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While most virgins would likely feel a bit of pain even while very wet (the hymen is tearing after all), this doesn’t even apply in this situation. We are well aware that Lily isn’t a virgin. She’s more than happy to admit it. So I see no reason to rewrite anything since the virgin argument does not work. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C90
1 month ago
It’s nice to have face slapping from both. While Lily should defend herself it’s also nice when Mr. Male Lead comes in and utterly destroys the opposition. View More

TheBlips: Ladies and gents: Would you like a detailed smut or the type that would not mention any lewd words. hehehe

The Villain's Wife, · C67
1 month ago
I found it funny that the officials said that he has no chances because he’s more of a warrior than a politician. They seem to forget that the previous emperor was well known as a powerful warrior above all else. View More

imsodone: Hmmm. I'm pretty sure 3rd Prince is going to be a heavy player in the succession, he does have the support of Owner Bu (tho indirectly)

Gourmet of Another World · C115
2 months ago
Just gonna add in my opinion. Obviously different countries with different currencies have adjusted prices and incomes for the people living in them. This is why an American can earn a low wage in America but still have high buying power in a different country. He gets payed directly in dollars in order to support himself in America. When he goes overseas that balance breaks down. I’ve had this happen to me when I traveled and it was a pleasant surprise to be able to buy something for the equivalent of five dollars when the same product would cost 20 dollars in America. Is this unfair? Maybe, but it’s what happens when different countries have currencies of different value. This story, however, is trying to combat this in a seemingly irrational way by having an American pay the “American price” for a product in China. However, not only is this discrimination based on nationality it also makes no sense since the “American price” feels way off. Based on the long line in front of the restaurant each day, the price of our protagonists food is expensive but not outside the capability of a normal person to afford every once in a while. The American equivalent to this would be to occasionally go to a steakhouse and splurge on a hundred dollars or so of food for a single meal. So if one wanted to correct for the “American advantage” by charging them a price equivalent to a Chinese person, between 100 and 200 dollars would be appropriate since that is typically what a person could spend when they’re treating themselves. Instead, the story charges the American a thousand dollars, which is frankly ridiculous by the standards of any country. After doing some googling I’ve found that most Michelin Star restaurants don’t charge that much for MULTIPLE COURSE MEALS. A meal at a world renowned Michelin Star restaurant appears to usually go for around 400 dollars, with some obviously going above or below that. Still, not 1000 dollars for three dishes. As such we’re left with one of two conclusions. Either this author is extremely prejudiced against foreigners and chooses to charge them more, or he legitimately has no idea about the buying power and price ranges of American products. Personally I’m siding with the former of the two based on a simple piece of evidence. Early in the story, when Yuan Zhou buys an iPhone, he buys it for around the rmb equivalent of an iPhone in America; if not a bit cheaper. With that in mind, why do product prices in this case line up, but don’t as soon as a foreigner is involved. Should America now cell iPhones to China for an inflated price because patriotism? No, that would be dumb. View More
Gourmet Food Supplier · C359
2 months ago
That’s not how it works. If you notice, you either pay in rmb or usd. Rmb is only for Chinese people while ALL foreigners have to pay in USD. So if you’re from a country with a weak currency, good luck. View More

Shamial: Get the currency worth the least in the world and use that to pay since he's just changing the currency type not the amount...

Gourmet Food Supplier · C358
2 months ago
Let’s be completely honest. The choice of earth was obvious based on his previous use of the elements and the requirement of a powerful defense. However, one of the things people seem to miss out on is that comprehension matters, and that comprehension speed is affected by how much the cultivator loves what he’s doing.

Sure, Xue Ying could have said “I want to comprehend earth as my next element.” But would that have actually worked? I don’t think so. He needed to come to the self realization of what earth entails as well as how it could be beneficial to his spear techniques. Only with that will he be able to progress quickly in his comprehension. Without it he would be like that Situ guy, using a comprehension he has no attraction to. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C187
5 months ago
President: “Why didn’t he use the Dragon Mountain Palace, that would have been easier for him?”

Xue Ying: *is bored and looking for entertainment* View More
Lord Xue Ying · C177
5 months ago
Doesn’t matter. We’re gonna go spear fishing anyway. View More

EdwardR: Finally, a big fish is coming, but what fish will this be???

Lord Xue Ying · C177
5 months ago
This is like doing a fetch quest in an RPG only to have it develop into a full blown storyline. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C175
5 months ago
Yeah. It’s funny how something like that would be much more accepted in certain circles in our world. View More

CharlesGrey: "Who would be interested in a monster that's half man and half beast?"

I bet Roland does.

Release That Witch · C783
6 months ago
Wow. That Argonian Maid reference View More
Release That Witch · C660
6 months ago
Nah. That would be too OP. After all, with Rolands understanding of the world he’d have been able to level up multiple times. At least this way he just augments his knowledge instead of creating an entirely new power. View More

White_Jester: damn, we didn't get a wizard Roland, would've brought the story to an interesting direction with Roland being able to use magic

Release That Witch · C633
6 months ago
I think it’s more likely to be some sort of comet. They are often referred to as messengers of doom and the whole not moving thing might be explained by its orbit slowly coinciding with the orbit of the planet they’re on. Of course, I’m no astrophysicist so you shouldn’t believe what I say. Lol. View More
Release That Witch · C602
6 months ago
Lol. With our telescopes we’d discover that star decades before it would appear. So much preparation time. Not that we’d need it since we have nukes and all that. View More

4HOURS: RED MOON HERE WE GO. Still like 3 years away from impeding doom but, at least they found it now. These guys would probably cream their pants if they saw modern high powered ground telescopes and space telescopes.

Release That Witch · C601
6 months ago
The ******st answer is because she does not have the authority to command all the witches. As we’ve seen the Sleeping Island witches are made up of multiple witch coalitions and lack the monolithic power that Roland has over the Western Region. The only reason Tilly is de facto leader is because she is the organizer and has the biggest stick (Ashes) to reign all the witches in. However, this authority can only go so far. If she decides to move them all to Neverwinter City that would be similar to breaking a campaign promise, which could result in her losing the power she does have. View More

Lorist_Norton: Why does Tilly remain so stubborn
Half her problems would go away if she accepts a land in the border town for the witches

Release That Witch · C584
6 months ago
I imagine it would have something to do with travel time as well as increased difficulty associated with fighting outside one’s borders. At the moment Roland lacks a way to deliver troops and artillery without relying on a body of water, which is not always available. At the same time moving all those people would take at least a week based on previous statements of travel time within the story. Previously this would not have mattered too much since the Judgement Army had only one way to enter Graycastle. The two armies would have eventually met and Roland’s superior firepower would have likely resulted in his victory. Now, a direct attack would be a risk since sending his best troops could leave Graycastle open for attack via the other entrance. This makes it a better idea to intercept the church in an area they’re guaranteed to go through no matter which entrance they take.

With that in mind Roland would have the advantage on his home turf due to the support of the locals in the North as well as the security of his supply lines. View More

LordTouchMe: Why can't we just bomb the f*cking hell out of the church? Huh? Then send in artillery shells then storm the palace. There would be just so much chaos and room to kill and destroy the church!

Release That Witch · C579
6 months ago
No. With the way things are going he’ll be the lawyer. We’re looking at a young Zhang Ye without the lottery. View More

blizzblink: What a darling boy. I believe that with his level of intelligence, when his father comes to take custody of him, he will be able to get for his mother an efficient and effective lawyer to win the case. Am I right?

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C69
6 months ago

RageBanana: Iam a Barbie Girls, in the army world..
War and tactics is fantastic..
You can shave my hair and deploy me everywhere..
Imagination, boot camp is recreation..
Come Barbie kill some commies

Release That Witch · C449
6 months ago
They upgrade through battle? Huh...that sounds kinda familiar. Oh god, Roland’s fighting Saiyans. View More
Release That Witch · C397
6 months ago
It’s pink lemonade. Jump in and enjoy. View More

ojp: I think the next few ships would wonder what was happening, what's that noise, why are those people jumping in the water? Was there a swimming party, I didn't bring my trunks. Where did the pink water come from? Hey, what's that coming this way?

Release That Witch · C280
6 months ago
No. I play black metal. The church doesn’t deserve that song. View More

Jus7aguy: Does this mean that whenever we get a church chapter you play "Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap)" ?

Release That Witch · C222
6 months ago
Yeah, I didn’t forget the s*x thing, but it seems strange to adopt and raise so many girls just to give them to nobles as favors. For all we know witches can awaken at times of great trauma. 🤷‍♂️ View More

Attahir: Definitely having *** with them to satisfy their selves and let them give bath to rise an army. If you could remember the church only adopted females

Release That Witch · C127
6 months ago
Indeed View More

djolf: You're Saiyan!?

Release That Witch · C125
6 months ago
I believe this is a mistranslation. As I recall, the Chinese word for gun/firearm is also the word for spear. So i assume that the guy actually liked swords and spears since he was a child. View More

DaoistMitochondria: Wait... how could Rene like swords and RIFLES as a kid...

Release That Witch · C122
6 months ago
“I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.” View More

BluebellBerry: Darn, not even the classic "H-how?" or "why?" or even "You won't get away with this!" huh

Release That Witch · C118
6 months ago
I think they meant that they returned to the stronghold every year for the last century which makes it a long upheld tradition. The return wasn’t necessarily from Border town. View More

Firejr: Anyone else notice how they said 100 years yet earlier they said border town wasn't even around 30 years ago?

Release That Witch · C103
6 months ago
Not currently at least. As I recall, if it’s gone she can’t restore it. View More

unclelou2008: Wonder if Nana can do anything about her toes

Release That Witch · C86
6 months ago
He’s right too. View More

vamignon: The plebian perspective is an excellent addition

Release That Witch · C81
6 months ago
I think it’s nice the author includes these sorts of chapters form the perspective of people other than Roland. It shows that these people are intelligent and capable of learning/innovation. They just seem ignorant because they don’t have the same opportunities for scientific knowledge. View More
Release That Witch · C81
6 months ago
Looks like we have a candidate for Greycastle’s NASA program. View More

Kries: Van'er is smart. Yes, it's possible. But they would then be called satellites. However, it would need enough force to resist the gravitational pull for it not to fall. Otherwise, just shooting it out with full force would throw it out of the planet.

Release That Witch · C81
6 months ago
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