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But I think it show how much he trusts the other members. And on this point, what force is involved in choosing new members? Because I agree that members have a great purpose and are trustworthy. View More

Alessan: Surprised he didn’t ask for a private conversation with Audrey and maybe Fors. Informing the rest carries slight risk with no benefits.

Lord of the Mysteries · C868
2 days ago

Alessan: Surprised he didn’t ask for a private conversation with Audrey and maybe Fors. Informing the rest carries slight risk with no benefits.

Lord of the Mysteries · C868
2 days ago

Tetractys: I hope " Mr. Sparrow" casually reveals that Dantes is one of his many aliases, cementing his identity as The World and garnering the surprise and awe of the Tarot Club.

Lord of the Mysteries · C867
2 days ago

Ozwin: Alright will “Mr. World” reveal he is the mysterious tycoon? No, that doesn’t feel quite right since he just went through so much effort to make sure that identity doesn’t overlap with any others. Not mention anything at all and use this as an opportunity to digest his potion more with prying eyes? Introduce him as a different worshipper or blessed? An old ally from ages past?

Lord of the Mysteries · C865
3 days ago
I kinda hope he reveals that he is Dante. Or he could say that Dante works for the fool View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C865
3 days ago

Legs: the tarot meeting are the most interesting tbh

Lord of the Mysteries · C865
3 days ago

Alessan: ...Susie?

Lord of the Mysteries · C864
3 days ago
It would kill the girl, a little much for our Klein View More

daoist_javaniy: Klein is capable of controlling a person (marionette), when a girl accuses him or a child calls him dad, he can simply control them and make them act like they have the wrong person

Lord of the Mysteries · C857
4 days ago

burntpotato: I can’t visualise Audrey with Klein or with any of his persona. Seems okay but no chemistry. Unlike when he is with Miss Sharron... HEHEHEHE #TeamSHARRON

Lord of the Mysteries · C848
1 week ago

Courtaud: Yes, it was because he made Mr. A eat the mushrooms that Frank produced. Those mushrooms can reproduce as long as there is fish and water so he was probably targetting Mr. A in case something went wrong.

Lord of the Mysteries · C848
1 week ago

Aromaticx: Creeping hunger is afraid of mushrooms now LOL it's figured out the true horror of Frank.

Lord of the Mysteries · C845
1 week ago

Gunslider: The translator knows how to do his/her job. Mass releasing special, action packed parts of the novel helps keeping readers happy and dedicated to the novel and in return he/she earns more. I love this kind of translators the best. They make everyone happy including themselves. I thank the translator for everyone's stead, please keep up the good work!

Lord of the Mysteries · C845
1 week ago

Austragus: The most terrifying beyonder we have been introduced to is no other than Frank Lee.

Lord of the Mysteries · C843
1 week ago

Aby55: This arc is crazy af! I have to say...the DM railroaded Klein a bit lmao.
DM: "You can get the formula from the Hornacis Mountains or from St. Samuel Cathedral."
Klein: "Alright let's rob St. Samuel Cathedral!"
DM: "You've successfully reached your goal in the basements below St. Samuel Cathedral. Just as you are about to reach your goal you are teleported...to the Hornacis Mountains!"
Klein: "🤬 this campaign"

Lord of the Mysteries · C837
1 week ago

Alessan: It kind of seems like Derrick is Alger’s adopted child and what he wishes he could have been. I’m starting to think that deep, deep, deep down Alger has a warm and kind heart. Someone please knock some sense back into me thanks.

Lord of the Mysteries · C824
1 week ago
Or maybe Derrick reminds Alger of a young version of himself. Helpless against the forces around him. Bond to a fate of tribulations and poor singing. View More

Alessan: It kind of seems like Derrick is Alger’s adopted child and what he wishes he could have been. I’m starting to think that deep, deep, deep down Alger has a warm and kind heart. Someone please knock some sense back into me thanks.

Lord of the Mysteries · C824
1 week ago

TrueGodOfExp: Short Story #4

On the beach of a small island rich with wildlife west of the Rorsted Archipelago was a man staring out the sea with sharp eyes that exude madness. This man had black hair and dark brown eyes, his attire matching them. He wore a black top hat and a similarly colored leather jacket.

Anyone who worked as an Adventurer sailed the seas as a pirate or worked in one of the Churches would recognize this man as Gehrman Sparrow! The crazy Adventurer!

Gehrman looked up at the dark, lightning-filled sky with a hint of madness in his cold and indifferent eyes, as if waiting for something. Suddenly, his madness erupted alongside the lightning as a wide smile would appear on his face making him look quite terrifying in the rain. Gehrman Sparrow opened up his arms as if to embrace someone and as he stared up at the dark sky with madness, he spoke in Ancient Hermes.

“The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era-" The moment he spoke this phrase, countless eyes seemed to have turned their attention towards him.

"-The mysterious ruler above the gray fog;
The King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck. I pray that you can descend onto this mortal plane and cleanse this world of the darkness that hides in the shadows!"

As he yelled the final phrase a black door began to manifest above Gehrman Sparrow. On this door was the symbol that corresponded to the Fool and when it fully manifested, the eyes that had turned their attention towards Gehrman turned intense.

The black door which floated above Gehrman would creak open and bit and out of this gap flowed out endless fog. As the door slowly opened more and more, the fog would flood out and cover the island and surrounding waters in a dense fog.

When the door was halfway open a face with a smile and red eyes would appear amongst the fog and from that face, a chuckle would sound out.

When the door fully opened, it revealed a man in a fancy suit and top hat while holding a cane in their left hand, this man spoke, seemingly in every language with a smirk on their face.

"From epoch to epoch, I watched Gods and Goddesses fall, heroes betrayed, sadness and despair reigning supreme. I am Mr. Fool and I have returned, never to disappear ever again."

Lord of the Mysteries · C822
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Dilemma. What a glorious understatement. To grow your subordinates power and indirectly increase your own strength at the cost of risking the descent of chaos across the planet? What a difficult decision...

Lord of the Mysteries · C822
2 weeks ago

Alessan: His fight against Azik at the end of volume two with Ince Zangwill. He’s an Imperative Mage.

Lord of the Mysteries · C820
2 weeks ago

Zacc: I wonder if the wandering poet she saw is someone from the Church of the Evernight. She was probably made to dream a dream of what happened.

Lord of the Mysteries · C820
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Gold mask is confirmed to be an MI9 demigod, likely Sequence 3. He’s also in on whatever is going on with the royal family and whatever they tried to hide using the great smog as a distraction. Viscount Stratford also appears to be in on it since he ‘encouraged’ Eddesak to commit suicide and Trissy plans on investigating him. Even Walter was suspicious.

All these beg the question of why Gold Mask wants to investigate Stratford. Some kind of internal strife? He suspects Stratford is a traitor or wants to proactively prevent such a thing? Perhaps he is still on the outside of the matter and got orders from the royal family to participate in the great smog without knowing why and is therefore trying to learn more? Is he looking for someone specific? He’s just relying on Stratford to find said person or seeing that person will confirm guesses of his? No matter what it seems like not everyone is perfectly united in the Augustus faction. Really begs the question what did they already do and what’s their overall goal to be willing to give up so much. They even let church personnel into the military!

Lord of the Mysteries · C820
2 weeks ago

burntpotato: Seeing LOM’s rank felt surreal. Let this continue for the whole week, cross fingers.

Thanks for the chapter 💛

Lord of the Mysteries · C820
2 weeks ago

DoULikeBlueberry: Clever. Gain initial control to suppress its movements, then kill it with a head shot

Lord of the Mysteries · C808
2 weeks ago

Aby55: And then the gun is gonna make him seem crazy to Alger due to the negative effect. Lol I love how every Tarot Member is thinking the World is a madman

Lord of the Mysteries · C808
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Wasn’t it mentioned that Alger was in the church choir as a child? I guess we know why he got kicked out...

Lord of the Mysteries · C808
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Mental Terror Candle
A short black candle covered in an outer layer of human skin, covered in dense scale-like patterns. Said to have been left behind by a dragon, likely equal to a Mid Sequence Beyonder of the Dreamer Pathway. Allows one to enter the deepest part of someone’s soul and the bottom of the targets dreamland. There, a corresponding scene will be materialized. Can also be used to create a psychological cue. After five minutes the user will completely lose consciousness and be unable to return to their body, becoming a sacrifice to the candle. If you are killed in the dreamland similar effects will also occur. Currently owned by Father Utravsky.

Lord of the Mysteries · C800
3 weeks ago

Alessan: Here’s to hoping Klein can forcefully sever his connection to the Goddess’s Sword with the gray fog. I think it’s worth the risk. Even IF there is a chance he could use the connection to bypass some of the Chanis Gate seals it’s just a latent danger constantly looming over his head. He could be potentially discovered, tracked or even attacked through the connection at any time. Likely by surprise too. It could even allow the Evernight Goddess herself to watch or influence him and perhaps even use him as a bridge to access the Gray Fog like the Mother Tree of Desire wanted to do in Balam. A whole host of problems for very little gain.

Lord of the Mysteries · C800
3 weeks ago

Alessan: Chapter 8x100! As usual please avoid all spoilers from the the wiki, the raws, or any MTL.

Known Potion Names: 148/220
Known Potion Formulas: 32/220 + 1 incomplete

8-9 Low Sequence Names: 42/44 (13 Formulas)
5-7 Mid Sequence Names: 64/66 (14 Formulas)
3-4 Saint Names: 22/44
(2 Formulas +1 incomplete)
1-2 Angel Names: 9/44
(2 Formulas)
0 True God Names: 7/22
(1 Formula)
Unsure: 5

[] = Ancient Name
✓ = Known Formula
X = Known Incomplete Formula
* = Mid Sequence Starting Point

Black Emperor Pathway: (10/10)
9 Lawyer ✓
8 Barbarian ✓
7 Briber ✓
6 Baron of Corruption* ✓
5 Mentor of Confusion ✓
4 Count of the Fallen ✓
3 Frenzied Mage ✓
2 Duke of Entropy ✓
1 Prince of Disorder ✓
0 Black Emperor ✓

??? Pathway: (8/10)
9 Seer ✓
8 Clown ✓
7 Magician* ✓
6 Faceless ✓
5 Marionettist ✓
4 Bizarro Sorcerer
2 Miracle Invoker
1 Attendant of Mysteries

[Demonic Wolf] Evernight Pathway: (8/10)
9 Sleepless
8 Midnight Poet
7 Nightmare
6 Soul Assurer*
5 Spirit Warlock
4 Nightwatcher
1-3 Servant of Concealment
0 Evernight

[Dragon] Visionary Pathway: (8/10)
9 Spectator ✓
8 Telepathist ✓
7 Psychiatrist* [Psyche Analyst]
6 Hypnotist
4 Manipulator
2 Discerner
1 Author
0 Visionary

[Devil] Abyss Pathway: (7/10)
9 Criminal
8 Unwinged Angel [Coldblooded]
7 Serial Killer
6 Devil*
5 Desire Apostle
4 Demon
0 Abyss

??? Pathway: (7/10)
9 Savant
8 Archaeologist
7 Appraiser
6 Machinery Specialist [Artisan]*
5 Astromancer
4 Alchemist
3 Arcane Scholar

[Phoenix] Death Pathway: (7/10)
9 Corpse Collector
8 Gravedigger
7 Spirit Medium
6 Spirit Guide*
5 Gatekeeper
3-4 Undying
0 Death

??? Pathway: (7/10)
9 Assassin ✓
8 Instigator ✓
7 Witch* ✓
6 Pleasure ✓
5 Affliction
4 Despair
2-3 Unaging

[Elf] ??? Pathway: (7/10)
9 Sailor [Keeper of the Sea]
8 Folk of Rage [Guardian of the Storm]
7 Seafarer [Storm Priest]
6 Wind-Blessed* ✓
5 Ocean Songster [Elvish Songster] ✓
4 Cataclysmic Interrer
3 Sea King

??? Pathway: (7/10)
9 Mystery Pryer
8 Melee Scholar
7 Warlock*
6 Scrolls Professor
5 Constellations Master
4 Mysticologist
1 Knowledge Emperor

??? Pathway: (7/10)
9 Arbiter
8 Sheriff
7 Interrogator
6 Judge*
5 Disciplinary Paladin
3-4 Law Weaver (Likely 4)
3-4 Imperative Mage (Likely 3)

Sun Pathway (7/10)
9 Bard ✓
8 Light Suppliant ✓
7 Solar High Priest* ✓
6 Notary ✓
5 Priest of Light [Envoy of Light] ✓
4 Unshadowed X (Main ingredients only)
0 Sun

Red Priest Pathway: (7/10)
9 Hunter
8 Provoker
7 Pyromaniac [Fire Mage]
6 Conspirer*
5 Reaper
4 Iron-Blooded Knight
0 Red Priest

[Giant] ??? Pathway: (6/10)
9 Warrior
8 Pugilist [Gladiator]
7 Weapon Master
6 Dawn Paladin*
5 Guardian
4 Demon Hunter

??? Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apprentice ✓
8 Trickmaster ✓
7 Astrologer ✓
6 Scribe*
5 Traveler
4 Secrets Sorcerer

[Vampire] ??? Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apothecary ✓
8 Beast Tamer
7 Vampire*
6 Potions Professor
5 Scarlet Scholar
4 Shaman King

[Mutant] ??? Pathway: (6/10)
9 Prisoner
8 Lunatic
7 Werewolf*
6 Zombie
5 Wraith
4 Puppet

??? Pathway: (6/10)
9 Marauder
8 Swindler
7 Cryptologist
6 Fire Bandit*
5 Dream Stealer
4 Parasite

??? Pathway: (5/10)
9 Monster
7 The Lucky
5 Winner
2 Soothsayer
1 Snake of Mercury

??? Pathway: (5/10)
9 Planter
8 Doctor [Healing Pastor]
7 Harvest Priest
6 Biologist
5 Druid

??? Pathway: (5/10)
9 Secrets Suppliant
8 Listener [Whispered]
7 Shadow Ascetic
6 Rose Bishop
5 Shepherd

??? Pathway: (4/10)
9 Reader
7 Knowledge Keeper
6 Polymath*
5 Mysticism Magister

Unknown Pathways: (4)
4 Prophet (Very Likely Reader Pathway, possibly Secrets Supplicant Pathway)

? Planeswalker (Almost certainly High Sequence Apprentice Pathway)

? Weather Warlock

Known Pathway Connections:

Sailor|Bard|Reader|Spectator|Secrets Supplicant


Sleepless|Warrior|Corpse Collector


Savant|Mystery Pryer




Lord of the Mysteries · C800
3 weeks ago

Alessan: Chapter 8x100! As usual please avoid all spoilers from the the wiki, the raws, or any MTL.

Tarot Club:

Tarot Club Members:

The Fool
Controller of the Gray Fog. Leader of the Tarot Club.

Chair Symbol: Combination of Incomplete Secrecy and Change Symbols

Hand Marking: Four Black Dots in the shape of a square.

Audrey Hall - Justice
(Sequence 7 Psychiatrist)

Advancement History: Spectator Chapter 41, Telepathist Chapter 221, Psychiatrist Chapter 519.

Joined: Chapter 5

Chair Symbol: Giant Dragon

Hand Marking: Star

Connections: Member of the Psychology Alchemists. Daughter of Loen’s Earl Hall.

- 300,000-350,000 Pounds in property and stocks
- Lie (5500 Pounds)

Alger Wilson - The Hanged Man (Sequence 5 Ocean Songster)

Advancement History: Seafarer Chapter 36, Wind-blessed Chapter 592, Ocean Songster Chapter 783.

Joined: Chapter 5

Chair Symbol: Storm

Hand Marking: Hexagonal Snowflake

Connections: Church of Storms Clergyman. Known Pirate Captain.

- Very Few Pounds
- Whip of Mind (3100 Pounds)
- Tudor Ghost Ship
- Primitive Island Coordinates

Derrick Berg - The Sun
(Sequence 6 Notary)

Advancement History: Bard Chapter 157, Light Suppliant Chapter 290, Solar High Priest Chapter 592, Notary Chapter 767.

Joined: Chapter 137

Chair Symbol: Sun

Hand Marking: Sun

Connections: Exploratory Team Captain of the City of Silver.

- Contribution based access to Beyonder ingredients and Characteristics the City of Silver posses.
- Thunder God’s Roar
- In debt for Notary Formula

Gherman Sparrow - The World
(Sequence 5 Marionettist)

Advancement History: Seer Chapter 5, Clown Chapter 168, Magician Chapter 295, Faceless Chapter 451, Marionettist Chapter 664.

Joined: Chapter 264

Chair Symbol: None

Connections: Blessed of The Fool

Fors Wall - The Magician
(Sequence 7 Astrologer)

Advancement History: Trickmaster Chapter 542, Astrologer Chapter 739.

Joined: Chapter 297

Chair Symbol: Layered Door

Hand Marking: N/A

Connections: Disciple of a direct descendant of the Abraham Family. Hears the ravings of Mr. Door.

- ~3000 Pounds
- Leymano’s Travels (30000 Pounds)
- Bracelet of Teleportation, One bead remaining

Emlyn White - The Moon
(Sequence 6 Potions Professor)

Advancement History: Potions Professor Chapter 592.

Joined: Chapter 467

Chair Symbol: Crimson Moon

Hand Marking: N/A

Connections: Pureblood Sanguine. Ties with the Church of the Earth Mother.

- ~4500 Pounds
- Lilith’s Ring
- Lots of Dolls

Cattleya - The Hermit
(Sequence 5 Constellations Master)

Advancement History: N/A

Joined: Chapter 564

Chair Symbol: Indifferent Lash-less Eyes formed of Stars

Hand Marking: Not Mentioned

Connections: Member of the Moses Ascetic Order. Adopted daughter of Bernadette Gustav. Pirate Admiral.

- ????-????? Pounds
- Two Unknown Mystical Items
- Scales of Luck (11000 Pounds)
- Flagship Future

Tarot Club Chapters:
✓ = Pages of Roselle’s Diary

58 ✓ ✓ ✓
93 ✓
113 ✓
143 ✓ ✓
157 ✓
216 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
236 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
264 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
289 ✓
341 ✓ ✓
358 ✓ ✓ ✓
390 ✓ ✓ ✓
439 ✓ ✓ ✓
460 ✓ ✓ ✓
483 ✓ ✓ ✓
514 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
565 ✓
615 ✓ ✓ ✓
714 ✓ ✓ ✓
743 ✓
765 ✓ ✓ ✓
789 ✓ ✓ (Final two pages written)

Diary also found in Chapters:
21 ✓ ✓
317 ✓ ✓

Lord of the Mysteries · C800
3 weeks ago

Alessan: Chapter 8x100! As usual please avoid all spoilers from the the wiki, the raws, or any MTL.

Current Stash:

(17,000 Pounds)

~22996 Pounds

5987 Gold Coin debt TO Reinette

[7] Mystical Items:
(56,200 Pounds)

Sea God Scepter (Lots)

Grosselle’s Travels (???)

Creeping Hunger (30000 Pounds)

Death Knell (11000 Pounds)

Flower of Blood (~8000 Pounds?)

Biological Poison Bottle
(5200 Pounds)

Midsummer/Sun Brooch
(2000 Pounds)

[7] Beyonder Characteristics:
(34,150 Pounds)

Creeping Hunger Characteristics (24000 Pounds)
- Desire Apostle Characteristic (8000 Pounds)
- Traveler Characteristic (8000 Pounds)
- Baron of Corruption Characteristic (4000 Pounds)
- Zombie Characteristic (4000 Pounds)

Priest of Light Characteristic
(8000 Pounds)

Interrogator Characteristic (1500 Pounds)

Lunatic Characteristic
(650 Pounds)

[5] Charms & Miscellaneous:
(7500 Pounds)

Dark Emperor Card (Priceless)

Luck Siphon Charm (?)

Azik’s Copper Whistle (N/A)

Giant King’s Court Key
(5000 Pounds)

Derrick Notary Formula Debt
(~2500 Pounds)

[1] Marionettes:
(8000 Pounds)

Wraith Blood Senor (8000 Pounds)
- Wraith Characteristic (8000 Pounds)
- 42000 Pound Bounty (?)

122,800 Pounds + Dark Emperor Card + Sea God Scepter + Grosselle’s Travels + Luck Siphon Charm

Lord of the Mysteries · C800
3 weeks ago
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