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Original Works

  • The World of Shinobi

    The World of Shinobi



    Welcome to the world of shinobi, a merciless world. Talent and hard work is needed to attain skill. Death is possible for anyone during wars and villages always have their own benefits in mind. I also decided to publish this story on RoyalRoad, under the Username: EclipseSilverline Complete

  • Chatroom



    Just a general chatroom where I talk about things that I discover.

  • The Tale of a Shadow

    The Tale of a Shadow


    The refugees of a war that broke out in an empire flee and find a new place to settle. The second generation of those refugees now need to find their purpose in life. 3 chap per week. Hiatus

  • Learning of Life

    Learning of Life

    Anime & Comics

    This is just going to a much darker rendition of the Narutoverse. I have no idea about writing rate and such. I've been cooping up different ideas so this story will be just on the go. The earlier chapters will just be deleted so if you were looking at earlier chapters and confused then don't mind.


DyingWill: Level 6 readers have high level reading speed duh

Nightmare's Call · C53
5 hours ago

greeeen: Nether King slapping Amethyst Elder on the face over and over again reminds me of when Blacky smacked Horned Dog's head until its horn got bent.

Gourmet of Another World · C765
1 day ago

HEAVYHITMAN: Aurora: Big Sis'
Hila: What?
Aurora: 2nd Big Sis' seducing uncle Han.
*Aurora was forced to use Aurora Character Summon Card that day to instantly recover her health*

The Legendary Mechanic · C614
1 day ago
thanks for the hard work View More
Broke: A Clone Wars Tale (Star Wars) · C177
1 day ago

P1k4ch6: Ah, some lucky fellow met Truck-kun and is having reincarnation adventure 😁

Nightmare's Call · C41
2 days ago

TRUCK_KUN: Dayum Ol Boy Lu sure like the SIZE of things WOW HE'S FRIGGIN KING KONG !!

Way of the Devil · C609
2 days ago

SmilingReader: Copper Trigram might not have time for others (or allowed to contact them) especially during his/her honeymoon 😍

Cultivation Chat Group · C1120
2 days ago

RadikX: Journey to the West is for open New trade routes for his merchandise. 🍬🍬🍬

The First Order · C137
2 days ago

Bloodletter: The disciple of hiesenberg is here......all hail lord ren..😂😂

The First Order · C137
2 days ago

ic4ru577: All hail Xiaosu, our neighborhood pharmacist, father of the blue pills, saviour of manhood. Thx u Legge. Excellent works as always.

The First Order · C137
2 days ago

READERofBooks: What a good and annoying ending I waited a couple days thinking there was more chaps as well😭

Martial Arts Master · C753
3 days ago

Migole: New theory, his ghost spirit did go back in time and do all this, at some point it gained a corporeal body, and kept on cultivating. One day it was severely injured with a blow to the head, causing its realm to decrease and lose its memory.

After a time of futile struggling to remember, is adopted the name thrice reckless…

Cultivation Chat Group · C1118
3 days ago

ETHERNITYGOD: This world in the future:
'Excuse me sir but have you heard about our Lord and Saviour, Grass?'

Way of the Devil · C608
3 days ago

Kaosdao: "And so the Lord Sheng said that unto us, the Grass Eaters would inherit the World. And so did we wage war in our Lords name to correct the evils of Meat-kun! !"

Way of the Devil · C608
3 days ago

_Crystal_: In the end,Chen is the smartest of them all.

Demons Beside You · C71
3 days ago

Dank_god: This is a mad game of uno

Demons Beside You · C71
3 days ago
thx for the chapter View More
Broke: A Clone Wars Tale (Star Wars) · C176
3 days ago

Seamania: Yes, Vera is ready to be your wife. God Lu, please hurry.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C429
4 days ago

DevourerofLasagna: Grass Sect Rise. Expel the foul meat and achieve true P E R F E C T I O N.

Way of the Devil · C607
4 days ago

AnthonyCerbic: 30yo fighter isekai-d into 10yo minor nobility son. With "cheats".

Honestly, not the worst of the genre. Not the best either. While the characters, as they are written so far, are believable and relatable, the rest of the story is just "meh".

1. Cheats too strong. Horadric Cube is basically infinite money + infinite resources, including magical ones.

2. The hero is a cultivation genius, for no reason at all. And some of the martial arts skills he learned back on Earth are being curiously useful
in this new world. Magical China is magical, for no reason at all.

3. The world is too forgiving to the hero's obviously odd actions. That was especially glaring, when he, as a boy, produced a sum of gold equivalent to a half of a knights YEARLY estate income. Everything just goes too well in favor of the hero, as if the world is orchestrated to his benefit.

Abe the Wizard
4 days ago

JORM: Change royalty to nobility (unless it’s intentional and a fundamental part of the history)

Royalty: Royalty refers to the people who are members of the royal family.

Nobility: Nobility can simply be understood as aristocracy.

The people who are considered as noble belong to the highest class and have hereditary titles.

Abe the Wizard · C10
4 days ago

ArthurMoraud: The author messed this up by introducing an issue that could be solved by the MC's cheat, and putting so much focus on the lack of money as if nobody could do anything about it.
+ The MC was shown to be passive in this chapter, he didn't do anything, didn't say anything, just plainly accept everything, even though the author mentioned that the only reason he accepted this world so quickly is because of his mother's love.

Abe the Wizard · C8
4 days ago

burntpotato: She's a NPC for newbies that's why she said so much to you.

Abe the Wizard · C5
4 days ago

N0ES: I should have showered in lightning by now... It doesn't work outside the story.

Abe the Wizard · C1
4 days ago

Pexaan: Moral of the chapter : don’t cheat in games or lightning will strike you.

Abe the Wizard · C1
4 days ago

Baboulinet: And then the rumor about get Prof Lu drunk so he can give you inspiration started

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C428
4 days ago

Datimo: With his luck, he would get a message like: Successfully copied skill - Insanity.

The First Order · C134
4 days ago

Konkey_Dong: wow you're actually really right!!!

The First Order · C134
4 days ago

Blackyanzi: He's so interested in mystery girls skills when he could copy Chen wedi another superpower to his collection. Anyway mystery girl is dope.

The First Order · C134
4 days ago

erwinsaacfrancisco: Nice one ...using finger to satisfied him... hehehe

It makes me laugh ... :-)

Gourmet of Another World · C757
5 days ago
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