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One Piece : Throne War · C18
2 months ago
why not became pirate hunter as cover and revolutionary as agent? makes other pirates destroy corrupted marine officer, manipulate world government vs revolutionary, don't forget kills the culprit pirate for money~ View More

Nirvanic_Sun: His grandfather was one of the chefs on Gol D Rogers ship, which means he knows about raftel the void century and the one piece, and jack might know about them. Thats enough reason for the world government to do its best to kill both of them

One Piece : Raijin · C27
2 months ago
another muscle head, real enel was expert thinker and master engineer~ View More
One Piece : Raijin · C7
2 months ago
with infinity stamina mc not influence by sea water View More
One Piece : Raijin · C1
2 months ago
mama tits milk scene View More
Entering the World of HSDxD · C2
2 months ago
money ≈ philosopher stone
free skill & EXP ≈ room get & go View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C14
2 months ago
little under age step sister,,, cute is okay but he said SEXY... OMG FBI call FBI, PEDOPHILE GO DIE View More
SAO: The New Kirito · C4
2 months ago
14 years old??? are you sure can do it, I mean physically??? View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C233
2 months ago
all of you forget that our MC dealing with DEVILssss View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C10
2 months ago
great majestic PLOT ARMOR!!!!! View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C8
2 months ago
another SHOW-OFF aka RIP-OFF cannon, uncreative style to abuse system kami-sama~ View More

Dark0_0King: *sigh, I can only say is pathetic. Just from reading this I know at least 25% of the story, its starting to get common. Mc gets reincarnated in dxd, train hard, interact with a devil, have relationship with the devil faction. I don't know if the mc is dense or arrogant just because he knows the plot in the story. He should remember he is going to interact with devils which is also manipulative, arrogant, giant poles one their a**. It would be best for me, to create your faction the throne of heroes which consists some descendants of heroes or you summon some heroes. Really, its like you are giving the devil advantage where they make a deal and you think about it then you agree and back to the plot. I am also guessing you met the trash (issei) you train him, you became weak because of attachment and only become strong because of the power of friendship/ or you just reveal your true strength when someone precious injured or die because if the mc ignorance.

Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C6
2 months ago
talking +5, comment +5, praise +5, offer give +5, helping +5
minimum action per day +20, only 5 day MC could break maiden hearth~ View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C7
2 months ago
only need himawari~ View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C6
2 months ago
gluttony with out hunger frenzy was a rip off
limitless with out physical penalty was a pervert case
cultivator with system assistance was a bit*h
chi with chakra was a dream View More

BlackOni: My God the gluttony plus limitless is soo OP I mean the man has no limit so like he can 1 SSS rank one day and the next he can kill 2 SSS rank monster then after like a year he will be almost unkillable but wait he still a mortal right so like after 90 or so year he die that sad....

Shinobi System · C13
2 months ago
another show off side character young master syndrome~ View More
Harry potter and the vast outer world · C6
2 months ago
touch of death, 1 touch ≈ 4th hokage perish, 1 touch ≈ shinigami dead, and somehow becomes prodigies of fuin View More
Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C73
2 months ago
messing timeline, 4th hokage inauguration, guy is a jonin??? View More
Cursed with Mystic Eyes in Naruto · C8
2 months ago
magic 10 point, magic regen ???, observe -1 point, plunder -5 point, how could u spam u skill??? View More
Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C2
3 months ago
Mind Rape + Imperious View More
Harry Potter and Deathfalls · C3
3 months ago
100% Gryffindor reckless & impulse
-100% Hufflepuff not care about his classmate, ginny has dark artifact but mc don't care!
-100% Ravenclaw have knowledge but not wisdom moreover not care about truth & future
100% Slytherin in ambition -1000% in cunning & calculative mind View More
Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C22
3 months ago
hello ginny > confundus > take TMR diary > obliviate
that's ginny > petrificay totalus / stuppefry > take TMR diary > obliviate

MC was hopeless~ View More
Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C20
3 months ago
just do it & OBLIVIATE~
all charm&curse was memorize of gesture, pronunciation & intents,,, occlumancy to organize your mind, legilimens to devour other knowledge, practice to speed up your respond... BE SMART

why all HP fanfic was full ambition but has zero capability~ if the fraud Lockhart can do it how about you???

moreover MC has future JK Row---- script, like typical 3rd character CHN young master, pursuit fame to no end... first of all clean all your tracking charm especially your wand... MONEY was not problem!!! goblin have all service only different prices~ View More

Crimsoneyes: MC X Hermione 🔥❤️ ....FUCK Ron Weasley

Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C16
3 months ago
potion was the most normal scientific explanation.
charm, arithmancy, ancient rune, herbology, magical creature, magical history was so-so, just remember this and that and everything will be alright.
transfiguration & divination was the rapist of all physic laws, only magic could explained it. View More
Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C15
3 months ago
I love option number death in chinese View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
3 months ago
My favorite, volume 4 and 7 View More

After_Wing: Finally the 4th Volume.
You said author that this is the arc that Arth gonna show his magnificence. It better be.
But anyway I'm one of those folks that like an OC not part of the Golden Trio. Mostly I hated Ron guts. I won't be surprised if he's already dead without Harry troublesome plot armor.
There are many fanfic depicts him that it was not a coincidence that he gotten along with Harry for a reason. Those fanfic summarize that Ron wanted to go adventuring with the Boy-who-lived. Making an attention and a name himself along with Harry.
Most of the time, he's a big pain in the a*s as more a snot nose brat like Draco. Becoming a bloated bratty brat when Harry in some fanfic not in Gryffindor but in some other houses.
You could really see the true color of that bastard. I believed its possible considering Rowling based personality of that boy.
Anyway please don't sponge the Prince of Shadows any longer with the idiots beside grabbing Hermione away from them later on.

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C173
3 months ago
confundus charm, loyality potion, unforgivable imperius~ View More
Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C19
3 months ago
because he is a gryffindoridh, muscle head & reckless behavior View More

Ankit1480: If you're so angry about the fact that Sirius is misunderstood by everyone then why the fuck did he simply not capture Peter Pettegrew and hand him over to Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers.
I hate such fucking blatant stupidity in a novel.

Reaper Of The Wizarding World · C17
3 months ago
clever adaptability character to be alive and survive View More

Aces_Mark: Well I typically hate the dark backstory MCs but i guess this aint that bad

Harry Potter and the darkness · C1
3 months ago
NANI.....???? View More

Slav_King: For those interested he says ,,omae wa mou shindeiru" in Japanese.

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C38
3 months ago
just one reason I love Hermione was... Emma Watson played her character marvelously,,, I have lucid dream Fu***d her continuously,,, anyways JK Rowling's describe LUNA LOVEGOOD character was brilliant~ View More

Adelasorra: Luna has always been my favorite female character. I'm really happy she got some time in this chapter. ❤

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C22
3 months ago
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