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Reading Status: C907
It may be full of clitches like other xiantian novels but for some reason it feels more interesting to read and i really like MC he is somewhat cool. I do not know why i like this novel but i can't wait to read more chapters. View More
Dominating Sword Immortal
1 month ago
Reading Status: C8
Nothing special overall and story later one contradicts what has been told in first chapter. Full of Chinese clitch and feels boring. Also, translation is very bad. View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension
1 month ago

HopelesslyRomantic: Why would all the students be jealous and hate him? I mean as far as they know...he is her big brother not boyfriend

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C7
1 month ago

japex: When the author makes his novel funny but it turns out ****ty... 🤦🏿

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C7
1 month ago
duude think about it logically. Here on Earth there are laws, we are chained and i bet few times in your life you felt like killing someone but were afraid. However if you were reincarnated into world where strongest rules and you had that strength i doubt you wouldn't kill anyone. Also no matter how lazy you are after seeing how brutal world is you would start working hard to gain power to survive, especially if you are intelligent being from earth. View More

RockNRage: I'm sorry author-nim if it feels unfair but is actually an objective review. Just as in any cultivation CN novel: reincarnator turns homicidal with no backlashes, earth background doesn't matter, constant faceslapping (see when he taks with anyone who disrespects him or broke hands) even from normal guards, the MC has no inner life every arc was train then kill, rinse and repeat. Faceslapping is nice done once in a while, but it happens too much here, like in CN novels. You say he gives no value to life, ok, but why? he is from earth, why his values are so corrupted? so far no explanation is given he seems just to have become a sociopath for no reason. Sorry, but going from a lazy bum to workaholic like that sounds again like lazy writing. You just flip his old persona upside down for plot reason. The introspective chapter was shallow, he basically stated the omnipresent CN novel concept that might makes right, that being weak is a sin etc. it's not original, just a convenient trope abused everywhere. All antagonists ARE idiots, no one ever questions why a kid goes on mission despite the young age and the bullying+faceslapping ensues. I'm sorry if i sound harsh but your novel really hooked me at first, then turned into a CN one.

Birth of the Demonic Sword
1 month ago
also in many fantasy stories space magic can cut trough anything. View More

StormKingOTHRoad: [Space? Could be amazing but I'm not certain it'll be fighty enough. ]
seriously Both Minato and Obito have shown both the High Combat ability of Space Magic and its even higher utility with Minatoes doing the former more then the latter and Obito Vice Versa and you ignored the very reason that you gave for not picking the base elements with his Human life on Earth he knows how Gravity functions and thus has an avenue of learning it on his own while Space(Teleportation)is an as of yet unexplained element thus why he chose Gravity over space has thus proved once again that she is an idiot.

Chrysalis · C80
1 month ago
i would've chosen space or illusion. View More
Chrysalis · C80
1 month ago

Horusz: Chinese novels were very important to me, I started to love novels by reading "Coiling dragon" and haven't stopped reading since.

But over time my "taste" has matured, there are some novels that I liked before that I can't read a chapter now, with time I realized how poor most Chinese novels are.

This novel is this: Poor, there is nothing new, nothing interesting, it is always the same thing: Young master, young lady, slaps in the face, miraculous treasure, several chapters dedicated to something that can be solved in a SINGLE sentence , stupid crowd, the protagonist is despised by everyone, and an eternal escalation, there is always someone more talented, someone more powerful, other worlds more developed, other dimensions with another race, another multiverse ...

I don't want to offend anyone, but Chinese readers seem to suffer from some kind of mental illness, I don't understand how popular these "things" are in China, Chinese communism imprisons the brain of its people, originality is dying.

Summary: This novel is garbage.

Let Me Game in Peace
2 months ago
because his equipment and stats are many times higher. Anyone below tier 2 shouldn't even have ability to damage him. If you ever played mmorpg you would understand. View More

Greedycompany: For those who are like. How come, him going back in time makes people stronger. When he played the game in the future he was classed just above the average players. The people he’s fighting against now are pro players of the pro players. Also, he could fight against tier 3/4 when activating all this berserk skills so why can’t other people. It’s a game, yes he has knowledge of the future but he learnt about this stuff from OTHER PEOPLE getting it so why can’t others get it?

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1326
4 months ago

sulfuraxe: Exactly!, Shi Feng has fragmented legendary and epic equipment. More pieces than the other guy and a completed tier 2 class of equil or stronger standing not to mention 5+ levels.

Yes he only lost 10% hp , but the difference between tier one and two is NOT that great as the author has been playing it out to be....

I demand a fckn explanation!!!! Shi Feng stats should have been OVER 500% more because of gear and tier 2 alone not to mention activating dragon berserk.

A tier 1 and lower lv with a few pieces of epic standing up to Shi Feng as well as he did is impossible.

Fighting Shi Feng like this At least give the scrub the qualification to do so. All this after the hype I’m salty...

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1326
4 months ago

Quinye: Come on your level 51and tier 2 already and your having a hard time fighting someone who is level 45, your suppose to be special

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1326
4 months ago
So despite mc having much higher lvl, stats and superior equipment he still received 10k dmg? like wtf...... View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1262
4 months ago
ye and mc stats and equipment are so so that enemy can deal him 10k dmg. View More

asuzekid: So fragmented legendary weapon is so so an attack only cause 500 damage

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1262
4 months ago

Ofron: Yep... This is why I dropped this when I had to pay with stones

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1203
4 months ago

Hegemon_Nightfire: By the way, Shi Feng is supposed to have a peak class or whatever bull**** but he's not using any particular skill, only swordman skills I wonder why ==> WTF
By the way he doesn't even bother using blade liberation anymore ....
That author like really, stop gifiting your Mc with 2 thousand abilities if you can't remember them

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1203
4 months ago

Raex: You literally said that the trap was made for you....so Fire Dance put 2 and 2 together....and obvs knew it was you....How stupid....

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C138
4 months ago

wangtengfei: Third rate guild have some 9 level expert? What about first rate guild or maybe super rate guild ? They have 11 lvl expert? Event MC cheating just still reach lvl 10.. **** logic... Author keep make random powerful expert showing up from thin air..

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C138
4 months ago

Raex: Come on..this is ridoculous now. This Assassin barely grinds for Exp as he is an assassin in real life.....and somehow can contend with MC who is Lvl 7, with above average stats and weapons. That assassin is at most Lvl 4 and can withstand attacks from MC....he also has worse armour than MC.

He better get 1 shot by MC....if not this novel is becoming worse by the chapter....if not it already is...

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C124
4 months ago
A World Worth Protecting · C474
6 months ago
Reading Status: C39
This novel is one of the worst i have ever read. It is like taking all bad things from xiantian genre and putting them into one novel. Also, story is very predictable. MC is a idiot and side characters are same.
While i'm here let me just tell anyone who rates novels before reading them, go f**k yourselves fro ruining rank system you pieces of s**ts. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God
6 months ago
why rate it so high if you didn't read it yet? View More

Klaziki69: Well... the synopsis definitely grabbed my attention with it being written so epic and tear dropping. I dont usually read kingdom building novels as it was never my cup of tea but I'll give this one a go. Hopefully it isn't like 'True Filler World' where it drags on forever and ever.

Kingdom's Bloodline
6 months ago
so you rated it 5 stars without reading it?? What a retard. View More

iyoureancestor: The synopsis makes me thought of a famous Japanese Novel's(or Chinese novel), where all mc reincarnated or stuck inside the game. Wherein they meet white lily's(typical harem), brain dead antagonists, fatty bro's, cute pet-kun anddddd etc😂😂😂 But I'm hoping that I'm wrong and there's no cliché. For now I'll stockpile the chapter until it reaches to hundreds of chapters.

Summoning the Holy Sword
6 months ago
one more retard ruining ranking system by rating novel after reading only 10 chapters. View More


IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THE REVIEW, SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. First, I would like to say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it currently has. Why? Because several people have left one-star reviews, claiming that the other novel in the "What's Next" section had more reviews. This is not true! Also, the original novel is NOT DROPPED. These rumors have been propagated by one single user who has also been leaving hate comments and abuse. Now, onto business.

Overall Summary: I've only read to chapter 10, the latest chapter released, but it seems pretty good so far. The basic premise is that there is a character, named Lin Yun, living during the apocalypse. It's a magic world, but they used up all of the mana, and now there is none left, and their world is ravaged by disasters. The main character is originally from Earth. However, this seems unneeded as it is not relevant to the story in any way as far as I can tell. Lin Yun is struck by a mysterious phenomenon, causing them to transmigrate into the body of one Mafa Merlin, a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice. Mafa belongs to a trading company called the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce, and is very wealthy. However, his father was with their fleet of ships transporting several extremely valuable goods when a storm struck and sunk the fleet, killing his father and bankrupting the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce. Artemis Fowl, anyone? Now, creditors are coming to collect, but Mafa has no money to give them. Lin Yun, however, retains the knowledge of his two past lives, and is aware of several advanced techniques that would not exist for centuries, allowing him to advance into a 1st Rank Mage. And I can't reveal any more without spoilers! Yay!

Translation Quality: 5/5: Not much to say here. Good grammar, slightly odd sentence structure, but that could be more due to the original style than the translator's style. Thanks for translating this, Shiraishi!

Stability of Updates: 5/5: This one I can't really judge, since we haven't had any updates, but the original mass release (10 chapters) was enough to get a basic idea of the storyline, and apparently there will be 14/Chapters per Week, or 2/Chapters per Day. Thanks for translating, again, Shiraishi!

Story Development: 2/5: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give this one a 2/5. Why? Because there's not really a plot. Yes, I am perfectly aware that I have only read 10 chapters and that there is probably an actual plot. Here's the problem. The MC is insanely OP. He's aware of advanced techniques, looks like an alchemy genius, and so forth. That's the problem with so much future knowledge. Additionally, there is so much FACE-SLAPPING! Like, so much of it. It's the equivalent of... let's imagine you're in a technology competition. There's a really rich kid competing with you who has gotten this far on money alone. But now, he has to compete based solely on his skill... and he produces the technology needed to go faster than lightspeed. This is through no fault of your own, the problem is that the kid is from the future and knows how to build stuff that comes in several centuries. Do you see the problem? Now, let's say the... government wants his stuff. Unfortunately, the kid can also build giant mechas, plasma cannons, interstellar ships, and even technology that can stop a nuke. That's what the equivalent of this is. There's not going to be much of a plot because the MC is just THAT OP.

Character Design: 4/5: This one's a bit hard to judge, since we've only seen about five different characters, including the MC. The MC himself is not that well-developed so far, but it's sort of funny to watch him drool over really common items since they don't exist far into the future. Going back to our earlier example, it's like the kid drooling over seeing a piece of wood. Maybe trees don't exist in the far future! Then, we have Raymond, the son of the old caretaker/housekeeper. He's a 5th Rank Mage who gets face-slapped by the MC. Then, Raymond is all, OMG, you're amazing, I'm gonna follow you around. He ends up getting amazing (to him) rewards from the MC, but the sad part is that the MC doesn't even notice... next comes the "uncle." Have you ever seen that trope where the family relative tries to take the MC's stuff after the parents die? Yeah. That's him, and he's the main reason that Character Design is losing a star.

World Background: 5/5: Again, not much so far, but it's pretty well developed. It's a world called Noscent, and personally, I think the whole, "running out of mana" thing is very interesting. The ranking system goes like this: Magic Apprentice --> Mage --> Great Mage --> High Mage --> Archmage. They have something similar for other jobs as well, like Alchemist. In the beginning, we also get some fun background info about what wrecked the world, and later in the book, about other cities and countries, and so forth.

Overall, this is pretty good, but there is likely to be a lot of face-slapping and MC being OP, so if you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it! I can't speak as to romance because we haven't even seen any female characters yet, so I don't know if there is romance. Also, Shiraishi is a very good translator! Thanks! I personally am going to keep reading this. Upvote this comment if you liked it so that more people can get ACTUAL reviews and not just random five-star or one-star reviews.

End of the Magic Era
6 months ago
kyaaaa XD XD View More
A World Worth Protecting · C462
6 months ago
i think mc will cultivate both daos life and death. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C461
6 months ago
shameless View More
A World Worth Protecting · C435
7 months ago
I hope he won't need to fight for coffin which should belong to him in first place View More
A World Worth Protecting · C331
8 months ago
I guess there won't be any mass releases from translator like this ever. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C322
8 months ago

Ksitigarbha: "Although they had not known each other for long, he already saw her as his younger sister." He knows her for half a day and spent 200$ for her when they first met, now he risks his life for her. Ok author I see where this is going... into my dropped books collection.

Tempest of the Stellar War · C10
8 months ago

Omnicent: Outside of bunny brother Baole attracts the craziest of women. Must be the curse of being so handsome.

A World Worth Protecting · C320
8 months ago
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