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I got a bit annoyed with the structuring of the world building around chapter 210-ish so I decided to leave the novel alone for a while. There's enough believable points, but the overall structure with regards to the politicking confused me so much that it was taking me a lot of speculating on my end to try and draw a clear picture of the power structure that made sense.

I'll probably get back to this novel once I'm done exploring other novels, but for now, it's still on a backburner. View More

Silkscreen: I hope you're still holding on for the coming chapters. Isn't the author known for writing a lot of misunderstanding between love interests?

Hello, Mr. Major General · C55
8 months ago
😂😂😂 Turning his name into an acronym for bae must have taken quite a bit of effort.

Food is important!

Romance will probably get more readers in the longrun I think. No preference for me beyond that though. View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C16
8 months ago

Yunyi: Haha, your comment made me laugh. Mystery man will remain a mystery for a little longer. 😉

Help...My Wife is a Spy · C15
8 months ago
Darn it! She got blocked from eating up the ma- ... Wait isn't that a bad thing? 😛

Hmm mystery man doesn't get a name throughout this eh? Highly probable to be Jackson Wu I guess since the police chief said he'll be in for something more serious soon enough.

Her having a boyfriend and ending up at Dr.Ren's place though... That's suspicious. I wonder if that's Dr. Ren sounding out the guy who left or.... 🤔 View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C15
8 months ago
I find this development a bit weaker than average for this author.

Ye Qingtang is a person who can calmly play around with skulls and is how many years old now if we calculate her past life as well? Expecting us to believe that she "couldn't help" but take a cold breath despite having lived through quite a difficult life before this seems uncharacteristic. View More
Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C265
8 months ago
... Halia lives an eventful life huh.... second day of "work" and she's already gotten a spiked drink.

Looks like another proactive FL, those are usually fun, particularly their reactions once they realize what they've done. Wonder if she's going to run away after taking advantage of him ;P View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C14
8 months ago
... Too many perfections, He's definitely the one! (... I think I've been reading/watching too many Japanese style media lately... The urge to set up tsukkomi situations is getting to me xD)

Well that's a nice coincidence... And also brings up the possibility of Jackson Wu again considering he's around here and knows people around here. View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C13
8 months ago
Hmm, I like the composition of this chapter, author spent most of the last chapter and this one showing us how far Xia Ruya can go in order to cover her tracks.

Then Author made use of this setup to push another plan knowing that they just proved that Xia Ruya is willing to go as far as murder to control the Wen family. View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C62
8 months ago
Hmm close contact with the victim eh? Technically up to this point we don't know if the killer works alone....

Dr. Yan is handsome according to other people, that seems suspicious to me, bishounens should all explode~ Totally not jealous 😛

Hmm... who rejected whom isn't that easy to tell from an outsider's perspective especially since Sara had a reason to get close to them.

Jackson Wu sure gets around.... View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C12
8 months ago
At least the dog part wasn't a (complete) lie. 🤣

Whoops, guess this is what happens when you're too dedicated to finding the killer :P You end up being a slob who only chases suspects. (Or I guess in this case, doctors 😅)

Guessing Lily was close to Sara? Considering she just clocked into work, seems unlikely to be job related. (Although overnight shifts at the hospital are probably nothing new....) View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C11
8 months ago

Yunyi: I love your analysis. We will find out what happened next chapter 😊

Help...My Wife is a Spy · C9
8 months ago
I guess this counts as my mystery third party....? :P

I'm also getting the impression that Halia is a bit of a clutzy person when it comes to keeping things under wraps xD Second time she's drawing Dr. Yan's attention in the wrong way already :P View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C10
8 months ago

Bhy85: He already crossed that bridge by wanting to blackmail Lu Man with that award

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C252
8 months ago
*nods* Good luck.

May the rest of the novel treat you well :3 View More

Samayouryuu: That's fair enough, I've come back to this novel after 5 years to give a buffer for better reads. I'm just trying to hang on until we get to space dinosaurs. If the author can make that boring and repetitive too, there is no hope.

God and Devil World · C358
8 months ago

Zero_0_2984: If I was drinking something I would’ve spit it out after reading this comment rofl

Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! · C87
8 months ago
I'm not excluding main character from my rant. I just think the readers are unnecessarily focusing on China is racist towards everyone else when it's more of "everyone is racist against everyone else" including the main characters.

Practically every character has exhibited some form of misguided patriotism during the storyline. I'm not going to put the MC and friends on a pedestal and argue that they cannot be racist because they are what the reader is supposed to identify with them, I find them just as bad as the antagonists most of the time. Heck, sometimes I think they're even worse considering how far the MC will go to wipe out the opposition.

Racism as a form of conflict is also pretty common in the real world, quite a few politicians rely on it to maintain an edge for example. If you take it as nothing more than political propaganda or a way for whomever is in charge to *stay* in charge, then it makes a bit more sense. Perhaps turning it into an allusion for "mob mentality" might make more sense?

Note: This doesn't mean I think being a racist is positive. It's just my pragmatic viewpoint that shows me that even in modern society, racism as a divisive line in politics can be a powerful tool. In fact, we have a good example of this right now with the US elections ongoing, Trump basically openly supports racism and garners strong support from a subset of his constituency. I can argue it is morally wrong, but if I was in it just to win it, can I truthfully say that being racist is not effective?

I should also note I dropped the novel a short while after I made that comment since the repetition was getting to me. View More

Samayouryuu: I disagree with your last point. I myself am bemused by the authors display of 'Everyone hates China'. Yes Yue Zhong is killing people in the same manner, but since being in Japan he's been completely them and us attitude. In the Vietnam arc, this made sense as the Crazy Racist Wuyan was is charge.

Here the author has more than once states that Japan in and if itself is inherently anti-Chinese. He mentions at the start of the arc when he's with Kaori and Kyoko that the 13 year old male kids are all anti-Chinese racists because of Japan's education system. Here he states that there are so many racists in the Shimazu clan because Japan had an emerging 'Anti-Chinese' nationalist group.

My annoyance is with the authors constant need for racism to breed conflict.

God and Devil World · C358
8 months ago
Well *that* escalated quickly.

I guess the main thing to focus on here would be how/when the poison made contact? Firstly, it's probably not a slow acting poison since she worked for a long time already. Her getting sick in the hospital probably doesn't serve the poisoner's choice. Secondly, despite Jackson being the obvious choice as the one who ends up having possession of her at this time, I don't think the timeline lines up properly for this to happen, the chapter implies that their food came more or less at the same time and he didn't have the chance to distract her to plant the poison in her food, more importantly, Jackson doesn't have enough of a motive to do anything so drastic as of yet, considering Halia hasn't even been cleared for field work, a prior recognition of her from her police duties seems unlikely as well.

So what does this leave us with? If we're going with long term poisons, I suppose using one that will interact with something in the pasta is possible although unlikely since Chicken Pesto Pasta is pretty common, high chance even hospital cafeterias will serve it. If we're going with something more recent... Dr.Ren seems more likely since he has prior knowledge of the location as well as specifically gave her the reccommendation.

That said, I don't think he would be so blatant either, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is option 3, another person entirely that we're not aware of yet. I think both potential suspects have made too much contact with her recently for them to need to use poison. 🤔 View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C9
8 months ago
Looks like there's no lovey dovey drama going on with Lily at least ^^

At least she also got caught out for getting too into character :P It's fun-ish, but it's a bit concerning to not have medically trained staff for medical emergencies.

... Oooh, looks like she triggered another memory, wonder what she's going to see? o.O View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C8
8 months ago
A risky proposition though =P she's already technically "died" once 😛 View More

Yunyi: Haha, gotta show some flaws for the potential killer. 😛

Help...My Wife is a Spy · C6
8 months ago
Hmm wonder if this was her own reaction or the downloaded memories also included instincts?

Jealous doctor trope possibility hype? =P although that would be rather messy if it happens 🤣 doc fighting with fake intern over a patient,how many ethical rules does *that* break? 😅 View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C7
8 months ago
Looks like she got out of that cleanly enough, though it looks like Dr. Yan is noticing her, potentially problematic as he's a suspect.

Hmm, a little weird that she is asking the intern how to get to the radiologist, then again, I suppose it depends on the cover story, if she's on loan from another department than the ER maybe though I think that's a bit flimsy :P

Here comes the first bit of drama and cannon fodder I guess o7 View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C6
8 months ago
There's always time to admire one's handwork in the mirror, fashion is important! 😂

Hard to say much about Dr Yan at the moment, he has gentle eyes, which if i recall properly was the same type of eyes that morphed into the killer's so he must be guilty! .... more serious note, he seems nice so far. 🤣🤣🤣

Where's the fun in getting caught? 😛 I think she's going to need to ask that question more often too. Although at least she's semiofficially an employee at least, at worst she'll get a dressing down for hiding from the ER i think. View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C5
8 months ago
Wu Lize is quickly becomibg an unlikable jerk. You took your shot. She rejected. Move on with your life and leave her alone.

This isn't hard. Don't be like some other people in yiur department and become an eyesore. ... come to think of it, stop spending time on Lu Man and spend more time making sure your department isn't a laughingstock because you sure are running an effective department. 2 people fired thus far, one idiot running her mouth off and at least 2 very public events in which your department has been humiliated and Lu Man is the sole reason it didn't get worse. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C252
8 months ago
"Nobody would have known that given the situation just now, Ding Jiayi’s sudden show of care and concern for Qiao Nan was actually part of her devious schemes." Uh no? it's blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes.

Sigh, man... a comment I threw out in the last chapter was meant to be extra information, but it looks like the reply I got regarding Ding Jiayi trying to sell off Qiao Nan is coming true.... View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C138
8 months ago
This isn't a good first impression of work 😅 Not even cleared for field work and already thrown under the bus as an undercover agent 😛

ER is a pretty hectic place if any medical dramas revolving around it are to be believed 😄 hopefully she doesn't mess up.... View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C4
8 months ago
..... I feel like she would have if she could. ... Which just makes me sicker. D: View More

j_hopefull: The moment she mentioned loan sharks and collateral, I thought crap! What if the evil mother tries to use Nan Nan as a collateral?!? 😱

Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C137
8 months ago

Yunyi: Haha, yes, it's the world of sci-fi. Anything is possible, right?

Help...My Wife is a Spy · C3
8 months ago
Not so clear on needing collateral, it's somewhat common for loan sharks to simply target the family once the initial borrower has fled.

That said, I'm just bringing up a very minor point that won't impact the storyline, carry on with your reading :P View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C137
8 months ago
Looks like eyes are going to be a focal point in this novel. (... bonus marks for being an unexpected pun ;D)

.... Permanently(or semi permanently since it can get cut off?) leaving someone the ability to access her brain through a wire (even if it's the size of a strand of hair) seems really questionable. That said, ostensibly no one should be able to access the doctor's research and/or know about the technology. ... Ostensibly anyway.

I'm questioning what you've gotten yourself into as well Yunyi xD Hopefully no one wants to come in and correct things hahaha. At worst, you can always argue that it's a different universe with different rules I guess? View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C3
8 months ago
Oooh, are we introducing the ML already? Not enough details to confirm but gossipping is always fun right? 🤣

... Hmm, it's concerning that the potential ML's eyes overlap with that of the last thing the victim saw. It's a bit too easy to read too much out of this tidbit (and most of them will probably be wrong anyway) so I'll refrain on commenting any further on that.

Upside, the use of the name "Halia" again seems to imply that she's aware the memories are implanted as opposed to her own. ... ... For now at least. View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C2
8 months ago
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