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Reading Status: C0
Pathetic.PatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPatheticPathetic View More
Evil Awe-Inspiring
11 months ago

RukitoRin: I want all chapters 😭😭
This novel was translated to 258 already😑
Why begin again Big bun little bun and Nx I miss you guys😭
Memories aside😐

Novel has short chapter (ty for 20ch week)
Story has slow movement🙂
Characters are lovable 😍
Plot is real at least it makes sense😁
Umm I can't really explain well 😐
I had diabetes reading this novel 😅
There's a lot of drama 😕
And a lot of scheming 🤔
The relationship of the main start at 250+😑
Yeah it's that slow 🙄
Expect a lot of things as this novel has its ups and downs 😁

I should stop here... 😕😕 my words are getting more and more weird 🙂.

Oh and welcome to Qidian daoist7 🙏

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
1 year ago
lol View More

Mr_Dee: my first impression of this novel : "d*mn what kind of book is this? martial art gamer? how can that be !!! this must be a joke ! "
after I read until latest chapter : " D*MN WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS ?!?! REALISE MORE CHAPTER !!! HURRY UP !!!! "

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1036
I like the story. Its fun, lighthearted and smart. There are only a couple things I dislike, one being that there are no actual rivals that have a chance with Ning Xi. Satan is built up to be pretty amazing but he doesn't have a chance as I think the author should have introduced him way too late.
One thing I like about the story is that there is real long lasting development of characters, for example at the start Lu tianxian doesn't know how to flirt at all but as the story progressives he gets way better at it.
Biggest criticism is actually that there is too little of LITTLE BUN! View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
1 year ago
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