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VornX2: Its a year 2129 april 19th why the hell did he still use iphone 6 in today 2018 August 21 there is iphone x and iphone 6 is already rare. It make me wonder is the author imaginations too narrow? Let make up new phone name like "Nebula X7" that look like Dragonballz scouter. Its a little bit cooler than iphone 6 in 2129.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1
6 days ago
I thought author gonna create an unique class and some unique combination of weapon like sword and chakram or guns. If there are class why not use a suitable class weapon. View More
The world turned into a game after I woke up · C12
6 days ago

LelouchViBrittania: The ****!!!! He NTRed himself. XD

Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C56
1 week ago
Changing sheet is very important and personal collection of virgin killer View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C191
2 weeks ago

Gutterstomp: It’s all bad grammar but it’s still readable but the real problem is how there’s zero world building and you got no idea how strong the mc is because the author never told us the cultivation levels and don’t even get me started with the MCs name, I don’t know what was going through the authors mind having the mc and the second major characters having the exact same name🤦‍♂️just makes the damn thing even harder to understand.

Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic
2 weeks ago
So he wanna justify his NTR of his mother in law? Again View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C175
3 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C99
3 weeks ago
Why did the Author make Xiao Lie so miserable. Did he plan to NTR him? View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C84
3 weeks ago
Finally author remember Yuanba View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C77
3 weeks ago
Where is Xia Yunba? View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C71
3 weeks ago
Both please View More
Reborn in Tales of Demons and Gods · C6
3 weeks ago
Why brain does he have in choosing highschool dxd world and even planned to side devil. Isn't this novel about god succession? Btw Fyi for author Sayan bloodline power up through fight but if you ever watch Akira Toriyama interview the main reason why the sayan we know like goku and his family or vegeta and his family's power up faster and got super sayan power is not violence its kindness and protectiveness for their love one's. Look at trunks and goten they are super sayan in less then ten years. But they love to spar as well as fight but only to protect not pure violence. Please research clearly beforehand. View More
God succession system · C1
4 weeks ago
Why don't he just goto tensei slime world ask for a skill predator and great sage. With sayan bloodline his growth will be unimiginable then when he world travel he will be invincible. View More
God succession system · C1
1 month ago

Sun_Wukong: MC went to highschool dxd because of the evil parts, and the secred gears, to get more power ..... If he went to dbz, could use the dragon balls and the super dragon ball, to get any power .. ....

God succession system · C1
1 month ago
Where is the Karmic System? View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C4
1 month ago
Why did almost all of the author have to give their mc dark ghost or some evil art or at least object. Let them cultivate some positive energy like goku spirit bomb. 😅😅😅😅 View More
Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists · C10
1 month ago
Horrible translation View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C41
3 months ago

IEatThose: The story of the novel is great but the translation is horrible, get an editor and I can guarantee that this could be a top 10 novel, if you stay consistent

Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C30
3 months ago
Bad translation View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C29
3 months ago
Naked for sure haha View More

Cmpaboy: Is he still naked or the old man gave him clothes?

Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C6
3 months ago
Interesting so far View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) · C2
3 months ago
Super expensive. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C2
3 months ago
🤧 View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C119
3 months ago
To author please let our mc have Vermillion Bird Legacy when he reach azure continent. Almost Unknown and that will test your writing skills and imaginations. Let our mc yuuki have 3 bird Legacy unlike yun che with 2. Pretty Please. 😋🥰 View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C118
3 months ago

OldAncestorAsura01: What the **** mio is here hahahaha don't tell me that the azure dragon is tomoe hahahahha

Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C103
3 months ago
Everybody khow its Mio View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C103
3 months ago
Summon more chicks View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C71
3 months ago
Why don't he buy drone first to do recon if he is so careful. High power drone can fly upto 25 km now a days View More
I Found A Planet · C3
7 months ago
Congratulation 1st Dungeon boss god Ordas became Wild Boar King. Come on don't be too lazy, edit after copy paste. View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C14
8 months ago
This author really need to clarify how thw mc died. Is he died for anger or other emotional overload 😂😂😂 or is this a death dame like SAO or someone kill him when he os still on the game. I suppose this game is VRMMORPG from the look of it. Lemme test one of my theory broken sword heritage treasure (lame naming or lazy. Broken sword to be one of the strongest) is so strong when he use the skills it effect real world physically , mentally and spiritually? So that how the MC died? Damn first impression is so wierd. View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C1
8 months ago
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