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Read chapter 19 again
"Ince Zangwill. Male. Forty years old. Former archbishop. A Gatekeeper who failed in his promotion and was enticed by the devil and was corrupted. He escaped with Sealed Artifact 0-08. Particular traits are…0-08 appears to be a common quill, but it does not need ink to write. "
WTF... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C210
6 months ago

waterflow46: God fucking damn it, now im sad

Lord of the Mysteries · C164
7 months ago

Pure_Xray: It seems that he can only divine things he has experienced or something related to himself otherwise he need some additional conditions, just like the time he divined for Joyce and Bodega. So even if he tried to divine high-level potion, no imformation will appear since he hasn’t got anything related to it yet.

Lord of the Mysteries · C99
8 months ago

Abi_Yog: In Chinsese version, the name is not exactly tudor...... The author created a name for this dynasty.
The name in Chinese is like....
Twdor or something else.

No relationship I think.

Lord of the Mysteries · C9
9 months ago
Maybe she wants to personally kill him, but not yet... or perhaps she will stop Chen Ge from being killed by other people or ghosts because she wants a clean and tidy ghost boyfriend instead of being bloodstained, lol View More

SmilingReader: If Zhang Ya the spectres favourite thing about Chen Ge is for him to be dead she shouldn’t be saving his life and instead be doing everything to kill him.

My House of Horrors · C50
11 months ago

SilentWanderer: XUAN, MY XUAN IS ALIVE!!! *tears of joy*.....oh, wait
He's a clone?! NOOOO!!

Terror Infinity · C198
1 year ago

TheViewer: Tetrad of Outliers include: The Lord of Time, The Court of Truth, The King of Abyss (Dark Abyss Benighted King in this translation), and The Head of Demons.
Woody belongs to another tetrad.

Thriller Paradise · C152
1 year ago

Chrissy: This is honestly more realistic. In real life, as a professional, in any field, one should be able to maintain their calm, not to mention it's just a game. No need to get too riled up. Haha. Chill bro, this isnt xianxia with murder hobos everywhere.

Thriller Paradise · C144
1 year ago
"I have never studied English and did my university entrance exam in the language R."language R=Japanese? View More

ERROR666: ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ), sorry I didn't mean to.

Strange Life of a Cat · C38
2 years ago
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