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My god! SL is being extremely annoying every time he shows up! No is no my friend! View More
You Are My Unforgettable Love · C425
6 days ago
"... Had she known that things would turn out this way, Feng Wu would never have cooked in the first place." Hmmm... you don't say? If I get to kill somebody it would the frustrating main character, but thats just me View More
Godly Empress Doctor · C92
1 week ago
I will be honest... All this procrastination is driving me insane! Just make the damn pill already! What? The useless mother is hungry? So the mother's stomach comes first? The duck?! FW has stated multiple times that the juice has a quick expiration and the prince whom she stole it from is close but she still has time to mess around? I am this close 👌to losing my calm! View More
Godly Empress Doctor · C79
2 weeks ago
Ah... I love this characters! So eager to get face slapped! What a entertainer! So nice to help the Main Character show off their awesomeness! View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C43
3 months ago
Sadly too many have this horrible kind of plot. For real. Off the top of my head in this site there is Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet, Bringing the Nation's Husband Home and A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return. And those have a modern setting, there are way too many set in ancient china to count. View More

INK1412: What sort of novel did you read? 😮

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C41
3 months ago
I really like this novel but I got to be honest... I don't like Si Yiyan at all. Like, since his first appearance till now I feel like he is the typical scum male lead that would r@pe the female lead because of a misunderstanding and after insulting her and mistreating her for 50+ chapters finds out the truth, apologises and suddenly we all pretend to forget that he is the same man capable of r@ping a woman. Sorry but thats the vibe he gives off. I am not charmed at all. If he is the real male lead and not a secondary one, dear translator could you tell us? View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C41
3 months ago

Shiksha_Jerath: Thank you for the compliment.
First Ning Fu has to realise his feelings, then agonise over it a bit then realise that the other person is a female.... Also some fluff and jealousy in between

Slowly, in about 5-8 chapters we'll get there

Hopefully, you won't mind the wait 😉

Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters · C70
3 months ago
I am really liking the story narratives far! Good work! Crossing my fingers for Ning Fu, may he quickly find that it is Her Majesty! View More
Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters · C70
3 months ago

aroma_3: Nameless Nie: Am I a joke to you?!

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1114
5 months ago

Baynaa: "...finally willing to give me a title..." sounds like mistress finally becoming a wife.

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1113
5 months ago

TangTangsKidnaping: OwO New drama
Days in Emperor Ye Wanwan's Harem
Emperor: Ye wanwan

Empress:Si ye Han

Jealous concubine:Gong xu
Elegant cold concubine: Luo Chen
General/ aid who cares about emperor but hides it: Han Xian Yu
New beauty: Yanran

Crown prince: Nie Tangxiao

Idiot Duke:Ye Mu Fan

Stay tuned for more drama !

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1113
5 months ago
Oh Gods... I want, NAY, I need an epilogue in which in another universe Fu Jiu was really born a boy, whose father set him and his mother aside for a mistress and a bastard, who choose to play the fool and pretended to be gay as a cover while he covertly tries to take his inheritance, full of face-slaps and a Almighty who fell for him and does his best to seduce him. Best Yaoi/Slash/BL Story Nominee. Am I the only one? View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C542
5 months ago

Khem: That creep started a relationship with her when she was THIRTEEN ⁉️ No wonder she has so many hang ups and issues

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C163
6 months ago

wonderfulland: My gosh she's only thirteen, that's show how creepy pei pedo is...

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C163
6 months ago


National School Prince Is A Girl · C437
7 months ago


National School Prince Is A Girl · C437
7 months ago
Whenever she meets a good catch she either met them as a men first or soon after and soon becomes a bro, so she will never think of them romantically! Maybe Han Chu or Anthony have a chance since they both don't like AdonisMaleGod Ye Shuang View More
Release that Man · C186
7 months ago

fin17: Wmx : i'm going to intern at fu jin's company and snatch his parent's attention

Arrives at the company.

Tadaaa... jiang yue is there 😂😂😂

The CEO's Woman · C97
7 months ago

Princess_lilly: Oh, so this is the one who poisoned Fu Jin

The CEO's Woman · C97
7 months ago

Pakat01: Fu Jiu is so cool 😍😍😍 if I can't get a man like him then I wouldn't mind getting a son like him in the future 😋 oh wait... FU JIU IS A GIRL 😨 WHY DID I EVEN FORGET ABOUT THAT!?

National School Prince Is A Girl · C392
7 months ago

reinesse: Goodness gracious, that girl was lucky. If Brother Mo don't exist... Fu Jiu would have literally made me bent. With the tyrannical Brother Mo, how dare I like Fu Jiu 😭😭

National School Prince Is A Girl · C392
7 months ago
A sexy demon... View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C376
8 months ago

Tinaypay: Don't mess with Ye Shuang or she'll seduce your entire family.

Release that Man · C158
8 months ago
Soo... this is what I got Li Qiang is craycray for WR (Jiang Yue's mom) but he was doing the snusnu with LS who was having an affair with WR husband. And they have a daughter together, Jiang Mian. LS asks him to kill WR and he accepts but in fact he stages her death, kidnaps WR and leaves the injured JY in the car. Then extorts LS for money. LS contacts him again to kill JY and he accepts. They fail obviously. Apparently WR wasn't all that faithful because LQ implies that there is another incognito character that can't find that JY is their daughter. Or maybe the daughter he is talking about is LS's not WR's? But in any case he must really hate Jiang Yue, since he helped destroy her at least in the future she is from. But what is the importance of Fu Jiu to him? View More
The CEO's Woman · C48
8 months ago

Wiikii: They see me ROLLINNNN they HATING 😂😭 kikikiki

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C56
8 months ago

elm_in_eden: Dad's harem was actually Mom's all along.

The Empress' Livestream · C58
8 months ago

dream_catcher07: Bad.. This Tan Ying is selfish, overbearing bas..tard..
I really hate this kind of managers who thinks their people as statistic than a person.. he should be shot..
or buried alive..
Maybe I should call a poison expert to kill him..

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C42
8 months ago

Tsukirabbit: Gotta love Yao Zhixing's lackeys 😅😂

Release that Man · C141
8 months ago

Shujun: Name:Ye Shuang
Official job: Headhunter
Unofficial job: Con artist😂😂

Even the most basic information of gender is false😅😅

Release that Man · C134
9 months ago

zhengkunist: Almighty Qin not giving a damn to anything and anyone other than His Highness Fu Jiu is the best dog food ever.

National School Prince Is A Girl · C288
9 months ago
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