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Shrimp punch 🍤!? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1831
1 month ago
You know why, a lot of cn likes virgin maidens View More

richardchow: Why must virgins be emphasised? Wouldn’t young maidens be a good description?

Castle of Black Iron · C1787
2 months ago
So this new baby super creature is just mini dark angel View More
Super Gene · C1585
2 months ago
Isn’t baifei still part of dragon emperor palace? Zt could just return and kill him there View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1780
2 months ago
If he insta-kills opponents above his level then if he is the same or above their level the battles will end even faster? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1776
2 months ago
Probably she either had this planned from the start or after the poem she changed her mind. Idk if zt should save her View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1775
2 months ago

TheBananaMan: This is gonna be a LONG process.

Castle of Black Iron · C1773
2 months ago
Yes yes we get it zt is righteous and considers everyone equal, why can’t he start up his sacred cult again? I would rather he end these people’s suffering and annihilate them all with the atmospheric blast View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1770
2 months ago
Castle of Black Iron · C1769
2 months ago
5 more chapters until some action finally happens View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1768
2 months ago
I kind of want zt to just annihilate the entire place with the atmospheric power, after the whole experiment phase he’s barely used it View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1764
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Castle of Black Iron · C1764
2 months ago
It would’ve been doable if the invitation **** worked View More

Cador: I've noticed that a lot of novels have entered the so called privilege chapter club of QI (need to pay 500 spirit stone to unlock advance chapters) hopefully COBI will not join the group ☺

Castle of Black Iron · C1745
3 months ago
Any guesses on how he’s gonna get element crystals? I think it might be the all-purpose medicament View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1724
3 months ago
I forget, why didn’t he leave a body clone behind? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1705
3 months ago
Don’t worry brothers, the underground will find a way. View More
Super Gene · C1516
3 months ago
Finally WY can kenshiro this fool! View More
Elixir Supplier · C316
4 months ago
Knowing WY he’ll probably say go ahead and Wei Hai will get super angry and dissociate with this stupid fool of an in-law View More
Elixir Supplier · C296
4 months ago
When did fairysea give that sword? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1643
4 months ago
Wouldn’t it be the Taiyi True Sutra? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1633
4 months ago
Ugh, if this is what’s become of her character then zt might as well kill both the traitor daughter and her scheming husband View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1629
4 months ago
In Asian countries superstition and belief sometimes takes precedence over practicality. Like how this building is gonna absorb heat more than could be avoided, in Thailand air conditioning and fans of any size are nearly banned based simply on superstition. View More

nothing6: Black color absorbs heat/light while white decreases heat and reflect the light i think the author should at least research on science not just fenshui fengshui things

Elixir Supplier · C277
5 months ago
Thinking about it, what exactly does this license entail? I assume he’s gonna get tested but on what? View More

Rk160: Finally! He is getting his medical license! I wonder what will be his reward. It’s been a while since he cleared the system’s objectives. Maybe, he will have enough points for other skills

Elixir Supplier · C275
5 months ago
What animal could that be?🤔 View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1617
5 months ago
Report for formatting errors boys. I’m getting used to it but that’s not a good thing View More
Super Gene · C1427
5 months ago
Could someone fix this formatting? Report the chapters boys until someone can check it View More
Super Gene · C1426
5 months ago

DaoistCitizen: ""Young man, what is your name?" The old beggar asked warmly, his hair was purple and messy, it was like uncut grass.

"Dong Fang Chang Fan." He said.

"Chang Fan… this name is very incompatible with you." The purple haired beggar's eyes were dark like the abyss, he could see his own shadow from within them.

The beggar looked at him for a while before saying: "You are a good child, I will pass my most important inheritance to you. I believe that without any unexpected surprises, you will definitely make a name for yourself.""

....Fck. The so called senior brother to Tai Bai Yun Sheng is actually Chang Fan... damn. Who the hell is this absurdly op old man with the immortal inheritances? It's likely actually has many immortal disciples, all great figures of the era. A hand from heavenly court, shadow sect, or another being behind the eras?

Reverend Insanity · C806
5 months ago
This is one of the few chapters in my life that I regret reading. I genuinely hate these relatives now 😡 View More
Elixir Supplier · C261
5 months ago
What happened to cleanse soul Gu needing that rare silkworm worm flesh? Isn’t it still starving at this point? View More
Reverend Insanity · C782
5 months ago
Might as well get crystal egg to try opening the coffin View More
Super Gene · C1413
5 months ago
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