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Wonderful, Hitler Lu is going to commit a genocide for all flesh eater... View More
Way of the Devil · C605
1 month ago
The two rabbits: WANT SUM FUK?
Lu Sheng: H O W A B O U T N O . View More
Way of the Devil · C604
1 month ago
This the origin story of Rabbit of Caerbannog (Killer Rabbit). View More
Way of the Devil · C603
1 month ago

Kaosdao: "l tell thee! Be warned. that tis not just any wee rabbit. tis a devil! do ye not see its tiny sharp teeth! it's ferocious roar and terrible claws!!'

Way of the Devil · C603
1 month ago
Lu sheng: "Just according to keikaku..." View More
Way of the Devil · C596
1 month ago
Hahaha, you're actually paying for chapters. If you can't buy, pirate! View More

Zaver: The free pas system is crap, you only get 3 chapters daily if you only relie on that and you atill have an freaking coin bill to witch doesn't even show how many days or how much you have to pay anymore.
I wish we could go back to the former update, it had its problems but was much better than this piece of excrement update.

Way of the Devil · C594
2 months ago
Get ****ed traitors View More
Way of the Devil · C593
2 months ago
a*** somebody didn't get their nappys today~ View More

ZeitHaere: Again fucking POVs of worthless trash. I hate it! I had enough novels ruined by that. Now we have 1 more. Its just beggins by 1-3 chapters with POV by some dude we care **** about. When MC has something interesting we get this. Later it becomes into some random filled povs chapters evry fkng time.

Chrysalis · C416
2 months ago

Eerii: Whenever crinis talks I imagine a maid with light purple hair, purple eyes, and a light purple and black Gothic maid outfit, so when crinis goes into a rage it's really funny! (on a side note, I imagine tiny as a white haired behemoth of a man covered in scars with HUUGE arms, just occasionally grunting in response to Anthony speaks to him)

Chrysalis · C218
3 months ago
Way of the Devil · C558
3 months ago
Jorah and Lu Sheng are like the two spiderman's pointing at each other. View More
Way of the Devil · C556
3 months ago
Goddamn, Lu Sheng now has the a pseudo Mangekyō Sharingan!! View More
Way of the Devil · C553
3 months ago
*Laughs in future* View More

Cimmerian: This is obviously NOT a harem story. He has not once intentionally pursued a single girl. This is a cultivation/awkward girls-perpetually-chasing-middle-aged-man-in-boys-body story. Lots of declarations of feeling. Lots of polite rejection [that drive the girls wild with desire to pursue more strongly].

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C103
3 months ago

NoticeMe: Talking about doctor ethics, when you treat your patient as your experiments lol.

Carefree Path of Dreams · C82
3 months ago
Gourmet of Another World · C672
4 months ago
MC isn't trying to get new powers but rather enhance his soul through consuming of his other selves. Since the gains of his abilities are random, we still dont know whether or not he'll get some strange power from this arc so dont assume much for now. View More

vkg313: is it just me, or is this world not as useful as the other worlds in terms of new power systems?

Way of the Devil · C512
4 months ago


ZX Clone: Finally a worthy opponent,

Also ZX's Clone: Our battle will be legendary!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1822
4 months ago
*Legendary Alligator appears*
Bu Fang: I will cut you (ง'̀-'́)🔪
Never change, you magnificent bastard. View More
Gourmet of Another World · C664
5 months ago
"The nature of these things is only to restrict you. Now, let me see, as a human, what's your final resolve… wait why do I hear boss music...?" View More
Way of the Devil · C499
5 months ago
Hooligan Gao at his best View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C587
5 months ago
Marie a megalomaniac narcissist who has slaughtered people and destroyed others wantonly. What "humanity" she has is already beyond twisted compared to our standards. As for any other super powered being in the PDG universe, most of them view weaklings as expendable resources/ pawns.

So either "humanity" is a shackle or you become twisted like marie or those princes that FX defeated, Because as far as I see, good aligned characters are scarce. View More

LilithRaven: no, Marie is still human with the same ability to think at the speed of a supercomputer, an divine lvl expert especialy at tier 7 can do that, Fang is just inhuman, he never had human emotions from the beginning, he even said that Marie is still attached to her humanity but that’s from some one that can’t understnad what humanity means,

Also, there is no proof that if you don’t have humanity makes you stronger, Feng was born like that and his advantage comes from that purple flame, he had an advantage to get to this lvl by building an foundation like no other.

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1093
6 months ago
Marie seems to only love FX because of his power, Ulpian is some sort divine being which makes him distant from regular life. FX is some sort of sociopath because he only learned how to be human by being forced to be around normal people until the lock put by his grandmother got destroyed and his mind was freed by his "humanity". Lastly, these are inhuman creatures with the ability to calculate at higher speeds than supercomputer. You try to be human when everything you do or think is done with untouchable perfection compared to the normal populace. View More

Tallyho: For all their powers, FX & Ulpian cant understand basic human emotions such as love it seems. Or rather, it seems they lose emotions the more powerful they get.

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1093
6 months ago
our little boy grew *sniff* View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C509
6 months ago
ooooooohhhhh **** son, Lu Sheng about to end all of these devils' careers!!! View More
Way of the Devil · C387
8 months ago

Generisk: ZX: *sneezes*

Lightning Tribulation Clouds: Kong Shi, here we go again!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1569
8 months ago
Poor Wei River Sword, having to watch a monster devour Devils like tic-tacs... View More
Way of the Devil · C377
8 months ago
Am I A God? · C805
9 months ago
refused because he's already making bank from selling what he got from the other world View More

champakes: Didn't he get money from his mother previously, or did he refuse that money? I forgot and dont want to go and look back.

I Found A Planet · C37
10 months ago
Damn, Zhao Yao is becoming the next Al Capone View More
Am I A God? · C703
10 months ago
too bad han li, Bu just in it for the money, who cares about some treasures when he has his system View More
Gourmet of Another World · C554
11 months ago
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