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Do let me get this straight , MC and his father seem to know.
1. He was wasting time for 5 years., Doing so would literally trigger the death of his father,but we'll it went on.
2. MC very aware that he is in possession of a UBER cultivation treasure which imo seems to be able to unlock all gates in a matter of few days, but decid s to not bother for 5 years.

Death of logic View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C3
5 months ago
yup ,dropping this novel . Might prolly give one last chance on next 2 chapters.
When you end an empty chapter with a cliff , if then next one does not even move the needle a little , its ****. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C42
6 months ago
really retarded progression of story . If you want to make your clan the enemy do it straightforward why spend 4 chapters to show the obvious. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C41
6 months ago
Honestly just kill all and be done with it , these scum are already annoying as fk. View More
Transcending the Nine Heavens · C829
7 months ago

SAA1188: He is not halfway towards 4th layer... He has already crossed 4th layer and he is on level 4.5 ... So 0.5 more to go to reach level 5

White-Robed Chief · C492
7 months ago
Looks like all Sons of the emperor are intelligent and scheming, but grandsons are retarded to the extreme. View More
White-Robed Chief · C491
7 months ago
Man am hoping Zakriel and co. jump ship to Thales' side and live as his protectors. It would be sad to see such iconic characters die with regrets. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C462
7 months ago
we all knew Chu Li gonna be dressed in white and ride cranes and be OP .
And we all knew his "IN" was going to be the newborn chicks. Chu Li is afterall a Chick Magnet. XD View More
White-Robed Chief · C477
7 months ago
no chapter in last 6 days,novel says 13 chapters a week . View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C457
8 months ago
The evidence that the duke found suggesting Horace was behind it all could have been a set up so that the duke delays/does not send reinforcement and hence another clean assassination by deceit. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C457
8 months ago
early on it felt like an institution having grand masters was OP , but after Chu Li became GM , they are like weeds , random disciples of Sects who are GMs have come and gone , now even if Chu Li becomes Enlightened Master , they will take story to a place where the kingdom has 10 ~20 ~100 Enlightened Masters or atleast multiple foreign EMs coming to fight . View More
White-Robed Chief · C463
8 months ago
what novel have you been reading?, i feel like Bai Ze is going to get killed in the battle field by Yu Sheng . We all know Ye Futian is going to take first place and the strongest person atm seems to be Bai Ze and Yu Sheng vs Him is 100% confirmed. View More

Exy95: I reckon yusheng will challenge bai ze for futian and even if he doesn't win I hope it will be a neck and neck battle

The Legend of Futian · C573
9 months ago
This is all classic Mario all over again , " You beat a level only to realize bowzer ran away with the girl yet again " in this novel there are just a different Bowzer at every turn View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C424
9 months ago
its kinda BS when your side attacks when you are having a conversation. View More
The Invincible Dragon Emperor · C680
1 year ago
Man am really happy with how the new translators respond to criticism , the translations is actually good enough , there is room for it to be better since this author uses a lot of poetic verses and needs a translator who has an equal command over english literature . View More
Transcending the Nine Heavens · C722
1 year ago
Now please tell me why entire two arcs passes before Mo Wu figures that she should finally reveal 4th Elder's treachery? .I mean seriously did these faction people even investigate why the elder disappeared? and did Mo Wu even bother informing them? . This story line is getting ridiculous. View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C203
1 year ago
Time for MC to get faithful pet , who is also might become a part of the harem. GG AUTHOR GG. View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C201
1 year ago
atlast , those translators held this novel hostage long enough . View More
Transcending the Nine Heavens · C706
1 year ago
The one redeeming factor for this novel was that it usually did not have filler chapter , and that ends with this chapter. View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C177
1 year ago
All hail Senior Thieving Cat's Miao Kill SECT!! View More
King of Gods · C887
1 year ago
what about that girl who called him mo babe . View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C832
1 year ago
Cliff hangers , cliff hangers every wer View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C591
1 year ago
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