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HigginsObvious: I love the fact that First Ancestor Human Empire accepts Qin Mu turning into a giant baby without a second thought lsdkjfksjhdf

Tales of Herding Gods · C658
11 months ago

SpamDa: It seems like off with your head passes down in the family.

Tales of Herding Gods · C650
11 months ago

DaoistCitizen: "Qin Mu promptly closed the window. His laughter was heard from the cabin. "He thought I would be scared ****less, but he got speechless from just a couple of sentences from me. Look at his face turning green."

More voices even came from inside the cabin. "Lord Qin! Grandpa Qin! Please stop talking, okay? I'm begging you!"

"He even used his eyeballs to stare at me—"

"Stop talking!"

"Grandmaster, even if you kneel and beg me, he will not let you off, so why don't you just scold until you're satisfied"

I hereby proclaim Lord Qin as Big Tools Good Skills sect first supreme ancestor.

Tales of Herding Gods · C647
11 months ago

CookieSaintess: “Disciple understands” 😂😂

Tales of Herding Gods · C646
11 months ago

tagbalayon: sigh poor Zeng Xinran, he thought he was playing glory....turned out he was playing dark souls

The King's Avatar · C1142
11 months ago


Book of Answers
11 months ago

oragi01: Ah, yes here's my wallet good sir.

The King's Avatar · C188
11 months ago

siracfon: Girls want GP's phone Numbers. His first thought is they want help growing their familiar. Oh god! Newbie.

Monster Pet Evolution · C267
11 months ago

Dene323: The Fool should have left the mess in the hall untouched. When the next Tarot Club gathering happens, just as Miss Justice and Mr. Hangman are in shock of what caused the damage and start floating some doubts about this "powerful" being, the Fool could calmly crack a joke "the Enternal Blazing Sun paid a visit lately. Dude was violent as usual".

Lord of the Mysteries · C140
1 year ago

Lagrange7: ‘Do not randomly divine things that involve a high-level entity.


not mad tho, its kinda funny to read

Lord of the Mysteries · C140
1 year ago

FortunateSpy5: The spider's name should be Courage. Courage the Cowardly Crab.

Monster Pet Evolution · C93
1 year ago

Ardasth: It was weird as f*ck, haha. I didn't get it at first and thought it was a translation problem, but when they started talking about GP's sexual orientation I was like "what, TF did I miss?"

Monster Pet Evolution · C86
1 year ago

Darkdelusion: Huaxia construction was famed to be the most effective in the world.

*looks at news regarding failed buildings of chinese construction from chinese media.(south morning post)*
Sounds true and convincing

Monster Pet Evolution · C27
1 year ago

Eterna7_0ne: i wish Da Zi evolve into a legendary monsters hahaha be cause i always imagine Da Zi as Giratina

Monster Pet Evolution · C22
1 year ago

Just_a_person: And he’s probably at like god level too.

Monster Pet Evolution · C12
1 year ago

Adgmixbaby: He’ll find his grandfather later mark my words

Monster Pet Evolution · C12
1 year ago

Dao_Tao: that moment when caterpie kills an ekans

Monster Pet Evolution · C8
1 year ago

Ellehisya: 'Cute in an ugly sort of way' will be added to my vocabulary from now 😂

Monster Pet Evolution · C5
1 year ago

Surdox: Secret reporter skill: question breaks the ranks

The King's Avatar · C1053
1 year ago

chambucket_sammie: hard hahaha

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C311
1 year ago

delublue: There will be a season two (not the ova) so let's hope that this will be included there

The King's Avatar · C283
1 year ago

W18004: 😂😂😂

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C1
1 year ago

JimmieHammel: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Next time I read through, I'm gonna start a tally of every cleric that Ye Xiu insults or kills.

The King's Avatar · C994
1 year ago

VillAnthem: Every match, Steamed Bun flips a coin. On one side, madness; on the other side, genius. Every single time, the coin lands on its edge.

The King's Avatar · C1222
1 year ago

Panoramas: Wanted to say the same thing. Forget about the 3 stars, rating it without having read it in itself is ....

Superstars of Tomorrow
1 year ago

Icemelon: I can't believe people would rate a novel 3 stars without knowing anything in it just so he can ask what the novel is about.... 3 stars is not neutral, it lowers the overall rating of the novel.

Superstars of Tomorrow
1 year ago

mirgirl: Decline? Oh, pardon, we meant Rise.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C109
1 year ago

FanV: So FangZhao got him a crowd of adoring grandparents....pets....and a kid?......when is his female lead gonna show up? In chapter 1000?

Superstars of Tomorrow · C393
1 year ago

Tarsier: I wonder if Cui Hua is FZ’s stalker..er... I mean loyal fan?

Thanks for the chapter!

Superstars of Tomorrow · C391
1 year ago

Fordre: A fucking tree

Superstars of Tomorrow · C18
1 year ago
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