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    An abandoned world? A desolate world? A post-apocalyptic world? Or the afterlife? Maybe a parallel world? Or an alternate dimension? Nobody knows… All that is known is that in this world, either you are strong, or you suffer ... The strong rule, the weak obey ... If you do not want to live a miserable life, be strong. Be strong and survive in the world of Azevich! -------------------------------------- Hello guys. Am I a writing in a way, veteran? after all I write since 2014, in the beginning they were history just for me and I did not intend to post it online for other people, but one day I wanted other people to read my work and I created a wordpress where I post stories I write until today (although many are kind of abandoned since I rarely write them). I'm Brazilian and honestly, I do not know how to speak or write English, although I can read a bit, I read mainly through google translator. I'm doing the same thing now, translating everything from Portuguese into English through google, so there may be many typos throughout the story, so please be sympathetic about it. tags: action, adventure, other world, romance, +18 harem: I think some of you are wondering if you have harem. Well, I can not say anything. my intention is a novel 1x1, however, who writes knows that things do not always go as we want then it is possible that the story becomes harem one day, although I find it very difficult since it is not my intention. Attention: the story contains some sensitive content, however, please remember that it is only a fiction, if you are not good with this kind of content, please do not read. cover: the cover is not mine, it's an image I found in google.


return to DxD \o/ View More
System in Another World · C136
9 hours ago
tem mais capítulos lá? se não eu prefiro ler aqui. View More

alter_SJW: Se você é brasileiro, saiba que essa mesma história foi postada no Spirit (procure na tag konosuba)

The Dark Forest - Into Anime Worlds · C1
19 hours ago
“megumin is real here”
One my waifus was real, i could talk her, touch her, pet her; that thought alone gave me happiness.

The Dark Forest - Into Anime Worlds · C1
1 day ago
eu sabia que você era brasileiro no momento em que li "funk dance"! View More
The Dark Forest - Into Anime Worlds · C1
1 day ago
thanks for the chapter View More
against the gods Y.Q · C13
1 day ago
have you already chosen the next summon? if not, I have some suggestions: Flandre(it will be very funny to know how the MC will deal with this little monster), Yue(Arifureta), Yoshino(date a live), Shinobu(bakemonogatari), Yami(to love ru), index(to aru majutsu no index). View More
Anime Mashup · C74
2 days ago

watashiwavdesu: If you want Lili in the harem, then like this comment.

I want to see the truth.

A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C48
3 days ago

I_love_Rem: Sakura

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C78
5 days ago
welcome back and be careful, hope you get better soon. View More
Slave Hunter · C13
6 days ago

I_love_Rem: "F*ck the plot and put some bullsh*t !! I want both !!"

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C77
6 days ago
Take xin ye! Take xin ye! Take xin ye! View More
The Heavenly Destroyer · C41
1 week ago
I feel that the MC's personality has changed View More
In DxD with Demon summoning System · C13
2 weeks ago
english View More
Super Villain System · C0
2 weeks ago
i love it! View More
Magic God of DxD · C10
2 weeks ago
i love it! View More
In the world of TDG as a Pokemon Master · C23
2 weeks ago
i love it! View More
Magic God of DxD · C9
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Against The Gods with an Anime System
2 weeks ago

I_love_Rem: Yes R-18

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C67
2 weeks ago

GreatSage_Master1: SlashDog Volume 2

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C0
2 weeks ago
very good, and good luck. I hope things get better soon View More
Slave Hunter · C10
2 weeks ago
take duan xin ye :D View More
The Heavenly Destroyer · C35
2 weeks ago
very good for a beginner, continue, the more you write the better it gets, although there are few details, it was good. and I'm curious, was felicity a virgin or not? View More
Slave Hunter · C9
2 weeks ago
it's great to bring another point of view besides MC, but always know when to play. there are authors who decide to change their point of view at a crucial moment in history where everyone is very anxious to know what is going to happen and that ends up causing frustration and anger. therefore, bring other points of view, but be careful the moment you bring it up. View More
The Abnormality of the Fictional Worlds · C3
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Against The Gods with an Anime System
3 weeks ago
everyone complaining about the author nerfar mesa, if it were an idiotic villain like the "shinji" I would even understand the anger, but it is not. it's Qinguye, and let's face it, it wouldn't be interesting if Mesa ended it in one move. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C92
3 weeks ago
I'll be happy as long as you don't cut the scene in half, for example, write about the foreplay, but cut out everything else. View More

MangoSuper: I am not good at writing those, hopefully I can do a good job

Slave Hunter · C8
3 weeks ago
I'm looking forward to the R18 View More
Slave Hunter · C8
3 weeks ago
I couldn't do the R18 scenes like you did before, I was really disappointed. View More
Lin Ming in TDG · C12
3 weeks ago
R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18!R18! View More
Anime Mashup · C56
3 weeks ago
no scene... :´( View More
Lin Ming in TDG · C10
3 weeks ago
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