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Killerbee: So, here is your author here but I will not just give a shameless review here. I will tell you all the good and the bad points of this novel.

You can decide to read it or not after that.

The good points:

A calm MC: Lu Fei is mature, not brainless just because he's OP or something. He used to be a mercenary in a fantasy world, so he experienced the so called human nature there. He's not a guy who would blush talking to girls or hesitate to even insult them.

The game: Ark is going to be one of the highlights of the novel as the whole novel is mostly based on it. NPCs would just like be regular people and the interaction between them and Lu Fei would be one of the highlights of the novel.

Weak to strong: Lu Fei would not just become too OP from the start. He would struggle and even die sometimes but he would still be stronger than an average player.

Romance: It's one of the points I am confident you will like. It's going to be sweet, like really sweet. There would be more than one girl liking him but I can't say about the harem.

Characters: Characters would be unique and even some typical characters will have some unique points or a back story.

Chapters: The chapters will be 2k in length, which is above average in WN terms.

The bad points:

The start: The first ten chapters can get annoying to some people as there would be some info dump and the game part will only start on the 6th chapter.

Similar start: Many people will feel that the start is similar to other novels. A debt and a sister to take care of, but it will change as the story will progress.

Plot holes: There would be some plot holes in the novel. I can't do anything about it as every novel have it.

Not an OP MC: I know that VR novels in WN is filled with an OP MC who had come from the future and knows everything. This is bad point because most of the users look for an OP MC.

I can't think of more bad points and it's up to the readers to decide in the end.

I will advise the readers to read both bad and good reviews before reading the novel. Give a review, either positive or negative.

I don't think there would be any problems with the grammar unless one is a grammar Nazi. I will end my words here.

VRMMO: The Returnee
1 month ago

KONO_DIO_DA: Bruh it's been confirmed that all his novels that has Lin Fan are all different universes created by the original Lin Fan (Strongest System) when he went to sleep in the void for all eternity. So the Lin fan in this novel is actually a dream he's having right now.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
3 months ago

True_Sheol: 他儿子的国籍是哈国的 --> The nationality of his son is Kazakhstan

Is there a reason why the translator censored the country's name? Politics?

Path of Medicine With a System · C34
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
King of Sports · C111
7 months ago

David_Tieku: My 👀are spinning from staring at my computer screen for so long.

King of Sports · C104
8 months ago

SunruT: "What are you doing?!?!" The staff member yelled. "I'm trying to beat this DavidT a$$!"sunrut exclaimed loudly.
"Cuz he's writing the shortest chapters in history so he can play Mario kart instead!"
"Ah...this should help." the staff member said while handing over a baseball bat.

King of Sports · C103
8 months ago

David_Tieku: "Wait wait no I'm not" *closes Mario Kart*

"Put the bat down we can talk about this, I'll make the chapter longer tomorrow extra long okay. Just calm down"


Bit short today but longer chapter coming tomorrow.

But beware though that you brought this upon yourself because that just means it's gonna cost more spirit stones 🤷‍♂️🤠

King of Sports · C103
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
King of Sports · C101
8 months ago
man what a boomer that it's finished, i was expecting so much from the relationship between Zhao Zhilin and Zhang Xiaohua and the history before... and him getting the company back, man i wanted so much to see him succeed. Regards and i will keep watch on King of Sports. View More
Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C240
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Ring View More
King of Sports · C0
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
King of Sports · C46
9 months ago

_RVNGER_: U KNOW WHAT THIS NOVEL IS ACTUALLY A TOP 22 RANKING IN THE OFFICIAL MUNPIA WEBSITE AND YET NO ONE WANT TO PICK THIS UP......It has Views about 6,7 Million in the munpia and i wonder why the heck this novel is in hiatus...This is real gem here, a treasure. Now it was just pure torture to waiting for this novel to get updated EVERYDAY. This novel is interesting to say the least and not considering the rarity of a FOOTBALL novel. There are many demands of a sport novel. Its just no one want to do it. It was aggravating. It was unfair and I really hate the fact that a good sport novel really never got attention they deserve and I HOPE THERE WILL BE UPDATE SOOOONNNNNNN.

All Soccer Abilities Are Now Mine!
11 months ago
Reading Status: C203
This novel is great, really good in every sense other than the recurring errings in the translation for wrong names (confusing), the 2D being of other characters and villains (not changing in any sense throught the story, i mean common woosung was justice this justice that and the redemption was out of the picture entirely) and the... let's say unsatifying ending, i was really emotionally invested in woosung to just finish the story him being like THE BILLIONAIRE and that's it. I wanted really bad a love-relationship story to make him more humane and less machine-revenge oriented, and the business oportunities in USA were totally blown over after the hollywood party (kinda weird to mention something you never gonna push on in the story, the same problem with the lack of love in the story, there where constant inquiries about it and never a resolution...)

Well anyway it's a great book, just be carefull in the ending because you will feel weird with that ending. View More
God of Money
1 year ago

: What is this...? Every Korean novel that come out never get front page highlight/promotion like every Chinese novel that just got release. If you look at the trend, 99% of the Korean novel get ninja add on to the site. The only one I saw one for less than 1-3 day on the front page was, I alone solo/level-up and the world turned into a game after I woke up. Every other korean novel get shove to the corner of the site. Even searching through the site is extremely hard when there is no option for korean genre search option. . . But whatever. M.u.n.p.i.a. must be crazy if. . . if they think their novel getting the same treatment as Qidian's novel.

12 Hours After
1 year ago

PostmanAmon: No love interest in the latest chapter on raws

Lord of the Mysteries
1 year ago
It's too big of a spoiler really, I would wait for everything to happen in the story as it's one of the best arcs imo View More

Neptunegodfather: Can you tell me the name of this girl.?

Lord of the Mysteries
1 year ago

SRMorron: Fear mofans mighty foot of thot slaying

Versatile Mage · C347
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C478
1 year ago
Yes there will be, quite far into the story though, and till the chapter I read (raws) it's not harem but quite a loyal marriage novel subplot View More

Khaz_: Does anyone know if there will be any romantic subplot in this novel? I really enjoy subplot with Natasha in TOMA and would love to see something similar here

Lord of the Mysteries
1 year ago
Mmm, Godfather of Champions is a Nice novel, I agree with you that In some point it starts building up the world again and leaves Tony a little bit left out but later on it takes back on the struggles of Tony (although it does not deliver the same amazing feeling of the start, because it becomes a LITTLE bit repetitive in the sports theme (I mean the world of sports is kind of like that with the seasons and all but the author gives surprises every arc) but the personal life of Tony becomes a good read) View More

Leylin_Farlier: 2 deleted comments in a row, noice! And yeah, it is actually pretty good. Though I will warn you that the novel takes a turn after a while and pushes the focus away from the MC (can't remember, its either around 200 or 260 chapters in that it does this), which to me makes it harder to read. The novel is a lot of fun until that happens and manages to explain most football terms to even newbies like me. Even if you drop it once the MC takes the backburner the 200 chapters before are still a real treat. (If you actually like football, then the chapters after MC gets sidelined aren't that bad, but as someone who likes the novel instead of the sport it isn't for me after that).

Lord of the Mysteries
1 year ago
mmm yeah, Release the witch MC was a mechanical engineer (which i am aspiring to be) and if you are a mechanical engineer you do know a lot of the things he made (steam engines are really easy to make, even diesel and otto ("normal car") engines are quite ****** if you don't have a really complicated need (in the car industry there is restrictions everywhere in the weight, size, etc... while mc can create the engines and then the exterior), while turbines and the metal factory or whatever he made is impressive really, it's not impossible either (although you would need to have quite a lot of information in metalurgic engineering (which is one of many subdivisions of mechanical engineering) and how materials are made historically to really go create high quality steel to make a howitzer. About the information of gun manufacturing, that's something you don't really need a lot of info on, weapons are really straight forward and not incredible, if you know how one works, you know how everyone more or less works. The real problem: Chemistry, being a mechanical engineer you don't really have a lot of chemistry knowleadge to go and do a class about it, even less know all the procedures to produce some substances, like the gunpowder he produces (although you could know the substances and needs to create them, that would be almost impossible work to remember them and utilize them effectibly). View More

skylarias: Really looking forward to this novel. So far, 26 chapters in, we have the male MC who gets thrown between modern China and a feudal alternate world every three days. He can't control this, nor is there any reason given for his abilities. Time runs slower in the other world though, so when he spends three days there, ten have passed in China. Which leads to some problems when he gets thrown there without warning.
The MC himself is super average. His only advantage is that he can look things up when he flips back into the modern world. Which is perfect, because I was getting tired of MCs that remember minute and obsolete production processes (I'm looking at you, Release the Witch, and the MC building a steam engine from scratch). He also can only bring between worlds items that are touching him when he travels. So there's no mass influx of items in either direction, but more of an exchange of ideas.

Based on the title, I expect there to be romance at some point. By the way, the empress is a badass. There's no indication of a harem, but unfortunately you never know.

The Empress's Gigolo
1 year ago

tanen: I still find it hard to believe that there's a CN where the ML is not borderline rapist

Martial Arts Master · C367
2 years ago
i cant change my translation quality rate :l (i put 1 star by mistake :c) View More
Almighty Coach · C105
2 years ago
martial NEPHEW not NIECE (i kind of got triggered by it, sorry) View More
Martial Arts Master · C281
2 years ago

SoySauceSovereign: As a wizard I study many "battle spells" so when I finally "slay" the Twin Mountain And Valley God I can shed my mortal shell and become an immortal...

Epoch of Twilight
2 years ago
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