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The author got to be trolling us otherwise he's pretty dumb. Or the mc is retarded. View More
The Dragon Evolve God · C14
11 hours ago
The content has been deleted
The Dragon Evolve God · C14
11 hours ago

deikatsuo: The worst novel I ever read

The Sinful Life of The Emperor
14 hours ago
Well.... ****. xD View More

JKSManga: Thanks for giving it a try, p.s he literally gets dragon powers two chapters later...

Reincarnated into a Human? · C10
16 hours ago
Author, reading this without the plane crash would be interesting. Where we explore the BFF relationship and Lilian’s troubles keeping the ml and Mc together. Whilst the ml older brother falls for Lilian. The current setting is somewhat boring in my opinion, so I won’t read it. Just a thought I had, gl with the book anyway. View More
Suddenly becoming a mum! · C1
17 hours ago
Gl with your story, you didn't grab my interest. It was funny the first few chapters though. I just wanted some magic from a REINCARNATED FUCKING DRAGON. oh well, you can't have everything go your way I suppose. xD View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C10
18 hours ago
good god... View More

MyLittleBrother: The content has been deleted

Dual Cultivation
1 day ago
lol, the whole concept of webnovel is to bleed you dry. But damn, this dude takes the cake! xD View More
Dual Cultivation · C278
1 day ago
wooow... how..... convenient. gj author! View More
Return of the Monarch · C11
1 day ago
Get an editor for the earlier chapters. MANY readers drop this because of the grammar, including me. Love your story though. :( View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C1067
1 day ago
So.... Who the **** is death? have we met 3 so far? damn, author, fix your work. It's to confusing. :*( View More
Naruto's Chat Group (Naruto X Cultivation Chat Group) · C19
1 day ago
not closing the w-hole = boring future plot... meh, I'm out. View More
Magical Cosmic · C8
2 days ago
I'm bored. View More
How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C57
3 days ago
forgot to burn the hospital. GG View More
I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C38
5 days ago
6 days ago
aaaaaah... why do you write sempai and not Senpai? Sempai sounds ridiculous in my tounge. plx, change it for me! it means the same **** anyway. View More
6 days ago
So.... why doesn't he just cultivate? 100m radius of empty spirit essence. Or am I wrong? what's with this convoluted formation bull****? View More
Is that a Wisp? · C51
1 week ago

EverythingIsDao: Thanks for the chapter but man you reeeeaaally need an editor

Zhanye Black, To be a Superstar in another World. · C17
1 week ago

SirReal: i dont want to sound like im picking on you author, but i just wanted to clarify that if were talking about a normal gun that uses gun powder and a modern ship with a nuclear reactor, the chances of armor piercing bullets doing any major damage internally to the ship is minuscule. Since this is a military vessel were talking about here it will likely be used for war, and no vessel is designed to be that weak to the point that shooting armor piercing bullets will tear the ship apart. During the creation process of any ship especially ones with a nuclear reactor the ship has to be designed to withstand hits and prevent further internal damage which means areas with important personnel or equipment will be reinforced with Kevlar or thicker armor this definitely includes the nuclear reactor as it not only has to protect itself from the outside but also from the inside

Out of Space
1 week ago

Plato: You wrote that the girl had a cut on her little finger but then somehow turned it into her having a bruise on her foot. Dafuq?

Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C2
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C79
3 weeks ago
You lost me... Gl with the rest of the story. View More
Reincarnated as God · C25
4 weeks ago
A "god" in my mind creates, it does not "summon". I wonder why I feel this way though. - conclusion, he's a taxi. View More
Reincarnated as God · C4
4 weeks ago

Buffett: Bu Fang expressionlessly smiled.
How do you smile expressionlessly?

Gourmet of Another World · C34
1 month ago
HAHA.... The MC is finally beginning to realize he's bipolar. Author, the grammar is horrible, fix it. View More
Spirit Cultivation · C96
1 month ago
bipolar MC View More
Spirit Cultivation · C81
1 month ago
Only 7000 SS to get here... man I'm out. View More
World Domination System · C791
5 months ago
actually wtf :S View More

BioShout: wtf

World Domination System · C806
5 months ago
wtf View More
World Domination System · C806
5 months ago

Night_Walker98: Who said it was fine?

Zombie Sister Strategy
5 months ago
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