, trying to make it meaningful and deep conversations but overloading. The MC is also a let down, he is not smart despite what it was made to look like, he acts worse than an actual smart child that age, the "eternity" in Nothing or his past life seem to be, yet again, just a cool backstory that means nothing in the present and frankly its making my hate this MC, slowly (not there yet) and the long unending monologues turning this slightly boring.

Marvel: My Rules · C7
1 month ago

allen96: Let me give an example why i rate this. All the example happen in the chapter.

1. Author math skill is kindergarden.

2. There is no spatial ring but the enemy suddenly have a golem, a robot, a fkin laser gun in his ass.

3. which one is important your *** time or your family live ? In author case he choose ***. Smh.

4. Why the fk there is no screening when recruit a soldier. Why the fk a soldier can join private organization ? Do u want the military itself to collapse ?

5. The fighting in military base did not alert other. Even with a robot with nuclear energy blowing up.

6. The military base defence system is fkin weak that even summoning an evil spirit or in middle of the base did not alert their system defence. Not to mention no anti teleport defence. Wtf. Its a fkin military base not your fkin grandfather house.

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos
1 month ago

InfinityDragon: Annoying.
It is not realistic that Stuart has so many trump cards. He is only small underling.
Also there is no way that such big battle can go unnoticed in military base. There are several separated systems in every military base.
It is amazing that recruit can disable one system. But it should be impossible to disable all.
Also is military base so lousy that powerful enemy can do whatever it wants in it?

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos · C70
1 month ago

Reader8916a: Ok author, you went waaaaaaaaay to far with this nonsense. In the span of minutes, you’ve made a nobody into a super villain with godlike resources and connections to supernatural forces, completely out of nowhere. That’s just incredibly lazy writing.

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos · C70
1 month ago
In Battle Frenzy there was an obvious reason why the MC lost 99 times, it was no real fault of his own and his goal was to acquire energy for Simbas roulette. The MC here lost 99 times because he is a moron who refused to think beyond summoning the absolute strongest beings possible. View More

Tomoyuki: It's a bloody Battle Frenzy reference.

Summoner Sovereign · C4
1 month ago
How did he not know within the first few days studying summoning that it would take a very long time to summon a being? Isn't that a question anyone would ask from the beginning? The strengths and weaknesses of their chosen specialization? I don't quite understand the MC, he is over 30 years old, he has nobody to blame but himself for this situation he finds himself in. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C3
1 month ago
Yea I was wondering about that myself, was going to do a review until I scrolled through all of those 41 4 star and 5 star reviews. Clearly author is deleted all reviews below a 3.5. View More

Wallabalooza: 36 reviews all at 4 stars or more. Nearly every comment in chapters is negative and flaming the writer. This is when you know he's deleting all the lower stars, even though he's "writing it for fun."

Garbage writer.

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C1
1 month ago

Wallabalooza: 36 reviews all at 4 stars or more. Nearly every comment in chapters is negative and flaming the writer. This is when you know he's deleting all the lower stars, even though he's "writing it for fun."

Garbage writer.

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C1
1 month ago
The mirror may have been useful for the special attacks tho? I mean Odin did say she has to actually see them to learn them. Whose to say somewhere in her memories she hadn't already seen some of those attacks already? View More
Rainy Lionheart and the Wizarding world · C15
1 month ago
So MC is a fucking idiot and most likely not going to change I guess? This is the second time he has made a choice to voluntarily end his own life. (1. Chasing away the seasoned hunter to run into a unknown dangerous situation himself as a untrained 5yr old.) (2. Being completely exhausted to the point of collapse if he uses his summons one more time, instead of resting he jumps into a unknown trial ground simply because there is a "possible" chance that it is not a combat trial.) View More
RWBY: Reborn With A System · C20
1 month ago

Downery: Already dropped but other potential readers deserve to have an honest review, that's what a review is, you experience the product then let others know what your experience was like.

Why is there always some idiot that says "drop it then". A review system is there for both good and bad reviews depending on what they thought of the product not just mindless praises.

Holy Akashic Conqueror
1 month ago

Downery: This is coming from someone who's entire family speaks broken English. Barely able to read because I have to constantly pause and mentally rearrange, add, subtract and replace words to make the story understandable.

Holy Akashic Conqueror
1 month ago

Archena: Chapter 1: mc's score was so high that he was sure to get the scholarship to enter the medical university. but someone conspire to give it to other. they are so mean. Mc crying..... Oa oa oa oa

chapter 3: his score was not good. his mark would barely able to get him a chance to study there, forget scholarship
Chapter 2: she is the professor
Chapter 3: she is actually lecturer
chapter 1: Mc is a human
Chapter 1000 Mc is actually a parasite
Joke aside it was a good thing for the society that mc didn't get chance in the medical school. Because he is a perverted fuk. He jerk off watching girls on the street, take a sniff of a doctor who is treating a dying patient. Say what would happen if he happen to be in the room with a patient under anaesthesia ? he is sure to molest the female patient.

Invincible Kungfu Healer
1 month ago
Why is this chapter titled as such? We were given no info about that lv 50 weapon View More
The Gamer's Apocalypse · C69
2 months ago
As a strength(100+ atm)evolver, why is he not just tearing through these zombies? He also using that golden flame to further enhance his power along with a Tier 2 spear. If the MC is struggling to kill these zombies, what fuckin hope does a non heaven fruit enhanced human have? View More
Against Zombies & Monsters · C32
2 months ago
So...where are the Dog monsters? Seems to just be nothing but Cats around. View More
Against Zombies & Monsters · C15
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Against Zombies & Monsters · C6
2 months ago

TearsOfRose: You see regardless of how the author makes his views "justifiable" you cannot ignore in this book it does many things properly

-Shows what the darkside of humans are.
-Shows us how racism and slavery will never be completely destroyed (sadly)
-As long as their is more than 1 religion they will do everything in their power to destroy that religion and race (ww2 Nazi's > killing the jews/gays/crippled/non able-bodied men etc)
-You are a tyrant to others for killing mercilessly. But a hero to your own country and people for killing them. (9/11 ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. AND YET THE AMERICANS AREN'T TERRORISTS WHEN THEY INVADE OTHER COUNTRIES AND SOLVE ALL THEIR PROBLEMS WITH VIOLENCE)
-Also if you have a racist leader (The majority of your followers follow suit. Trump is racist > Many Americans are racist. It's not hard to find look up videos and you'll see what i mean)
-Whenever you try to bring 2 different beliefs together you will have assassination attempts against you. (Martin Luther King with his I Have A Dream Speech was also assassinated because government didn't like how he wanted black and white people to be of equal standing)
-Politicians that have unruly suns/daughters that think they're the top of the world. And yet Yue Zhong is the bad guy for clearly doing the world a favor and simply put TAKING OUT THE TRASH OF THE WORLD.

Honestly as much as i don't want this last part to sound like i'm offending you it's gonna come off as that way.
I truly don't see why you're so butt-hurt about the way the book is written. EVERYBODY has some form of hate against other countries/religions/race etc.

After all now adays we as citizens in different countries ONLY know WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS US TO KNOW AND THINK. Why is that? Because they make MONEY off of the RACISM. They slowly make us hate different countries and religions because they do not believe the same thing as us or live the same way we do. The government makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. ONLY the HIGH CLASS live comfortable lives and can enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. While many of the Middle>Low Tier suffer a life of shame/inferiority compared to the so called "HIGH CLASS"
After all if i for example stabbed a royal family member they would bleed red blood. Just the same as all us other humans. So what makes them "ROYALTY" nothing but BULLSHIT is what it is!

Well that's the government for ya what else can you ask for? Not to be shot dead for trying to make the world a better place? Please the government makes so much money off of all this bull**** they would probably go bankrupt without all this fake hate they spread to us like a parasitic disease.

God and Devil World
2 months ago
The poison originated from the FL Step-mother. The pre-MC was ordered to poison the FL but was caught by her, then crippled and force fed the poison she tried to give the FL. View More

XiaFu: It was explained that the original FL comes from the middle realm... Maybe she got some from there

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C47
2 months ago

AccursedDream: Honestly wasnt that rushed, there have been so many situations where people who suddenly click just like that after spending a day together before giving a try at dating. I honestly think this is refreshing compared to many other novels that takes hundreds of chapter before the Mc finally gives the love interest a chance.

Battle Frenzy · C26
2 months ago
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