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BLEACH! View More
Endless Adventure · C42
1 month ago

ShadowsFinger: I am posting here again if you still want to support this series, give it a vote on power rankings :)

Dual Sword God
2 months ago
prefer time skip after the 2 years of luffy and his crew trained View More
One Piece: Z Pirates (one piece fan fiction) · C87
5 months ago
fucking translator. upload the chapters. drop dead idiot. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1034
5 months ago
I want more . release more bro . come on don't be too stingy hehehe :) View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C29
6 months ago
now kneel and worship my statue! View More
One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C36
6 months ago
add Lydia's mom to the harem .hahhahaha View More
Original Hybrid - Teen Wolf Fan Fiction · C29
6 months ago
mass release for the war . so no cliffhanger! NO TO CLIFFHANGER !! View More
One Piece: Z Pirates (one piece fan fiction) · C50
6 months ago
ok so worm control. EPIC!!!!!!!!!! View More
The Great Worm Lich · C1
7 months ago

kiki: 😥

Supreme Uprising · C228
8 months ago
Supreme Uprising · C228
8 months ago
my type of coffee. :) well played author. View More
Odd, the Conquering Gob · C3
8 months ago
judge you ? you overestimate yourself . no need to judge. 100th chapter? so you would waste 100 chapters just to say that? really ? even some upstart author's dont do that. nobody does that . but you are the first to that do that. well congrats.

let me ask you. would you read a depressing novel + weak MC ? that keeps disappointing the readers? no right ? ! LOL

and im not hating your work. im just stating my opinions for the novel.

and bdw. we dont need a novel we can relate to. we need a novel we can enjoy reading, that can relieve our stress and have some fun reading . like wtf a depressing novel. who wants to read that in the long run ?

if u are indeed learning how to write then why haven't you corrected your mistakes? there so much in the review center that stated their negative opinions about it , but you choose to ignore them . you could have rewrite the novel when there was 30+ chapters in the beginning . you couldve done better. but you still choose to ignore them .

it show's that you dont care about improving your work.

im still wondering how the hell did QI premium'd this novel. View More

Anone: I get that it's the norm for novel MCs to be fast paced, arrogant, beat and face slap all the young masters around and go around gallivanting with a different woman every chapter, but that's not me or my story.
I took my time, because I wasn’t aiming for an unrealistic character who becomes so strong he can flip the world upside down at the drop of a hat.

I wanted to create a character that people could relate too, to remind them that at some point in their lives they had a weakness and they had to struggle and fight to be strong.

Yes the earlier chapters were choppy, inconsistent and cringe worthy. But that was when I first started writing, and I put my heart, soul and body into this. Five months of sleepless nights trying to write a story that was not just good, but could actually send a message.

I workedy butt of in the midst of grief and tragedy to make this what it is today. I'm not perfect, my story is not perfect, but I'll be damned if let someone call my hard work trash, because of an inability to understand how I write, or that I was and still am learning to be a good writer.

You've judged me, and you didn't even reach the 100th chapter. Hating my work is fine, but don't call what I've struggled for trash. Words might just be words, but they hurt.

Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening
8 months ago
rule no.1- stay away from cliffs. like wtf . hahahaha View More
Spirit Cultivation · C7
8 months ago
Reading Status: C68
it sucks. disappointed really . MC is such a weakling . 60+ chapters in ,still the MC is such a weakling . im surprised that this novel got premium by QI.

one of the novels that ive read with a snail type character development.

reading makes you feel down , boring , depressed. and honestly i dont to read a depressing novel. View More
Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening
8 months ago
ralus is a beast . hahahahah your boi ralus! View More
Project: Socialize · C19
8 months ago
exp :) View More

FuriousDragonFist: Ok the this proves the author has clearly never played fcking PUBG or that the one in China is on a whole other level.

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C25
8 months ago
Reading Status: C207
Supreme Uprising
8 months ago
exp . View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C860
8 months ago
gg SS premium View More
Supreme Uprising · C202
8 months ago
I am the crumb of my loaf.
Flour is my body, and yeast is my blood.
I have created over a thousand flavors.
Unknown to baker, nor known to customer.
Have withstood burns to create many rolls.
Yet these hands will never eat anything.
So, as I pray...

agiletick: love the story so far keep up the great work!

"I am the Bone of my Sword
Steel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.
I have created over a Thousand Blades,
Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.
Have withstood Pain to create many Weapons
Yet those Hands will never hold Anything.
So, as I Pray--
Unlimited Blade Works"

Gangland Fantasy
8 months ago
well what do u except? . loser will always be a loser.. why dont u stop creating novels? u easily drop them. its like telling the world you dont have a talent at being a writer. LOL GG. View More
Hail the Ant King · C0
9 months ago
Oh boy oh boy. Truck-kun strikes again. Long live truck-kun View More
Gura Gura no mi : Cultivator · C1
9 months ago
Reading Status: C77
LOL. ive wasted hours of reading a 50+ chapters of vampire stuff trash. it doesnt make sense and it will not make sense when you've read the chapters. why not do a time skip instead waste a 50+ chapters of pure BS. the dialogues are pure trash you couldve put a " or something so that it makes it easier to read. the story is boring after the first 3 chapters. i mean literally boring . 1st- VOLDEMORT is full of pride and arrogant a egotistic dark lord, but in this story in the first chapter why would he fucking be a pussy with making a deal with kai? i mean wheres the pride? wheres the arrogance? . .

World Building is trash . i mean literally theres no WORLD BUILDING. you just inject some stories then poof wish for the best that the readers will like it .

Magical Energy . dont shorten it . ME?? wtf this is a novel not some phone text.

The Story is so forced that it will gave you a headache .

ive tolerated enough. i thought that the author would make a comeback with the story . but so far the story is going downside with no good ideas coming . GGWP View More
Vampire in the Harry Potter World
10 months ago
kai needs to be OP . hes the VAMPIRE PROG!!! View More
Vampire in the Harry Potter World · C3
10 months ago
nice this hooked me up real good after reading 2 chapters in . great work .! View More
Vampire in the Harry Potter World · C2
10 months ago
hey moron its my opinion not yours. and im right there's so many novels that has this kind of scene and im just pointing it out . and this is called review so that the author will know in the future what to write and what not to write . and I DISLIKE IDIOTIC PEOPLE LIKE YOU. AND ITS *COMPLAINING WRONG SPELLING IDIOT GO BACK TO SCHOOL . LVL 2 SHIT. View More

Gustoz: I detest people like you the most. Complaing over literally nothing.

Unrivaled Medicine God · C5
10 months ago
and you said nothing ? ive read hundreds over hundreds of novel. and you said its nothing when they have the same scenes? literally? do u even know the meaning of that word? ive read thru novels which has the exact type of scenes . moron go back to school and learn properly . View More

Gustoz: I detest people like you the most. Complaing over literally nothing.

Unrivaled Medicine God · C5
10 months ago
my god. what's with the sentences? Bro wushuang? why not go like Big Brother or something? iTS A FVCKING GIRL not a boy. LOL .. this translation group always ruins the author's novel. every damn time they ruin the novel. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C1
10 months ago
The content has been blocked
Legend of Swordsman
10 months ago
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