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vjbookworm83: Absolutely correct...big dipper was so so annoying in this scene and seemed an illogical stupid fellow...today i was really irritated by his sh*t talks

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1565
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
The King's Avatar · C1
3 weeks ago

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Jingshen must be wondering how good he was in bed last night that she changed so much after that. Hahaha 😅😂😂😅

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C4
1 month ago
🥰🥰🥰🥰 View More

owez: 🥰🥰🥰

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
1 month ago
🥰🥰🥰🥰 View More

owez: 🥰🥰🥰

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
1 month ago

DaoDxD: What is confusing? I didn't find any issues while reading, maybe the translator has fixed whatever it is?

Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C3
1 month ago

tegan84: Lord Asura might even give the whole revenue to wanwan once he meet her...

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1382
3 months ago
Web novel already give questioners to some of web novel users... hope our voices heard View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1372
3 months ago
I think practically useless.. but if u hv money to spare go ahead..
For me who only can spend 250 ss n no more it was useless n how disappointed i was when privileged is over i hv to waiting until free chapter chatch up... means 2 days without get any locked ch View More

cheng2x: I'm still thinking either used the privilege or not..

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1351
3 months ago

NikFhm: Ive just started this novel yesterday and ive binged the whole thing until the latest chapter. I just want to say that ive read and am reading many novel and this is one of my top favourites. I love it better than many of the well rated novels like ISSTH, ATG, CD, AGM and although the genres are different compared to this, the feeling of engrossment i get from this novel is by far superior. Im taking my time to say all this is because while i read through this novel i noticed that you mr author have been seemingly depressed about this novel and seem bent on ending it prematurely compared to your original expectations and all i want to say is that i hope that instead of focusing on the bad things people say about this, why not take notice in the good things that people say? One cant please the whole world and i think that even bringing joy to a single person is already a cause for elation, let alone the many who enjoys this novel as much as i do. I really hope you dont let all the negativity bring you down because i for one love this novel alot and im sure many can agree with me that we hope to see and enjoy the most out of this experience. Thank you so much for your hardwork mr author

Adopted Soldier · C266
3 months ago
Instead of psycho i think more psychological sickness? Well maybe she got baby blue... some woman got it after and before deliver the child...

Sometimes cz of the lack of love and care she get from her environment (husband and family not supported her)
and sometimes because of the care she had to her own child...
there were (real life.. i hd read it) case when the parent killed their child and murder herself cz afraid their children will suffer... she poisoned their children then killed herself (she left letter and descript why she did it)..

When woman give birth some of them might have different personalities before and after... that's why some cases there will be mother who paralyzed after child birth,

But since this is a novel.. she might portray as evil to core so we will hate her and no leeway about her reason why did it... View More

Cantiara: Wow, his ex wife is indeed a psycho. If this incident is brought to attention to the court, there's no way she'll gain custody of her child.

The Typhoon's Wife · C5
3 months ago
Meoooooww meeeeee*** wuuu meooww View More
Adopted Soldier · C195
3 months ago

lynerparel: I wanted to write five hundred chapters, I asked if I could do three hundred chapters instead but I was told to continue it so back to five hundred.

Adopted Soldier · C184
3 months ago
Nope.. it is a give to translator... like giving a tips View More

weavesnwigsb: Does gifting 🎈 make you get pass the upgrade? I'm just asking 😂

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1339
3 months ago

Bald_Chanyeol_: Another story that has come to an end. Its been a roller coaster but we made it through.
A bit disappointed as it was rushed in the last quarter of the book. Really took away 'that feeling', if you get what I mean.
If you want more, just move on over to 'my youth began with him'. 4000+ chapters, so it's going to be a while.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C2165
4 months ago
Great translator~~~~ love youu View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1311
4 months ago
Wwooooo*** so manyyyy *0* View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1277
4 months ago

BloodySlayerX: Kinda annoyed by Nameless Nie's actions... Even in a book taking money from others and spending it for yourself is not right... MONEY IS HARD TO EARN YOU KNOW. Poor Stutterer...

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1233
4 months ago
After all roller coasters, i feel disappointed by our QY and QC ending.. and made my mood damp and not exciting by the side story... i can't even read it.

What i know is, it looked like our main protagonists are egoistic.

Sorry but Yinan already spend many things for SongSong, From consoling and almost his life..

But never i heard her giving something in return... just heartache thinking about her self..

Pitying him when knowinh TN cheat him and do nothing..
Many was mad at QY because of QY ignored SQ loved.. but if u have a gf and u liked at that time, i thought that's the correct one action..

Our protagonists always muddle in their own world like the world do them injustice...

Never SZ do anything to her Secretary (QC)... he just kind to SQ... even QC quit as his secretary he didn't give anything in return...

She had already working for u for d*mn 10 years!!!
And she only have several hundreds in her saving?!!! And you yes the d*mn boss could lavishly give your ohhh ur world that branded...
See how su zinnan not a good boss???

QC gave her happiness for Su Zhinnan.. and what? It's like brush of without SZ knowing anything... looked? SZ could know anything about SQ but not people who sacrificed for them...

SQ just called QY about QC only that?? What? there's no ending?

Looked at the ending about how QY and QC out of picture... like SQ and SZ forget about two the most people who sacrificed for them but they did no lift a finger for them...

Fine! The d*mn call!

The halo is too bright that i am disappoint for this story.. they (main protagonists) only focused only for their life... and others is insignificant..

No talking between SZ and QY liks a good buddy... ah i remember SZ only be friend with rich people with the same golden halo (LZ),

Want to look like parallel universe, but it too forced that the better possibility laying had been ignored

Sometimes author too afraid to make side characters memorable... they r afraid to outstand the main protagonists... but they do wrong..
I hv read a novel and in epilogue i read a story about side character... and now i always remember the story og side character and strucked it in my heart.. View More
Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love · C1084
4 months ago
Hero comes to save the beauty!!!

I hope? View More
Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle · C21
4 months ago
#B*tchy 2?
#b*tchy 1 (Ye Yib*tch) almost ended 🤔🤔🤔 View More

KAN1KA: Who could else they found when wanwan herself is Tangtang's real mother?🤔🤔

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1210
5 months ago
Daddy knows to handle both mommy and his child 😂😂
See? Si Yehan EQ is high than Wanwan expect View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1199
5 months ago
Reading Status: C0
The manhwa is sooooo gooooood! Bet the novel won't disappoint us!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

Really want to know how the novel potray it ❤❤❤

So many good korean novels.. and more adventurous , maybe i get a lil bored by Chinese novel😌 View More
The Emperor’s Daughter
5 months ago
I give this chapter 5 stars!!!! 👏👏 View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C166
5 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Is this another generic story?

I hope we would get inter dimension transmigration story... It's popular outside but we have so little... hmmm only one translated story for that theme?.. and not that good.

Just hoping this story is a little bit out of the box 🤔 View More
Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian
5 months ago
Masss massssss masssssssss u know what 😆 View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1182
5 months ago
Hi5! View More

Yingie_Li: Hahahahahaha I was hoping for someone to declare this ahahahhahahahha hi5

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C133
5 months ago
Reading Status: C1167
After much struggling with the release chapters and on...
Finally one of my favorite novel get the best treatment.. lol

The story is exciting, feeling me with wonder and the urge to shout for more release~~~~♡

Not the generic novel.. and not following usually Chinese novel..
So many mistery and lovely noments...
Read it you won't regret..

Regret why it don't happen in ur real life lol 😆 View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
5 months ago
When i look at the synopsis, it made me remembering some manga i read.. View More

Agrotera: what do yo mean with a 'novel' version? is there a mangaor somthing else? under the same name?
Really really curious!! xD

Empress of Another World
5 months ago
Dheg is indonesian expression.. in english it sshould be bathump . suddenly heart thumping View More

blowfish1407: what is 'DHEG' supposed to mean?? don't make me angry author-sama :<

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C101
5 months ago
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