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legitdeadshot95: Ignore the hate author please keep making this awesome novel

Dual Cultivation · C214
2 weeks ago

Dark_Kuro: Idc about these mortals bs. Just passing time by reading. Idc about greedy author, idc about readers rage/BS and stuff, I only care about reading.

Dual Cultivation · C214
2 weeks ago
With privilege system u r paying for the opportunity just to read a set number of chapters ahead of others. How much SS u need to pay for privileged chapters depends on the author. I heard author can set the discount upto 99%. Means u still need to pay. This is kinda confusing, but i guess it is webnovel's way to distribute the cost for privileged section somewhat. View More

BLMoore: Good chapter, after paying for advanced chapters, why is it still asking for SS. Not happy with the way this is handled

Dual Cultivation · C215
2 weeks ago
I don't think the issue with chapters is a fault with the author. I can see there is 25 locked chapters in privilege section. So all the users paying would have the premium chapters they deserved. If u got less chapters, that means either the chapters author posted was not published yet or there is some caching issue with the app. Speaking of which i wish webnovel would implement clear caching per novel (if its not there already) Also keep in mind guys that privilege feature is still new, so there would be some issues affecting all involved parties. But soon they should be sorted out. So just be patient and dont breath fire on the author 😋 View More
Dual Cultivation · C214
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Dual Cultivation · C213
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C264
2 weeks ago
I m still following it and read upto the latest chapters. It did not get boring, rather it is getting intense! I would suggest u resume reading and have a feel for urself. View More

Yulvectous: hey!... do you still read this?? or if not.... until what chapter did you read?? did it got boring?? did it have good fight scenes?? did it have detailed description of ability animations??

Ancient Godly Monarch
2 weeks ago
Though i cant purchase privilege right now, i support it. Bcz it will allow loyal readers to support u better as author. If author can't draw profit from his/her work, then the novel wont continue for long. As one of my top fav. Novels i definitely wish it to carry on 😁 View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C256
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C252
3 weeks ago
Welcome back! And receive the power stones 😁 View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C242
4 weeks ago
Brother sorry to hear about real life troubles. Hopefully everything will sort out just fine. When it does, plz don't forget ur loyal readers here 😁 this is frankly one of my top favourite novel, so i wish with all my heart that it continues. For it to happen we need to have a happy author first! So wishing u the best 👍 View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C240
1 month ago
No! End the volume in next chapter! I want to know how queyou will react next :p View More
Dual Cultivation · C184
1 month ago

madesaturday: There's no pussy Su Yang can't tame.

Dual Cultivation · C165
2 months ago
Xiao Rong is no longer a cat. So author can defend himself :p View More

NetherSwipe: I want too see Xiao Rong growing into a lady n Su Yang molesting her, so that I can say, "THE AUTHOR WOULDN'T EVEN LEAVE CATS N DOGS"

Dual Cultivation · C162
2 months ago
I like Vahn being bold. With all the power he has, why talk so much? He is going to leave the record soon and yet he needs so much comforting on almost every thing he cant take on. So as his powers grow, so should his mentality. Him being an immortal yet retaining his view as a mortal often times, makes me want to beat someone up 😡 View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C958
3 months ago
Enyo is kinda like the final boss of the Danmachi record 😁 i can't wait to find out how the events gonna unfold. For the first time i feel some trepidation with anticipation. So far Vahn and his family were not in real danger. But enyo can really pose a threat, introducing the threat of losing one or more girls or even kids. Surpassing this obstacle Vahn will surely mentally mature more. I know i m being unreasonable, but i m hoping u can write out 5+ chapters for today 😋 i simply cant wait to read more! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C874
4 months ago
I think this is the most detailed back story for a god/goddess we have ever seen. It's very refreshing. Though it took a lot of effort on ur part Ein, but i m sure readers enjoyed it greatly. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C857
4 months ago
A tough enemy, i hope after the fight vahn break through lvl 6 to lvl 7. I feel like he is stuck on lvl 6 for too long :D View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C828
4 months ago
I think bcz Vahn is more in butts then boobs :D

So he didn't feel any problem reducing them. View More

Supreme_Turtle: Wha whaa whaaa what (points finger) blasthemy is this reducing breast size, NANIIIII I think Vahn needs to learn about the greatness of Oppai from the Oppai dragon himself. Lol I understand it's her choice but i nearly shed a tear when I read that after all vahns harem is starting to remind me of the youth troop in death march XD.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C819
4 months ago
These last 4 chapters are one of the best section of the novel! I like how Vahn became decisive. Having a lot of power in the hand of indecisive person will only bring about more chaos. As long as u have power and wiling to see through the consequences of ur actions to the very end, u can love or hate without care. Eagerly waiting for the events that will unfold in coming chapters! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C819
4 months ago
I quite liked this chapter. Frankly speaking there are various type of relations, where based on involved parties, require different interaction. Not every intimate relations need to involve love. There is this slang "**** buddy", which means relation purely based on sex. If works on the basis is that, the man and woman involved requires no emotional attachments, just pleasure.

So i was thinking that vahn should develop a mentality that not every woman he encounters needs to accepted as his lover and they need to be together forever. Introducing such relations can bring some variation. It would be quite interesting.

He has a lot of woman anyway, so having a few on temporary relation would be fine, too. As the saying goes, if u have too many debits, u no longer feel indebited :D View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C803
4 months ago
Ein, i think u should take proper rest for a few days. While pumping out chapters like crazy is great for readers in short term, but it burns out the author greatly, which ultimately is a great loss for the readers. So my suggestion is for u to take a few days off. I dont think any of ur readers will mind that. After all a happy and healthy author means quality content, right? View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C768
5 months ago
@writer If ur review gets deleted, u can make a chapter in the first section of novel, where u described the characters and input ur view on the novel. I specially like a section like this. Even before i started reading i took a look at the first section or as i like to call it "volume 0"

Just an idea. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C757
5 months ago
Reading Status: C458
The writer did a great job so far on story development. I like how a "broken" boy who only knows pain and tourture gains maturity bit by bit through influence of people around him. This is done on a harem settings, where there are a lot of flirting and initimacy (in terms of getting closer in relation, not much in the way rolling in bed). This is what convinced me 5/5 on story development. I m eagerly waiting to see how writer is going to reveal more characters in current world and upcoming works.

On update stability 5/5. Chapters are coming out just fine (as of today)

Writing quality is great so 5/5 (a fee typo is there, but thats nothing serious)

Character design is 4/5. This is because what i feel is except for MC and his lovers/wives, there are too few side characters. It would be nice if MC did face a few more love rivals, it would spice things up a bit. There was such a case related to Riveria, but her pathetic fiance is pretty much like air, he came got thrashed and vanished. Like a breeze came and gone just like that. Also, if there are some comic/hilarious scenes in between romance, fighting and work then I think this section would be complete.

World development 4/5, because almost the entire story so far in staged on dungeon and hearth manor. The world of Danmachi is pretty big. So having a few section of traveling to other places and experiencing various things would bring a great touch on world development. I think writer has similar idea, since i believe there are much of the story to unveil.

All in all this is a great read! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago

ThomasDarkrose: Writing Quality: 5/5 - While there are occasional typos, ****y tiny grammatical errors or punctuation errors, they do not detract from the story in any way. The writing is excellent and just draws you in.
Stability of Updates: 5/5 - The author pumps out chapters like a madman all in order to feed the addicted souls he has created. 'Nuff said.
Story Development: 5/5 - The story starts with a nieve and broken main character, Vahn, and through interactions with the world and the characters in it, he grows. Vahn still has a lot of growing to do and I, personally, look forward to seeing the man that Vahn will grow into.
Character Design: 4/5 - I would love to give the author 5/5 stars just for the design of Vahn, but I prefer to be honest and forthright. Because this is a fan-fiction many of the main characters were already designed by the original author of DanMachi. That said, Einlion takes those pre-existing characters and completely makes them his own without violating the source material. While reading this story you will be hard pressed to find any reason to complain about the use of the pre-existing characters, their reactions, or their believability.
World Background: 4/5 - Again, I would love to make this 5/5 stars, but the story takes place in a pre-existing world. Just like the characters though, the world is not violated or discarded it is embraced and honored.

Fan-fictions are a tough genre to write in, you have to take a world and characters that already exist, and are loved, then make them your own while writing your own story. Einlion does this exceptionally well and is crafting an amazing story that follows a unique and amazing character. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that I found this novel now instead of a year from now, I can't binge read it nearly enough.
On a final note, if you are a fan of DanMachi, or anime in general, and looking for a story with a unique and entertaining main character than I strongly recommend reading this story.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago

Einlion: The content has been blocked

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago
Welcome back mr. Translator! Thanks for bringing us the chapters we eagerly anticipated! 🤩 View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1425
7 months ago

WQL: I'm so sorry, dear friends. After 5 days in hospital due to emergency appendicitis, I was finally set free by the doctor and could continue to bring you the rest of this good story~~

Castle of Black Iron · C1423
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C175
7 months ago
This chapter is good. I like the point on letting go of the past. And moving on is the best. Seeing kiba being moping in grief kinda ruins his character. He should be cheerfully chasing after girls. Hoping to see some fun actions, since he is back on track. Overall, nicely done true seeker 👍 View More

True_Seeker: This was the most difficult chapter I had written so far. Mainly because it connected the previous storylines in order to develop Kiba.

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C170
7 months ago
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