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Translation Works


1481. The novel is already completed. Thanks for reading! View More

Red009: So is it 1481 chapters or 1484 chapters? Novel description still doesn't say "Completed."
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked hard to bring us this novel. And best wishes.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1481
1 day ago
Tab as in tablet, haha. So, you misunderstood some stuff. Half step is not explicitly said in 30th and 31st step, but 32nd is definitely boundless Dao, while 30ty and 31st is half step. In 1475, Gu Hong starts laughing when he's at the 31st sky, but he doesn't manage to get to the 32nd sky, because if he takes a wrong path while he is at the half-step of boundless Dao, he will not be able to reach the 32nd sky, which is why he helps Su Ming instead. The other two never managed to get to half step at all. View More

Senior_Nepuko: Alright, thanks! Also, what do you mean by "tab"? As in, a browser tab?? I'm not getting that part XD. In case you didn't know, you don't need to download Discord to use it btw.

But ugh, it failed at such an important moment, as we really need you irl time........but I'll manage here. So, Moguchan, we're not sure about 30/31st sky being halfway into Boundless Dao anymore?? They seem to already be Boundless Dao....

"The old man had stepped into the thirtieth Sky in the vortex!

Once he stepped into the thirtieth Sky, it meant that he had reached Boundless Dao Realm!"


"Once he was there, Su Ming lifted his head and stared at the twenty-ninth Sky. He could vaguely see… the thirtieth Sky right behind it!

The thirtieth Sky was inaccessible to all those who were not in Boundless Dao Realm!"

Please help :/

Pursuit of the Truth · C1434
1 week ago
I have, the remainders are just in privilege, I'm waiting for the answer to my question too View More

daritha: So, short question, did you already finish the translation and quidian is just withholding it?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1456
1 week ago
Yes, I'm absolutely certain it's a typo referring to Saint Defier, because it's stated right next to Dark Dawn, and no, my tab's completely gone now, I need to buy a new one. You can email me the stuff though: mogumoguchan438@gmail.com View More

Senior_Nepuko: Hm? Are you *certain* it is a typo Moguchan? It is extremely relevant in RI.
And, may I know what chapter 逆尘 appeared in? And how you TLed 逆圣 (was it Defying Holy/Sage or smthing?)?
Sorry for the bother, it's just that it's very relevant.

(You still can't come to Discord? :/)

Pursuit of the Truth · C1434
1 week ago
I've been receiving it, but I'm not sure whether it gets deducted or whether I receive it full though View More

yanuar: So we have to buy privilege to read the rest? Damn. Quick question, i’ve been giving gifts, do you recieve full or get deducted by qi?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1456
2 weeks ago
Nope. There is 逆尘,but it's a typo referring to 逆圣 View More

Senior_Nepuko: Oh, I almost forgot!
Did 逆尘界 -> (Defying earth realm in Ri) appear in PotT?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1434
2 weeks ago
Hi, I'm not sure whether anyone will see this. I'm aware that PoT is currently stuck at privilege, and no new chapters are being unlocked. I've already asked QI about whether they're going to unlock the final chapters anytime soon, because I can't access them either, which is a problem for me because I can't read the readers' comments as well View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1456
2 weeks ago
Could you tell it to me here? My tab is broken and I can't go on discord now. View More

Senior_Nepuko: Moguchan-sama! It's been a while T_T
I summon theee to the Discord Dimenshun!

Pursuit of the Truth · C1434
2 weeks ago
Cuz QI requires us to use US systems in everything, and we'd rather not get flagged, so we followed it. View More

criticalmind: Why doesn't this translator use metric? Even in the US, doctors usemetric right?Going from 220 to 222 pounds is not as understandable as from 100 to 101 kg.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C652
2 weeks ago
Sorry bout that, it's an oversight. The RAWS say Dao paragon, but as you said, Su Ming is already in Dao Spirit Realm, so it's a typo. Changed it to Dao God. View More

CloudSurfer: Didn't Su Ming step into Dao Spirit Realm already or its just a translation mistake at the end of the chapter? Also, I have a feeling he might see some of his senior brothers in the competition :)

Pursuit of the Truth · C1434
1 month ago

MindGame: Mogumogu: my questions to er gen, how he finalize each god,demon, devil and AWE dao? He decide from the beginning or change along the storyline? Where he get inspiration or idea on the dao? Buddha script or something?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1428
1 month ago

Julia_Pada: thx for the chapter!!!!! just small error in 2nd paragraph there is energy serum where should be skill serum

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C549
2 months ago
Ah... but i can't do a hotlink either through that spot. Anyway, it's nkt anything important, so don't worry. View More

FacadeKitsune: Unable the phone considers that whole window an image

Pursuit of the Truth · C1384
2 months ago
The one who took care of xu hui when she turned to a child. View More

ImperfectInfinity: Who is De Shun again? I forget.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1386
2 months ago
How about copy pasting it? View More

FacadeKitsune: Mogumoguchan ther is no way to follow that link here :p

Pursuit of the Truth · C1384
2 months ago
Happy decided to ignore it because it's too hard for him right now View More

Zeigard: Wait what happened to the bloody notice on the wall from the previous chapter?. I felt like there was suppose to be a different chapter from coming in from the city and then directly being there.

Sword Among Us · C171
2 months ago
Rectified, it's in tl notes now View More

Veldora: Wah why are the TL notes not in the separate bubble?!
Still, thanks for the effort and the chapters!

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C509
2 months ago

Zextalix: Damn...Cang Lang is still best girl FOR SU MING, but Xu Hui is still BEST GIRL

Pursuit of the Truth · C1354
3 months ago
I don't recall there bing any clear explanation in PoT, but someone mentioned to me that the feats in avacaniya is just at the beginning of Grand Empyrean in RI, so following that line of reasoning, Dao Divinity is third step, not fourth atep, because Dao Divinity feats are similar to Grand Empyrean View More

_lord_fifth: Why do you think that it is the third step and not fourth? I'm curious if there are more explanations in the future chapters 🤔

Pursuit of the Truth · C1345
3 months ago
We caught up to the author. He releases at an average of 2 chapters per week. View More

Neony: Please increase the release rate.. 2 a week is too little for slow-paced novel..

Kingdom's Bloodline · C517
3 months ago
Dao Divinity View More

MindGame: What is the 3rd step translator talk about?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1345
3 months ago
You misunderstand, dao divinity is third step. Boundless Dao is fourth step. You need to gain an epiphany about Boundless Dao to move into thrid step, and from there, proceed to fourth step. View More

AntraXz: Boundless Dao is just the third step??! I thought it was already the 4th!

Pursuit of the Truth · C1344
3 months ago
I ask myself the same question, but i think it's because an entire mob came over, and there's no way they cam handle a mob View More

Ply: Why would the hospital management tolerate these fans? What's the security personnel for?

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C487
3 months ago
I can't do that, the name of the chapter is automatically released as the chapter goes up OTL View More

ek123: hey, at least blur the names of a chapter scheduled to release 10 days later for us unprivileged readers. The names are big spoilers and I can see the name of ch 1350

Pursuit of the Truth · C1335
3 months ago

Zextalix: ??? Except...it was said numerous times that he knew she didn't have any ill will towards him.

She was never trying to kill, just coerce him into sex. Then she got caught up in Arid's plan.

His Dao isn't 'slaughter everything', it's 'do what I want while protecting my loved ones'. Did she affect any one of his friends or loved ones? No, just him. And she even got used in return by Arid, therefore receiving the karma for her plot against Su Ming.

So I don't see where the bull**** that you keep claiming in just about every chapter comes from....I sincerely think you are just misunderstanding Su Ming's whole character....

Pursuit of the Truth · C1334
3 months ago
Checked and changed it. Thanks for telling. View More

Adypoker: Wtf?
First it says that he joined the game late by 1 month, now it says he joined it late by 2 months?

Sword Among Us · C94
3 months ago
I mean, I'll change the mournful-death soul thing later View More

Senior_Nepuko: Alright, just wanted to know and to warn you~
Have a nice day!! :)

P.S : "change it"? Hmmm... suspicious owo.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1276
4 months ago
Yup, boundless dao is equivalent to transcendence. As of right now, Su Ming is still in avacaniya, and we still have a whole 3rd step to go before we get to boundless dao. View More

MindGame: Few chapter back it mentioned boundless dao which is equivalent to transcended. Thought it might be quasi.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1309
4 months ago
You're correct View More

daritha: Ok... Again, for everyone, as I've seen a lot of comments like that the last few chapters:

Spoilers for people that did not read ISSTH and RE

1) transcendence is technically a spoiler as that is not mentioned yet (and as dar as I know first mentioned in issth)
2) pott is written before ISSTH... So allheaven will not appear
3) su ming is far from transcendence
4) the butterflies are within the vast expanse cosmos, so no transcended enemies as of yet!

Mogumoguchan and the rest of the translator team.... Correct me if I am wrong

Pursuit of the Truth · C1309
4 months ago
I haven't finished tl-ing it yet, and will change it later. The mourning-death soul thing will have to wait a little, caught up with something else right now. View More

Senior_Nepuko: Hi! I just wanted to tell you that in ISSTH there's Mourning-Death souls. I heard you TLed them as Mournful-Death soul, and I'm not rlly telling you to change or anything, just in case you didn't know :).

P.S : did we recieve a reply? d-did you send it? owo
*excited noises*

Pursuit of the Truth · C1276
4 months ago
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