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Original Works

  • Treasures of Heaven and Earth

    Treasures of Heaven and Earth

    Eastern Fantasy World Building Dao Male and Female MC

    Why is it, that no mater how many world shattering heroes rise and fall, no matter how many times a realm is said to be depleted of resources, a hero rises again - burning all the resources they find as they go? Another inheritance is always found, another spirit herb, magical artefact... and no one asks why they never seem to run out... ...what keeps creating all these fortunate encounters? Why? And what happens if it stops? --- Note for Readers: The FL is introduced in chapter 16 and the story then alternates chapters between the ML and FL equally. If you prefer to only read one or the other lead, just read every other chapter of your preference.


All the things required on Chun's side are finished for the setup to the next market village. Unfortunately, lan'er has a lot of things that need to happen before the peddler comes back. Thankfully there is 14 days left before he comes back from her POv, although from Chun's POV there are only three. View More

Chaoticmike: I am glad you finally decided to do a small time skip.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C69
2 weeks ago
I've added an auxiliary chapter that explains my choice to use Chinese terms that are difficult to directly translate accurately from the Character perceptions View More

catvi: what is a neige and why do you use it?

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C14
3 weeks ago
I've added an auxiliary chapter that explains my chose to use Chinese time measurements that are difficult to directly translate from the Character perceptions. As for losing time track - there are regular mentions of how many days to specific points in time (the village market, for example) and sunrise/sunset. View More

catvi: It does nothing to the reader though. It makes things more complex to understand. As you can see there has already been 2 complaints and no compliments.
It feels more like fluff, like the novel is trying to 'assume' a grand pose, rather than expressing it via writing.
These things make us completely lose track of time in the novel, which is bad.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C15
3 weeks ago
I've added an auxiliary chapter that explains my chose to use Chinese time measurements that are difficult to directly translate from the Character perceptions View More

Chaoticmike: Why can't you use hours and minutes instead of Chinese words?

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C15
3 weeks ago
I have written an Auxiliary chapter explaining why the female MC has her own plot and story which is not secondary to the male's View More

catvi: is this another story?

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C16
3 weeks ago
Yes, Thanks for pointing that out. I missed a few in the earlier chapters. I think I have fixed all of the time references using the untranslatable terms View More

catvi: not to mention, you have already used hours, minutes and seconds. so using two different time systems in the same novel makes no sense. It's confusing as hell and just plain bad writing. Hope you don't mind, just saying my thoughts here

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C15
3 weeks ago
I have written an auxiliary chapter explaining the use of Chinese pinyin words in the novel. View More

catvi: and what is neige?

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C13
3 weeks ago
I know. At some point when my writing skills have improved, I will go back and probably rewrite a lot of the earlier stuff. Thanks for reminding me. View More

catvi: Your English is very confusing. And it is my first language. The words just don't flow as smooth as it should.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C10
3 weeks ago
Except he's a young boy - with his only source of the way things should be in cultivation in fairy tales. And the Hero always beats the hoards of stepping stones, right? Other readers are saying my characters are too grown up for their age, but you seem to be suggesting he's too childish? In the end I have to write the character to what feels right for me. I apologise if this is annoying. View More

catvi: You try to hard to be funny. Like the arrogant consumer face slapping part. He is trying to stay hidden, not attract attention.
With that kind of mentality, if he knows about face slapping arrogant cultivators, he should know what happens after right? endless hordes of big brothers, fathers, and grandfathers.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C13
3 weeks ago
It is explained in Chapter 54. Please let me know if it is unclear? View More

Dechet: Can yo explain what is an enforcer sect please?

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C50
3 weeks ago
Mien takes in a persons whole body language not just the facial expression. A dignified mien - someone doing a solemn and important duty will behave like this - or if they are very powerful interacting with others.

I have added Auxiliary chapters explaining the use of Chinese words - including neige and the time units View More

Dechet: what does mien (face or countenance) and nèige (injurie/insult) mean and if you could give what the unit of time mean it would be great (I'm a bit too lazy to search and it would be a good addition to the cultivation expiration).

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C43
3 weeks ago
You mean how young everyone is? It's due to the marriageable age for girls in Ancient China being 15. I needed the Female MC to avoid getting married off so it had to start when the Characters and her confidants are young.

Otherwise, could you explain what you mean by 'Peter Pan?' View More

Dechet: great thanks. for the girls beings consistant and real for once, even if it give a bit a felling of Peter Pan.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C30
3 weeks ago
Thanks friend for the review. I appreciate the enthusiasm and apologize that I have had to slow my release rate; However, I would be greatly appreciative if readers restrict themselves to a single review each - I do not want people to feel the book is being artificially inflated. View More

Ssnake: This story is really good. Top tier. I have binge read all of it and I can't wait for more releases. You should honestly try this amazing srory

Treasures of Heaven and Earth
4 weeks ago
oddly enough it's work that's eating more of my time than anything else at the moment. thank you for your support. View More

Chaoticmike: Dude, take your time. Your health and well-being should be priority. Then writing and good ol quality chapters.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C67
1 month ago
thanks for spotting that. I must have forgot to remove it after my last set of edits. View More

Dechet: there isa fault in world level you say twice their age limit and it's once 1000 and after 10000years.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C0
1 month ago
Thanks. I did try. Yes, I plan to have world burning fights - there have been things like that happening on Chun's side - but really, unless I want to have to deal with stupid levels of DBZ power creep most fights need to be more structured. I also have to keep in mind the power scales I've published in the Auxiliary chapter - given their ages the MC's are already punching above their weight class. View More

youareignorant: I like the fight scene. Has that realism aspect to it.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C52
1 month ago
Thank you View More

youareignorant: I'm liking the novel is. It definitely is a slow burner. But a lot of great novels are. It's a great to build a foundation for the novel to expand upon.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C48
1 month ago
Not incompetence.

I'm actually highlighting something here that annoys me about most xiania novels. Class and Sects are like self contained little nations. Cultivators fight for 'points' and exchange them for resources with no real concept of the real world value. Who ever is bringing in outside resources is always skimming off the top and no one ever notices/cares.

Here what's happening is that the previous Clan head split the responsibilities between the three brothers in such a way as to keep power balanced. But the second brother is not happy with it. The Eldest is Clan leader by virtue of being the Eldest. The youngest brother - lan'er's father - is the most qualified in terms of strength and experiences outside the Clan to lead - but like his daughter he hates politics and he trusts his family more than he should. He also hasn't left the Clan since before his wife died - so he doesn't really know about the discrepancy between what is being reported as earned and what things are being sold for - he's not paying anything different than usual internally, so he hasn't noticed.
Also, this was much less overt previously. Second Brother is getting impatient and sloppy - he was counting at third not looking at every detail or knowing any better - it has worked before.
But Lan'er got the job of looking at it with a fine tooth comb cause that's the crap job you always land on unpaid interns - for their own good - right?
And of course, since she has been shopping lately, the difference was obvious to her. View More

youareignorant: Her father is really incompetent. Sometimes I wonder how he got this far.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C38
1 month ago
So, here's the problem with making Lan'er a real person with her own reasons for being who she is. Ramming them together doesn't work. it's going to take a long time - they are literally multiple days away from each other and universes apart - at the moment, there is no reason they would ever meet. So... it won't happen quickly View More

youareignorant: How long until both characters meet each other? I understand you're trying to ease a new character in the storyline. But to be honest, I'm more invested in chun.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C22
1 month ago
Yes, I am sick of one dimensional characters that only exist as disposable partners. She's going to be just as much of an MC as he is and visa versa - thank you very much View More

youareignorant: You're doing a great job with introducing her.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C18
1 month ago
Thank you View More

youareignorant: Keep up the great work. I'm really liking your story. First time reading something like this.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C17
1 month ago
Well, with the environment established i don't need to spend so much effort on describing scenes until the character moves to new ones. basic every day stuff is easier to write View More

youareignorant: You're doing well. It's a lot easier to follow now compared to your earlier chapters.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C14
1 month ago
He's a young kid that just got a bunch of power ups? View More

youareignorant: That's what happens when you try to be captain-save-a-hoe. Hopefully, he learned his lesson. I have a question. Is our mc the type to save a complete stranger in distress even though it might cost him to lose his life? I hope not. I'm tired of retarded main characters like that.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C11
1 month ago
Thank you. Unfortunately, I suspect I will lose some due to this slow down, but RL is eating up most of the spare time I was using for writing. View More

youareignorant: If you're worried about readers. Don't fret. I'm pretty sure you have people still reading your novel. Keep up the good work!

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C9
1 month ago
His Dao is one of balance. Also, old guy. Most people get to a few thousand years - they start taking the long view of things. View More

youareignorant: Sounds like his mentor is some tree-hunger.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C4
1 month ago
Thanks. I appreciate all the feedback. I apologise for the delay in responding - this has been the first chance I have had to log in all week. View More

youareignorant: What a nice start! Me like!

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C1
1 month ago
Thanks for your kind thoughts. I apologise that my writing is difficult to read, I agree a third party more editing for publication would probably improve it, however - I would not know where to even start finding and editor.

As for shorter chapters, I am definitely doing the smallest chapters I can without breaking story flow. Only one or two things happen per chapter - if i cut them in half then you would have chapters that would not communicate anything meaningful. And I personally do not enjoy that approach View More

AnaamDaoist: You are writing long chapters. May be three or four short chapters a week. That would reduce pressure on you. And get an editor.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C64
1 month ago
Not planning to leave. However, despite my best efforts. I may not manage to keep schedule for a few days. I haven't started writing the chapter yet despite knowing what is to be in it. I only just finished 64 tonight. View More

Chaoticmike: Please don't leave on an epic cliffhanger.

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C63
1 month ago
Hmm. Perhaps from our perspective? :) View More

ZanDao37: Well, this came out of nowhere

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C63
1 month ago

Gato: :)

Treasures of Heaven and Earth · C4
1 month ago
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