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you should add yasaka as a member of the fox clan View More
The White Demon Fox · C18
1 day ago
copy paste View More
The cutest omniversal shopkeeper. · C30
4 days ago
he was trying to extort sage with petty View More
The White Demon Fox · C9
5 days ago
I am observing you say the sage View More
The White Demon Fox · C6
5 days ago

Mhopedo: Kisuke better make very strict contract with this devils.

And of course ophis is exception, bcause Ophis is justice 👍👍👍.....

Playing with other Supernaturals · C93
6 days ago

Morvian: huh, NTR now?? his master take his fiance??~

Transmigration Upgrade Specialist · C12
2 weeks ago

soulshocker: Sorry I’m done with the novel because it seems wuji doesn’t have aspirations and visions for himself and just want to work hard for other people and authors all you care and focus on is just upgrading stuff while forgetting that this is a cultivation world and you don’t make him learn any techniques, what if he loses all those books then he is basically trash and also he is easily deceived and why should his father agree to marry him to the guans when they are clearly trying to take advantage of him and have a piece of the cake and why should he but scared of that girl when he can easily trash her

Transmigration Upgrade Specialist · C12
2 weeks ago

Rexus: .....can anyone explain why there is a fetish in enjoying watching Ur other half being ****ed? Is something wrong in their head or something? And no it's not sarcasm I'm honestly very confused. It's like earning billions of dollars with all Ur hard work ,tears and sweat and enjoy watching it all being stacked up and burned with gasoline. Is the world really that messed up?

Ghost of Culture · C11
2 weeks ago
killing the mc is not simple plot armor
and he can copy the ability I think View More
Endless Adventure · C52
3 weeks ago
the moral dilemma they ruin everything View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master · C28
3 weeks ago
a dragon erza View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master · C5
3 weeks ago

Zeno: Although Erza is very strong, being able to destroy a meteorite, it has no destructive attacks capable of destroying a city, country, etc., in a single shot, I would see Ikaros in Pandora mode of Sora no Otoshimono, having as two phases, an active mode, where it is to fight, destroy and is cold, cruel, etc, and the passive mode, where it is to do other things, also fight, but on a much smaller scale, and is friendly, warm, etc. He has great destructive power, since when he enters the dungueon, many monsters will attack him, and he needs massive destruction skills, and if he wants sword skills, he can be taught.

The Lustful Dungeon Master · C5
3 weeks ago
he should not give back the sash and the pelt free and chains View More
Fate/Heroes · C47
3 weeks ago
I wonder if he has noticed that he has no penis View More
Endless Adventure · C48
3 weeks ago

Astarot_Attor: 1. Fight All Might
2. Kill All for One
3. Eat Nobu’s(mutant creatures the villains use)
4. Defeat/Kill 100 villains (tired of seeing mc’s take villain or homicidal maniac route)
5. Save 100 people

Also Dragon ball is a great place to get stronger, don’t know why people hating on it

Endless Adventure · C47
4 weeks ago
The protagonists in your two novels They are too good people and they're veryNaive View More
Reincarnated one is a cheat goblin(on pause) · C12
4 weeks ago
he could have controlled them so that they didn't pass the super to their children loyalty max View More
The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C6
4 weeks ago
A Little pasifist View More
Endless Adventure · C45
4 weeks ago
save jesse View More
Pokémon - Savage World · C40
1 month ago
Cockblock Yun che View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic · C38
1 month ago
He doesn't have to specifically beat him just to fight him View More
Endless Adventure · C5
1 month ago

Grandpa_Wang: Mc: hahaha I am the strongest
Enter dragonball universe
Mc: well damn I ain't even strong enough to destroy a planet how weak am I?

Endless Adventure · C42
1 month ago
became meruen just smarter View More
Endless Adventure · C42
1 month ago
A cup of own medicine for nami yes View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C18
1 month ago
stupid parents and they are nobles View More
Demon Slaying System · C14
1 month ago
a sadist Itachi would be better View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C16
1 month ago
to many emotions View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C13
1 month ago
hah everyone note that he is powerful except her View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C11
1 month ago
what will he gains helping NAMI View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C10
1 month ago
What are the benefits for him View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C51
1 month ago
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