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  • Broly The Saiyan of Legend!

    Broly The Saiyan of Legend!

    others Reincarnation Dragon Ball


    Born to be the strongest of Saiyans, surpassing and dominate everyone around him! This was supposed to be his path! But in the end he became a stepping stone for Goku. Until an otherwordly soul takes over Broly's body and changes his future path... ---------- -Completed-


DawnSky: Ugh this is so stupid

The Man from Hell · C8
1 week ago

Greedier_Doomf: Hmmm, I overestimated the novel. Its mediocre and I don't have anything to read at the moment so I guess it will do. Or there are romance novels, I guess I would to read one now especially as the app is crawling with them.

The Man from Hell · C3
1 week ago

White_Jester: Jorah and Lu Sheng are like the two spiderman's pointing at each other.

Way of the Devil · C556
2 weeks ago

Konkey_Dong: living alone 5 years in this solar system is way worse than living 2.5 years while being able to share the expanse with someone else, albeit hundreds of kilometers away. so, to those saying he's dumb, no. the fact that he'll die on his own terms unlike the Earth and it's inhabitants, is awesome.

Dead on Mars · C9
2 weeks ago

PatientFall: eh, in the end... I predict MC will really reach a nirvana like Buddha or Bodhisattva. time is a measurement, life is a length, and death is an end. in the end, who cares when you die, la. just don't go crazy and live and die the way you want.

for people who are salty that the MC seems to be stupid... well, in the end, everyone's different. I can't argue with something fundamentally human, nor do I care about changing your mind.

in my opinion, I'm just a spectator to the MC. what he does is what he does. personally, I think he and his story is loads better than all the other ones I've seen. endless cycle or posturing, face-slapping, and crushing mountains or some random female lead. in here, it's a question of what to really do if you're stranded in space and Earth disappears. I feel a faint, creeping sense the MC will face some truly hard questions down the road. not ones of morality, but ones of self.

that or this is a slice of life novel. either or really. I don't lose either way.

Dead on Mars · C9
2 weeks ago

BrightLight: It's always amusing to see an MC who is on their own in an apocalyptic world still somehow care about women being chaste when in reality it would be something they care about the least.

The First Order · C3
3 weeks ago

xskitzox: Whew... good thing she’s beautiful, otherwise I doubt our MC would sympathize with her.

Warlord of Chaos · C9
1 month ago

Multipartite: If he was waiting for this, why 'stunned'?
Also: "it was his negligence that caused the death of Miss Keely's servant. He owed her a debt, and debts shall be paid back!' ...but he can never pay back the debt he owes to the servant, and it seems he doesn't even think he owes the . <rolls eyes>

Or, to put it more melodramatically:
"My father... my father is dead, because of you. Don't you have anything to say!?"
"You're right. Because of me, he is dead. I owe a debt, and debts must be paid back. I will make sure to make full amends... to his employer. Now off with you, why are you still bothering me? You're his family, not his employer, I owe you nothing."

Warlord of Chaos · C9
1 month ago

xskitzox: Our MC being cruel to himself by not releasing energy to prevent mosquito bites. So brave.

Warlord of Chaos · C5
1 month ago

iYT: Webnovel does machine translations now?

Warlord of Chaos · C3
1 month ago

ZaneAmbrose: ‘What superpower would you have?’
‘Perfect lighting’
‘Ah yes perfect light...what?’

Marvels Strongest Father · C52
1 month ago

Hama_Noor: Tf that’s brother and sister nah mate that’s nasty

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C69
2 months ago

Lazyy: Okay, 1, Creation doesn't match up to him because he doesn't create things. 2, Destruction doesn't match up with him because he doesn't solely focus on destroying everything around him. 3, I class Rebirth as a sub-power of his Evolution Domain, so it'd be useless to him. He can already bring himself back from anything anyway, so he doesn't need another Domain for that. Plus, his body is pretty much an Elixir on it's own, so he could at least heal people with very grievous bodily injuries with his blood alone. Probably.

While Death suits him because he's died a lot and has a deep understanding on the subject. Killing suits him because he's killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions or tens of millions of dinosaurs in the pursuit of evolution. War suits him purely because he's already at war with something and it's not a race, or a certain person; No, Julius is at war with the concept of Weakness. He's constantly evolving to become strong and leave his weakness behind. That's what makes War a good Domain for him.

I don't think any Animal could represent Julius. Sure, a Phoenix represents Rebirth and Julius has gone through a lot of that, but Phoenixes weren't necessary physical powerhouses, or beings without weakness. Rather than an Animal to symbolize Julius, I'll probably go with an object like a Crown to show that he's on top of everything - the Apex.

Anyway, thanks for reading~!

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago

Daoist_Little_Yun: What do you mean? Randhir is Anthony, Anthony is Faross, Faross is Lord of Natural Order, Lord of Natural Order is God, God is Lu Zhiyu

Low Dimensional Game · C364
2 months ago

Ashandarei: I myself prefer the training. The romance is good, but a bit cheeky. The tournament fights are, in my opinion, overly described, making it hard for me to visualize it.

Over all I enjoy this novel. At least I haven't had to deal with the all the stupid massacres and the rapes that every author seem to love so much.

Martial Arts Master · C242
2 months ago

Kizkur: I really like Lou Chen's process of accepting and overcoming the trauma of taking a life. Most webnovels completely gloss over this process and loose the chance to show the gradual changes (be they good or bad) that are brought to the character's psyche and relationships as consequence to their actions

Martial Arts Master · C96
2 months ago

Kherb: Worthless chapter. How many chapters does it take just to enter the damn event? It seems like we may never know...

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C30
2 months ago

akiumie: Lol. Will you guys said it! 🤣 I’m the hidden master! 😆

Martial Arts Master · C44
2 months ago

Hnn17: Once mc start cultivating, black crap will oozes from his body and he'll be a jade like beauty the next morning after a wash. Happens everytime.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C2
3 months ago

Esoril: I don't think I liked this style of narrating, I mean most people can't retell word by word of their experience, even more considering this is their most humiliating defeat. The passive retelling sounded weird to me and I think a flashback scene would've fit better. But that's just my opinion, no need to mind it if you disagree

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C0
3 months ago

webpley: This just fuckin hypocrite now .he and his fuckin growth of gods . There is never a candidate of gods who really understand ppl . Everybest wizard died and all fuckin hypocrites are on bid status and biggest is that kellly b itch . And then his two ignorant child . If the best candidtaes untill now were the ppl are bohr and akkad and that uruk guy .

Low Dimensional Game · C262
3 months ago

Otaking: I love how muscle brained Lu Sheng is, if it were other MCs in different novels, I'd be annoyed as hell, but with Lu Sheng, his denseness is so high to the point that it has grown on me and i cant help but feel it's one of his(maybe only) good points that make him so loveable.

Way of the Devil · C451
4 months ago
Well considering that this novel was written 2 years before wmw, it’s unlikely that it was get lost, who copied another novel... View More

Joshua4004: Definitely a blatant rip off of WMW. Even the goddess of the weave and Mystra are the same. Author should've made the names different at least.

Mystical Journey · C1251
4 months ago

HeadsHunter: Is it me, or most are actually more concerned with nitpicking than actually enjoying your reading, we are so close to bidding goodbye to YY & Co.
Better to enjoy the last of the ride while it lasts.
Just my POV

True Martial World · C1697
4 months ago

MyRedeemerLives: Wth is even going on anymore? I literally forgot almost everything. I'm not thankful for these chapters either. 7 chaps per 1 and a half month? Yea not very thankful at all

Way of the Devil · C415
4 months ago

Sparhawk: Medium ending imo. It could have been better but there's far worse out there. *Looks at Immortal Mortal's ending*

Swallowed Star · C1486
4 months ago

LichRich: Top reviews:
1) ....................................
2) ....................................
3) ....................................
Very informative... Thanks.

Harry Potter and the Thunderbird
4 months ago

animadrop: Is this the prelude to him finally growing up?
I swear, the MC is even more immature than the original Harry Potter.
I just hope we can be done with this whole drama in the novel.
Yes, no-one really likes hermione, she has by now 'betrayed' Harry three times from his pov. Yes, she is a child, you are trying to portrait how their relationship goes through troubles due to both not changing/adapting fast enough to not have trouble, but it is getting tedious to read, especially when MC acts like a child all the time, but when it concerns hermione he suddenly gains a bit maturity. Not bloody likely. You can't just have him lash out at everyone and everything, but not at hermione. That isn't how yuo wrote him.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C86
4 months ago

Kali_Grapy: Reading this last two chapters I discovered that this HARRY POTTER is mentally unstable. He suffer from PTSD and trauma and such. Growing up with an abusive family then sending him off to a world he truly know is already a bad idea but at least a mind of a child can easily adapt to things but this harry potter with an another soul just made it more destructive. He's controlling, destructive, and can't cope with his emotions. The only thing that stopping him from becoming a sociopath that will destroy everything like voldemort is Hermione and Penelope but the moment this two do something he really didn't like, he'll hurt them, badly. He attempted to strangle Hermione just because of her said betrayal, which in my opinion is an overreaction. Would you really strangle a woman you said to love, let's say your lover(supposed) or mom, just because you felt humiliated in front of everyone? No, not even Lucius malfoy would do it and that guy is one arrogant bastard.

All I can say is that he need a psychiatrist to help him or cope with his problems or he will hurt everyone he love. This harry potter isn't really a genius, I say he's a failure.

And to the people that said Hermione need to go, I say to you NO. If you don't want this harry potter to become literally a dark lord then he need Hermione or someone like her to stop him from being one. Hermione is the only one that's keeping him at least have a humanity, believe it or not.



New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C86
4 months ago

stressed_stalker: F**king stupid MC....he knows the bracelet qill give him trouble so why not hide it...he's showing it around like saying , come and give me some troubles.....and when that loli spirit linge'r warned him there are people coming towards him, can't he just hide around and check on them?? Was it necessary to confront them head on???

I'm done with this....DROPPIN IT.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C52
5 months ago
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