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  • World Conquering System

    World Conquering System

    others System

    Some may know him as the sect leader of the DC sect, others might know him as the notorious leader of the Asura city in the apocalypse, but he won’t accept any other title accept Asura Monarch why????? You may ask........... Join our MC as he sets out to achieve his dreams, and desires!!!!!!!! I’m an new writer so grammar will be a problem so don’t expect perfection, constructive criticism is VERY welcome I will take them into consideration as it may or not help me to better my writing, I’m doing this for fun so I don’t have an schedule as of yet, I’ll see how the novel does first if people enjoy it then I’ll continue no matter how small the fan base, as of now maybe 2 or 3 chapters a week ! Cover Art property of darkdamnedsoul.weebly.com/Google.com

  • Ultimate Saiyan God

    Ultimate Saiyan God



    The world's top underworld martial artists Shawn Nixon dies in his pursuit of strength, after traveling the world and studying all the secret martial arts manuals by any means including, robbing, plundering, and killing he proceeds to create his own martial art manual with an unbelievable development. He developed a ki manual even though the various secret arts of Earth proclaimed to be able to develop ki or build ki by means of strengthening the body, none of it actually worked!! Excited he trained for years, closed himself off from the rest of the world abandoning it. Years passed........achieving what he assumed was the limit he challenged himself to do what he believed was his only chance at a breakthrough to surpass the limitations of the feeble human body! Cover Art property of metal posters/Google.com I DO NOT OWN this cover art


CutestReader: Eating a devil fruit and wanting fishman bloodline is like being rich and not being able to use any of that money.

One Piece fan stuck in MHA · C1
19 hours ago

LORD_ASRIEL: Agreed,Pretty ****ty fight scene, the author must be a newb.

The Eternal Supreme · C22
22 hours ago
right here 😏 View More

sherilyn26: Is this novel completed?if it is, where can i read it?

The Legend of the Dragon King
1 day ago
dd4 View More

Joilson: Douluo Dalu / Douluo Dalu 2 / Douluo Dalu 3

The Legend of the Dragon King
1 day ago
beta View More

NPKKPN: What is the need to humilate the girl?

The Eternal Supreme · C13
1 day ago

LORD_ASRIEL: Really enjoying this.

The Eternal Supreme · C13
1 day ago

Bluetiger: It turns out to be R-18! Hurray!

The Eternal Supreme · C13
1 day ago
welp that's the end of the road

#rip juice wrld View More
Eternal Sacred King · C30
2 days ago
what makes you think he can do that? View More

Hnn17: For a change maybe mc can refine himself a flying sabre not sword next.

Eternal Sacred King · C20
2 days ago
glad i dropped early on it was to boring & the cultivation system was based on vital energy not the immortal qi system which made it even more boring because of how slow it is! View More

LordTurtle: I think it's called the great sage or something. It was dropped unfortunately but I liked it.

Eternal Sacred King · C4
2 days ago
🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 a novel for beta males View More
Chains of Heaven · C5
2 days ago

tekite: An MC who will never kill and will act retarded like Batman? Even serial rapists and killers and pedophiles will be spared probably, cause thats what these retard heroes do. They believe in their self centred justice not even thinking about the victims who actually have the full right to bestow justice upon the criminals who did them harm. I hate MCs like them the most. Even if you kill their mother, rape their wives and eat their children, they will come up the stupidest **** to forgive the criminal and believe in a system made by men who can never be subjective

The Multiverse Conqueror · C1
3 days ago
hopefully author goes that way instead of the usual bulma troupe View More

Hk4747: I always thought the perfect match for Raditz was launch. Bulma was just too perfect for Vegeta because really what other woman could stand up to the saiyan Prince plus just picture the child one sneeze and what would it become.

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
3 days ago

Hk4747: I always thought the perfect match for Raditz was launch. Bulma was just too perfect for Vegeta because really what other woman could stand up to the saiyan Prince plus just picture the child one sneeze and what would it become.

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
3 days ago
daughter? im interested in a saiyan kryptonian offspring View More
Son Goku in Marvel World · C9
3 days ago
you forgot about kacchin which is stronger than all of the above View More

Pedro_Padre: A staff made of Uru, Adamantium, Vibranium. That's OP.
Adamantium is very durable (MacLain released his sole supply of Adamantium to the US government who had the Avengers, notably Thor and Iron Man unleash their full power against it, confirming it to be essentially indestructible.).
Uru has mystical properties, can be enchanted with all sorts of abilities to it making it very useful, it can channel magic as well as focus magic, it also can sense magic (Thor's hammer can sense magic), and while not to the ridiculous level of nth metal, it's still resistant to magic.
Vibranium. Don't really need to go on a long rant about this one.Absorbs vibratory or kinetic energy in surroundings within itself and when focused on the molecular level, it can even sap the energy that binds particles together causing matter to disintegrate (Anti metal/Antarctic Vibranium is similar, releases vibrations that weaken bonds of metals causing them to liquefy). If tempered properly through a mix of magic and science, Vibranium can amplify mystical energies (the material becomes highly unstable when used this way, because it taps into an energy flow on the quantum level that is virtually infinite. If someone was able to master the secret of using magically charged vibranium, they would become immensely powerful. Doom did this and nearly crippled T'Challa).
Bring it all together perfectly and BOOM, it's perfect.

Son Goku in Marvel World · C5
3 days ago
does bardocks wish of knowledge included goku's future & how to train ki properly up until whis & ultra instinct?

i would hope so because marvel kunlun ki can't compare to db ki much less dbs View More

AliefLucas: He will be smart but a little happy go lucky....

Son Goku in Marvel World · C1
3 days ago
god i hope not just lohp 🤢 such a shitty world the cultivation system is terrible world building all the same! View More

DeadlySins: Atg and lohp?

Chains of Heaven · C2
3 days ago

ParaGod: The original novel is called The Side Effect by megamatt09 in fanfiction.net

Spectacular spider Man (The side effects)
3 days ago
ima grown man i don't read censored content

dropped 🥱 View More
Spectacular spider Man (The side effects) · C8
4 days ago
where's the original? this copy cut the sex scenes for whatever reason. i rather not read an censored version if i have the choice. View More

ParaGod: Please stop copying works from other authors, even if it's only fan fiction. Unless if you got permission from the author to adopt this novel you can do whatever you want, but I already know this work is completed by megamatt09.

Spectacular spider Man (The side effects)
4 days ago
he should have asked for directions to the nearest city View More
A Jedi in Fairy Tail · C1
4 days ago
excuses, this was a terrible fucking chapter!

if you be honest & call the author out on it he can get better. View More

Aikaya: Zod was trained, he had more muscle mass before being enhanced by the sun

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C9
5 days ago

crywolfseven: With the average speed he moves at his thinking and reflexes would also be greatly enhanced. To the point that even freezing up he would still react very quickly. Yet he just stood there thinking about what is going on? I mean he ran without much more than a bare thought about maintaining a relatively human speed to get there, through a guy through a brick wall and broke another’s arm. Then he took like two bullets to the chest and just apparently stopped all his forward motion and stood there while they shot him some more. I really enjoy the story but this would be the equivalent of you or I standing a foot away from someone moving in slow motion as they raise a weapon up and slowly aim it at us and just standing there or for anyone who is a fan of futurama the scene where Hermès Conrad is being charged by a giant prehistoric sloth and stands in place and screams for like 5 minutes as it slowly charges at him.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C9
5 days ago

Guad: Breaks a man’s arm then proceeds to monologue about the accuracy of the others while standing still like a dumbas.s ! Nice!

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C9
5 days ago
😂😂 the only time id ever be on superman's side! View More

Jasonenrick: Imagine a Clark Kent but more Intelligent in the Marvel Universe hahaa gg ;).
Come Thanos who do you want to **** with ;)

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C6
6 days ago
yeah like wtf View More

dontenglish: so did you just make midorya gay

Overpowered reincarnation in my hero academia! · C5
1 week ago

Supreme_Lin_Fan: Just let me know why you people are so dumb, just tell me author imagine yourself meeting a Random Overpowered Being, give you 3 wishes, first why?? Second if your going to use it of course you will take all the advantage from it, not stupidly going for "I know all so I can do all ", this your story but as your reader I need to say this, if your gonna give him a system don't make him it's slave and if you don't know what to do, fuse the most awesome systems ever like "the strongest system" "Ultimate scheming system" "Only I level up" and of course the most badass overpowered system ever "The gamer" ji-han an average man became one of the strongest entities in his world so why don't you make your mc do the same thing.

Overpowered reincarnation in my hero academia! · C1
1 week ago
harry potter is a children's story nothing but beta's here it would seem 🤔🥱

anyways GOO LSUUUUU View More

GGMissFortune: Prologue - backstory of MC life before rebirth tries to induce pity
But... Poor execution and over the top developments completely break suspension of belief

Reaper Of The Wizarding World
1 week ago
smh low class monkey quit spewing your gibberish at me !

no banana for you filthy puissant . . . sho sho 👋🏽 View More

ChampionOfEternity: You’re just mad he took Nami! You’re a fucking idiot, he has already made several new characters with different personalities, you’re just saying that because you didn’t want him to take Nami!

Fuck off kid!!

Your criticism is invalid and makes no sense, while you’re only saying what you’re saying because of what he decided.

Stop making up bull**** because he picked something you didn’t agree with!

Fuck out dude!

One Piece: The Power System · C28
1 week ago
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