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I actually agree superman didn't even want to kill zod there is no way he would have abandoned a creature that would most likely die if it separated from him. It is your story though but I can tell you now a lot of people will stop reading if you change fundamental things about Clark Kent Superman I hope you change this part but if you don't I will still read pretty good story except this View More
Super Man in marvel Universe · C25
3 months ago
Mate when he was reborn he should of had 1,758,109,528 karma points you took 1 bill from him. View More
Reincarnated into DC with the Omni-Gaming System · C3
4 months ago

Sleight: I've heard that the premium contracts are ****. Also, isn't this a fanfic? I think the original content is copyrighted, and it's illegal to make money from copyrighted content without the maker's permission. I'm not a lawyer, tho, so take what I just said with a grain of salt.

How Much For Your Soul? · C0
5 months ago
Well I would say it was his father's fault, because even in the manga it said the seal was for inanimate objects only so the seal wasn't even meant to be on a human. Plus it said his father sent multiple assassins after him and the sand protected him, and him not being physically bullied doesn't make it better he was still told everyone hated him and that no one loved him and that he killed his mother and he always seen fear in everyone's eyes when looking at him. He started to think he was a monster plus even his siblings feared him after awhile. Also he couldn't ever even sleep so that has to screw with the mind so him thinking it's his mother protecting him doesnt make him a bad person he didn't even realize shukaku the one tailed raccoon wasn't his mother for a while and after he realized it wasn't his mother he thought the sand that protected and wasn't offensive was his mother not the beast anymore. View More

DDclash: Well, I wouldn't say he got it worse, since he basically believed Shukaku to be his mother, so everything Shukaku did was reflected in his memories as something that needs to be done. Plus Gaara wasn't physically bullied in the village simply because it was impossible with his sand. The only time it was bad for him is when his Uncle tried to kill him. About fathers, let me mention that Minato too, sealed a tailed beast inside his a few hours old son's body and do you know, if author of Naruto was more intellectual and understood how even a miniscule amount of energy that is bound to leak might affect the development, intellect, body constitution and health. Even regeneration that all fan-fics mention might have caused some mutation that might have completely changed his diet, needs and even libido. Basically Minato was the same, the only difference is that he died.

Naruto: Reincarnated as Kurama · C22
5 months ago
Check out Naruto: The God of Fuinjutsu(on another website) if you want to see whats going on after this View More
Naruto: The God of Sealing · C0
1 year ago
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