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Those alerts are from his phone app not from the system. View More

Shadizar: Good to see a protagonist that considers the possible consequences of things and plans ahead of time to deal with them. Also interesting that the viewers also heard the alert for his run.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C49
1 month ago
Maybe he skipped a few steps but that's not a university level question. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C4
5 months ago
Of course, most writers do that. It's unrealistic to expect a writer to say that another country is so much better than his own, however it's rarely as obvious as it is in these Chinese novels. View More

darkoneko: as much as I agree, I'm always tempted to answer
"so, it's like US movies then. USA N°1, USA IS THE BEST"

I Found A Planet · C89
5 months ago
He didn't kill all of them. he only killed those he couldn't move around. He needs to save time so he can get back to his room. View More

Almano: dude didn’t he say there were 37 scorpions why did he only get 1100 points that’s just equal to 22 scorpions!!!

The City of Terror · C110
6 months ago
60000 yuan would be about 9000 USD so I'm guessing they keep changing the currency. It's the same for the yearly rent. He has to pay about 750.000 USD a year which was changed to 5.000.000 RMB in this chapter. It is quite confusing, especially since they use $ for both. View More

Nilupak: is it just me or auntie's salary do really keep changing from chapter to chapter?

I Found A Planet · C41
7 months ago
At the rate he's going, by the time he gets those lottery numbers he won't care about such a small sum of money. View More
12 Hours After · C33
7 months ago
He could move to Las Vegas. It doesn't even have to be permanent, he could just take a long vacation of a few months. There's no betting limit there. View More

jackjackattack: What would be really smart is to go to America because they are talking in English (this is a joke)
He has enough money to go there and average jobs there are like 40k and you won’t have a nagging boss making you go overtime, because they then have to pay you more for working odd hours.

12 Hours After · C15
7 months ago

TwilightReverie: We're finally getting a new Stargate series!

"Stargate: No. One or No. Two"

I Found A Planet · C1
8 months ago
Being written by the Plagiarist is not a minus in my book. That guy doesn't steal novels he just improves them. View More

FilledWithHope: With an author on hiatus and a novel that seems written by The Plagiarist I can't help but feel dissapointed. Thanks for the eighty chapters.

Divine Beast Adventures
8 months ago
It becomes a harem later on so I wouldn't recommend it. I suppose it's not a bad novel if you don't mind that. View More

LilyRose30: Lol. Btw, how's this story so far? Do you recommend me to read more?

My MCV and Doomsday · C41
10 months ago
Elite means it is between level 11 and 20, it has nothing to do with grade. View More

MasterWu: [Monster Name]: Gray Sand Bobcat

[Monster Level]: Level 13

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

It was an elite-tier Gray Sand Bobcat.

Monster Pet Evolution · C80
10 months ago
The mother was the only one who lived. The girl survived because Allie paid for her survival. View More

G3clipse: I see, so they were all souls that wandered into boss Luo's Cabin. Their bodies had an accident and only the little girl is alive. I am mindfuked to the very end

Trafford's Trading Club · C320
10 months ago

RaiJin1: Cocooned cow attained the perfect great Dao of fillers. Meanwhile, IET has perfected his great Dao of Cliffhangers.

On a side note, %$$$%$#$ why not just skip today and release 2 tomorrow if you gonna do this.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C632
10 months ago
Her company has already made and released a game!!? How much time has passed? View More
Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife · C74
11 months ago
True, but it did say that one can receive a compensation of 10 credits if he or she suffers a mishap in the wild so it probably doesn't even have to be fatal. I'm guessing his parents received 10 each and he inherited that since they died. View More

ddddddd23: Makes more sense, don't think it was mentioned in the text

Monster Pet Evolution · C15
11 months ago
He didn't get 10, he got 10 per parent. View More

ddddddd23: The math is so wrong... he gets 10 from gov. and wasted almost 20 given to him by the gov... expect to see more later

Monster Pet Evolution · C15
11 months ago

cyberhank: I’m purty confused and sick of the constant addition of ranks to the astral reaching realm. We all know the low mid and high rank divisions, and then they added top, then peak, then extreme, now absolute poopmasters, ummmm wtf i dont know if the author even knows the meaning of these descriptors, top means top, nothing tops the top, peak also means top, extreme shouldnt even be anywhere in there, and finally absolute poopmaster also means top&extreme, why author? WHYYYYY????

Dominating Sword Immortal · C361
1 year ago
Lin Feng already said that the avatar of Ares is much weaker now than it was before the immortal soul stage. View More

Ludieu: Lol, completely forgot Lin Feng has that. I wonder if it's power level scale with Lin Feng since it was so OP back when Lin Feng was still just a pleb.

History's Number 1 Founder · C956
1 year ago
Not many people use a spear but thankfully the mighty umbrella is quite popular. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C557
1 year ago

SpicyChickenNo1: No Harem please
No Harem please
More Bromance
More Bromance
Mystery and Misunderstanding +1
Mystery and Misunderstanding +1
OP but lowkey chara please
OP but lowkey chara please
Please no more harem
No more harem
No no no no no

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan
1 year ago
Dai li isn't disregarding the athletes, he is saying that helping such an athlete regenerate a limb would be a bad decision for himself. View More

zerodissolver: im super disappointed with author. there is something called "paralympic" which is a major international sport competition involving disabled/difabel athletes.

based on the dialogue in this chapter, both dai li and system are disregarding those kind of athletes

Almighty Coach · C338
1 year ago
He left a spellbody with them. View More

Senior_Nepuko: wtf since when was Lin Feng here??

History's Number 1 Founder · C923
1 year ago
Americans don't eat innards and they drink hot juice. The author did some serious research. View More
Treasure Hunt Tycoon · C686
1 year ago

ThePR7: Who else hates zhu hongwu the most in this novel?

History's Number 1 Founder · C877
1 year ago
I'm actually pretty happy that wasn't the case. View More

lennymon: I thought he wanted to become a freakin dual wielder man...I was excited for nothing.

The world turned into a game after I woke up · C12
1 year ago

Kiroza: This has to be the first time i seen the line "I am your father" used literally instead of an insult in a chinese novel. Best scene ever

A Valiant Life · C300
1 year ago


Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C404
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Unrivaled Medicine God · C42
1 year ago

Daoist_Black: How can you get every survivor and the army to want to kill you after the end of the world?
Step 1: Drag a fuel truck around.
Step 2: Strap bags of food around you car.

My MCV and Doomsday · C45
1 year ago

Daoist_Black: I wonder if he'll manage to go through his gains from this battle in the next 10 chapters.

Shadow Hack · C50
1 year ago
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