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    [Completed] Release that, One Shot.

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    A one shot where Roland actually have a prologue? A different world with a different perspectives. A short and tidy one chapter novel for quick reading. Join me in this short journey and hope for glory to the kingdom of Grey Castle.


I don't hate the yandere female character at all as I felt that the things the MC have done for her was so impactful that it is logical for her to focus at him. But I think for her to consistently be in close contact with the MC could be detrimental for her development especially how the other actress already told her to be independent enough and reach stardom.

I would have like for her to reach a much higher level in popularity and then go for a famous romance movie with MC when he is as big of a star than he currently is. The current musical drama felt too rush as they recently acted together which would logically lead to the public suspicion as well as the CEO/managers. View More
Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C127
3 days ago
Though the benefit is not as apparent, I would think that revealing it now would set up the future for any collaboration between the tarot club members and the world(which is the foll himself) easily without too much trouble since they understand he have many different identity. View More

Alessan: Surprised he didn’t ask for a private conversation with Audrey and maybe Fors. Informing the rest carries slight risk with no benefits.

Lord of the Mysteries · C868
4 days ago
It's time for Brock to meet his gym leader and get wreck~~ View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C600
2 weeks ago
Trap card unleash, divine tortoise shell. Atleast the immortal attacking can bury his anger after this. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1309
2 months ago
Would like to see elves+Zerg babies View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1380
2 months ago
Oooo spreading Zerg Gene into Melody😏 View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1380
2 months ago
The monkey sees,the monkey do~~ View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C357
2 months ago

otfc: Doesn't this chapter make you dream? Make you want to become something?
It's sad and pathetic how Reverend Insanity will probably never be at the top, while people vote up those crappy novels. It shows their taste, and how ORDINARY and small they are in their lives.

Reverend Insanity · C1285
2 months ago
Dragon.... View More
Mutagen · C247
2 months ago
FY gonna get a lover called FJH soon and FJH is gonna get exploited like no tommorow~~ View More
Reverend Insanity · C1237
3 months ago
Oooo, seems like Chinese novels love "the fool" card wink wink View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C302
3 months ago
Oh, fang Zhao have just unleash a beast on the internet... Gonna be taking over the world soon~~ View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C428
4 months ago
A bath is always important in the eyes of our MC~~ View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C130
4 months ago
Can I have a discord link for the novel? View More
Doomsday Pillars · C126
5 months ago

Avan: Best comment so far.. should join doomsday pillar discord and please comment more on my chapters. I really do still experimenting on my writing.

Doomsday Pillars · C87
5 months ago
4 chapter release here I come~ View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1700
6 months ago
Seems like many people have forgotten this novel~~ View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1138
6 months ago
WHAT?!?!?!?!? View More
Almighty Coach · C626
7 months ago
I have a feeling that firstly, you may need to get your grammar check because it is really difficult to understand about what you are writing.

Secondly, like the author mentioned about his, what makes game of throne great was the killings where they showed a side character's journey from start to the end/death. Rather than a story about every character winning in life and having plot armor thicker than your ego, failure is a must and should be encourage so I salute the author. Barry may be a good character to continue on but I would rather he dies heroically than be a typical warrior template like character. There is already plenty of that character and I would like the author to explore as much possibilities in terms of the mentality and personality of each human being. View More

DarkKnight32: He needed word count i really fucking hate this tipe of **** other author also do it they show us pov and pov of people just to kill them all in the end. if they are going to die way the **** waste my time reading about them and if the author did it once he will do it again. Fucking wast of time well the posutjv is that author did not over use him just to kill him in the end but for now im not reading any side characters POVs

Doomsday Pillars · C87
7 months ago
Although my comment is a bit late since I just started reading this novel hours ago, I think he was underestimating the issue and monster since it is just the start of the apocalypse so he does not exactly became as serious as he could yet.

Plus, he was just a survivor and not exactly a leader material in his 10 years during the apocalypse but because now he have vision of the future which made him optimal to be a leader but his personality is not exactly the perfect kind of leader. He is still "human" with the new weakness of having families to consider and now his brand new and first attempt in controlling a sanctuary is all what makes mistakes frequent. View More

Miksenoj: Indeed, there have been mess ups due to his poor planning twice now.
Isn’t he meant to be a leader with years of experience?

Doomsday Pillars · C76
7 months ago
Nice all star strategy~~ View More
Almighty Coach · C600
7 months ago

Redzeth: Man I love this world, this is probably the best one! Seeing all these charcters interact with each other who they’d never even consider working with is amazing. Think this is the best world then prob harry potter > pirates of the carribean > avatar > starcraft > terminator > the future for mission with random aliens vs predators

The Ultimate Evolution · C1191
8 months ago
Dai Li is super rich now and to him, $20000 isn't that much to fulfill the long lost generational dream of a Chinese family who he sympathies with. With a talent of B+, dai li already know he won't get far even with the 50/50 scale so he did not think to train him himself but who knows, dai li did have train him through physical fitness so the tennis guy can still be affected by the 50:50 scale if the author want to write it that way.

But I expect Dai Li is doing it not for the benefit of upgrading his level or gaining exp~ View More

TheDaoistOfDust: ... he didn’t use the 50:50 item nor did he personally train him... what’s even the point?

Almighty Coach · C552
9 months ago

DaoistSunder: I believe the human refinement method is not exactly a wrong path. When refining mortal gu, the Dao marks in nature affect the refinement process. Different gus have different Dao marks in them and no two same gus have the same Dao marks. To minimise the effect that Dao marks in nature can have on refinement such that the overall success rate of refinement for a large batch of Gus is the same, doing refinement in a secluded place allow better control over the refinement process.

However, as you progress to immortal gu, they are unique and only one can exist at a time. Meaning that the process of forming an immortal gu is related to probability and accumulation. Humans have low success rate because they follow the complete recipe that has once refined an immortal gu, not taking into account the natural accidents that can happen. I believe refining immortal Gu is like a eureka moment when all the accumulation together with a little luck will result in the final outcome.

Reverend Insanity · C861
9 months ago
I am waiting for this cliff to end. How I wish there was a Mass release. View More
Almighty Coach · C487
11 months ago
I hope dai Li background of being a professional shooter coach can come to light so other would him in the trial. View More
Almighty Coach · C484
11 months ago

SilentMild: As of the moment let's assume peer pressure as implied already hehe

The Legendary Demon Hunter (PAUSED) · C4
11 months ago
If you are ever planning premium here, having longer free chapter at the beginning would be recommended because that's all the reader gets before deciding to read the whole thing. In future premium chapters, you may go shorter so that the SS stone is cheaper cost which is what many other novels are doing but you can decide. View More

SilentMild: I merged the first two chapters that's why Chapter 1 is a bit long. Hmmm I'll think more about the route that I shall take. But thanks for that, I'm considering it. Lovelots!

The Legendary Demon Hunter (PAUSED) · C2
11 months ago
Oooo I think I can imagine how their powers would be like in the future. View More

SilentMild: woah thank you so much, it's good to the heart hearing this from you. I appreciate the suggestions and encouragement hahahahaha even I laughed at that portion too. This is a strategy, I've developed in school in order to meet the word count. I'm a Filipino and Whang was inspired from a famous ethnic tattoo artist here in our Country - Whang Od, I'll have to retain Symmetry and Harmony for their uniqueness for it will later fit their powers *gaaad spoiler alert haha

The Legendary Demon Hunter (PAUSED) · C1
11 months ago
Shouldn't some of the kids be more calm and collected like Harmony or serene? I would imagine them questioning the act of signing the waiver so prematurely and would not be as enthusiastic into signing one. They are 12-13years old and I would not sign any contract at that age either. At least I would need the old man to use some force or incentives into signing one. Maybe some temptations like the gem or magic powers for the kids to be interested in. View More
The Legendary Demon Hunter (PAUSED) · C6
11 months ago
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