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Original Works

  • Douluo Dalu: Lightning God Ascension(dropped)

    Douluo Dalu: Lightning God Ascension(dropped)



    Rai, a young man about 19 years old was bored of waiting for the novels and fan-fiction that he read to update so he decided to take a walk outside since it's a sunny day. Right when he got outside, lightning struck him and he die. His last thought were 'Where the F*** did that lightning comes from.' I been thinking, I read a lot of fanfic so I should be good at writing them, that how it works right? Anyway, after reading for a while I decided to write one of my own while waiting for other to update their. This will my try at writing a fic so any comments on how to improve or if you spot any spelling error will be appreciated. I do not own Douluo dalu or any character form said novel. This is for entertainment only. I also don't own this picture. If anyone want to continue this fanfic, be my guest. I already upload what will happen but change it if you want. If one of you want to continue this fanfic, email me with the email I give before or put a comment on the last chapter so I can give you a shout out.

  • My Life in Dragon Ball(Complete)

    My Life in Dragon Ball(Complete)

    Anime & Comics


    Rai is now back on Earth. As an Omnipotent being, it get boring sometime especially now when his wives is out exploring Earth and having some 'girls time' without him. To get some entertainment, Rai decide to send some poor soul to anther world. That lucky person is Ken Lee, a Neet and an orphan. I don't own Dragon Ball or any series related to it. I made this for fun and entertainment only. I also don't own the picture. I found it on by a guy name Akaggi and modify it a bit.

  • Reborn in Tales of Demons and Gods

    Reborn in Tales of Demons and Gods



    Rai need something else to entertain him while Ken is not doing anything or is just training so he decides to send another person to a different world. This time, instead of having a person change what world they are going to with a wish, he sends a survey for those who want to start a new life in TDG. The first person to reply will be sent to TDG while the rest will think that the message is a scam. I don't own TDG and Library of Heaven's Path or anything related to them. I do own my OC though... or do I? DUN DUN DUNNNN. I also don't own the picture.

  • Naruto: The Game of Life

    Naruto: The Game of Life

    Anime & Comics


    What would you do if you have the chance to go to another world? Would you take it or would you choose to stay in the comfort of the world you call home? This is the story of Hiroki, the guy that chose to leave his world. I don't own Naruto or anything related to it. This novel is made for entertainment and entertainment only.

  • Lemon Stories

    Lemon Stories

    Anime & Comics Adult Lemons One-Shots Self-Insert

    A series of One-Shots featuring a bunch of SI-OC in various situations. These will be full of lemons, you have been warned.


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