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Reading Status: C159
Hi, very nice novel
Just start reading it yesterday, binge watch to current chapter (240)
Nice power, use of stats is also fine.
Just don't include more companions, 2 is fine. If u want to give MC more elements please don't introduce more companions
MC way of doing things is cool (means fights alone, not rely on others)
Best is, it has no harem. I don't mind if u introduce Romance but please keep only one love interest ( no Harem)

Please keep continue updating this novel... Thanks View More
5 hours ago

Mu_Cephei: This novel is amazng, really. It is a must read novel. The story development goes really well. Maybe, I just don't like some parts of the novel but still it doesn't affect its whole beauty. The characters background blends well. I really love the relatiinship of the characters. how they treat each other. I love the environment crewted by the author. Sometimes, I even doubt if I am reading a novel or watching a movie.
And of course, the translation is so so so good. So far, till the latest chapter, I haven't emcountered a big problem with tye translation. I would even say that the translation is the best.

The Empress's Gigolo
4 weeks ago

Sovereign1996: 1) The concept is such that it has a lot of scope. The MC can create all kinds of stuff like modern appliances, mystic tools used by cultivators, military weapons, instruments which combine modern and cultivation techniques (such as a very low altitude satellite or a drone, etc). In short, just about anyone one can imagine, and its selling point is the part where MC astonishes others with his superior instruments.

2) The MC can be shown to occupy a no man's land, which he develops into some kind of organisation like a clan, sect, company, kingdom or empire.

3) The MC can win multiple battles against other individuals or organisations, with his superior instruments and modern knowledge.

4) The MC can woo many girls and ...(you know what I'm talking about)

These were the possibilities, and I rated as such.

Cons -

1) Writing is not fluidic. It doesn't feel smooth. Although I didn't find any major grammatical mistakes, the scene description feels broken.

2)The author is totally not good at writing romance. All romance scenes are cheesy, however they are not unbearable.

3) The MC does not feel ambitious. No signs of organisation building. It won't be interesting to read the MC living like Tarzan in the forest.

4) There is no awesomeness factor in MC's cultivation technique. It is kind of boring.

** I've written such a long review as I have a lot of expectations from this web novel.

The Geared Immortal
4 weeks ago
Don't write smut, it will ruin the good novel. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C264
1 month ago

SamStrike: "Why did you say that it doesnt matter if its not a harem" Because it doesnt matter, even if the novel is said to not be an harem, it has all the qualities of it. Being surrounded by females like that is not specifically harem, but there is not much differeces either. It doesnt mattet that the novel describe itself as having the premise of "Not harem", because in the end it's the same as harem without sex, even though it's not techniqually harem.

You said it yourself, you questioned me because I said that the MC is not an anti-hero, but now u said he isnt one yourself?

All the time he let someone dies are only implied, was there even a time where someone asked for help but he decided to not help because it isnt worth it DIRECTLY. All the time he let someone dies arent said directly, he let someone die because he didnt say something that might help them, but did he ever refused to save someone right in front of him?

Moreover I dont understand why you had to introduce so many women like that; the way you let the discussion flow and based on how important the character feels or are important to the story in general, getting more screen time than other character are almost all females? Is this not harem?

You cant put so many women with such interactions surrounding the MC, then making him having sex only with one and saying this is not harem.

You, as the author, are trying to make him look as anti-hero but whenever there is a woman introduced that need help or similar you always give out a reason to save her (that for some reason they are always female). 'Let's save her because she might be useful', 'she might be needed' is just a stupid excuse to make the mc have a reason to save the girl and having more females around. Especially when one has to risk his life for saving her, an anti-hero is described as the opposite of a hero, and a Hero is described as:

"...someone who gives of himself, risking, for the greater goods of others"

This comes back to my original claim:

-The MC is not even close to being an anti-hero
-This is just harem without sex


I dont hate the novel, it's definitevely not my type but whats annoying me is you trying to make the novel pass as something that it isnt. For example, try putting in the description. "Not harem, but he is completely surrounded by women who follows him"

3 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Currently read upto 120 chapter.

Very good novel, i liked mc personality. He is cool and only thinks of getting stronger. Mc don't try to act like hero who saves anyone(mostly girls which start mc harem) ,minds his own business and keep low profile.

Main point is mc isnt some sort of genius who is talented in everything (alchemy, inscription etc) but a normal guy who is hungry for power.

Plz continue updating this novel, don't dropped in between.... View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
A World Worth Protecting · C29
7 months ago

FlashBangMaster: Well this novel is incredible. Also the author addresses us in the author's not on chapter 100. Leave a review he says. Well I will.
1) the author constantly mixes up Dao and Doa. Doa isn't even a thing.
2) this may or may not be harem I don't know. The author is currently undecided. You can tell from his authors notes.
3) there is romance.
4) super mega genius boy for mc.
5) unique concept with some things like formations and alchemy drama. "Oh they split? Are you sure?" (It's a joke)
6) there flipping character development.
7) the author will mix up Dao and Doa some more.
8) the author makes multiple chapters a day. Most of the time.
9) I mean they have a reason to think he's nothing and ridicule him. He's only just arrived there in the world. (Not a spoiler.) Besides some of the characters are very realistic. Ish. For a cultivation novel. Also he discusses this and that at the end of every chapter.
10) seriously this Dao-Doa thing bothers me Ctrl f + replace we talked about this.
11) you can converse with the author. Sometimes.
12) sometimes you have to reread some paragraphs.
13) good worlds building. (Not a mistake. I said worlds.)
14) mysterious background.
15) I'm too lazy to continue.

Reaper of the Martial World
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Seized by the System · C341
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Am I A God? · C66
10 months ago


IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THE REVIEW, SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. First, I would like to say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it currently has. Why? Because several people have left one-star reviews, claiming that the other novel in the "What's Next" section had more reviews. This is not true! Also, the original novel is NOT DROPPED. These rumors have been propagated by one single user who has also been leaving hate comments and abuse. Now, onto business.

Overall Summary: I've only read to chapter 10, the latest chapter released, but it seems pretty good so far. The basic premise is that there is a character, named Lin Yun, living during the apocalypse. It's a magic world, but they used up all of the mana, and now there is none left, and their world is ravaged by disasters. The main character is originally from Earth. However, this seems unneeded as it is not relevant to the story in any way as far as I can tell. Lin Yun is struck by a mysterious phenomenon, causing them to transmigrate into the body of one Mafa Merlin, a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice. Mafa belongs to a trading company called the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce, and is very wealthy. However, his father was with their fleet of ships transporting several extremely valuable goods when a storm struck and sunk the fleet, killing his father and bankrupting the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce. Artemis Fowl, anyone? Now, creditors are coming to collect, but Mafa has no money to give them. Lin Yun, however, retains the knowledge of his two past lives, and is aware of several advanced techniques that would not exist for centuries, allowing him to advance into a 1st Rank Mage. And I can't reveal any more without spoilers! Yay!

Translation Quality: 5/5: Not much to say here. Good grammar, slightly odd sentence structure, but that could be more due to the original style than the translator's style. Thanks for translating this, Shiraishi!

Stability of Updates: 5/5: This one I can't really judge, since we haven't had any updates, but the original mass release (10 chapters) was enough to get a basic idea of the storyline, and apparently there will be 14/Chapters per Week, or 2/Chapters per Day. Thanks for translating, again, Shiraishi!

Story Development: 2/5: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give this one a 2/5. Why? Because there's not really a plot. Yes, I am perfectly aware that I have only read 10 chapters and that there is probably an actual plot. Here's the problem. The MC is insanely OP. He's aware of advanced techniques, looks like an alchemy genius, and so forth. That's the problem with so much future knowledge. Additionally, there is so much FACE-SLAPPING! Like, so much of it. It's the equivalent of... let's imagine you're in a technology competition. There's a really rich kid competing with you who has gotten this far on money alone. But now, he has to compete based solely on his skill... and he produces the technology needed to go faster than lightspeed. This is through no fault of your own, the problem is that the kid is from the future and knows how to build stuff that comes in several centuries. Do you see the problem? Now, let's say the... government wants his stuff. Unfortunately, the kid can also build giant mechas, plasma cannons, interstellar ships, and even technology that can stop a nuke. That's what the equivalent of this is. There's not going to be much of a plot because the MC is just THAT OP.

Character Design: 4/5: This one's a bit hard to judge, since we've only seen about five different characters, including the MC. The MC himself is not that well-developed so far, but it's sort of funny to watch him drool over really common items since they don't exist far into the future. Going back to our earlier example, it's like the kid drooling over seeing a piece of wood. Maybe trees don't exist in the far future! Then, we have Raymond, the son of the old caretaker/housekeeper. He's a 5th Rank Mage who gets face-slapped by the MC. Then, Raymond is all, OMG, you're amazing, I'm gonna follow you around. He ends up getting amazing (to him) rewards from the MC, but the sad part is that the MC doesn't even notice... next comes the "uncle." Have you ever seen that trope where the family relative tries to take the MC's stuff after the parents die? Yeah. That's him, and he's the main reason that Character Design is losing a star.

World Background: 5/5: Again, not much so far, but it's pretty well developed. It's a world called Noscent, and personally, I think the whole, "running out of mana" thing is very interesting. The ranking system goes like this: Magic Apprentice --> Mage --> Great Mage --> High Mage --> Archmage. They have something similar for other jobs as well, like Alchemist. In the beginning, we also get some fun background info about what wrecked the world, and later in the book, about other cities and countries, and so forth.

Overall, this is pretty good, but there is likely to be a lot of face-slapping and MC being OP, so if you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it! I can't speak as to romance because we haven't even seen any female characters yet, so I don't know if there is romance. Also, Shiraishi is a very good translator! Thanks! I personally am going to keep reading this. Upvote this comment if you liked it so that more people can get ACTUAL reviews and not just random five-star or one-star reviews.

End of the Magic Era
10 months ago
Zoro View More
A Warrior's Path · C145
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1
10 months ago
Reading Status: C33
Nice novel, please continue releasing chapters
Dont drop the novel incompleted
The power of mc is unique so i want to read it more View More
Soul Magician at The Apocalypse
11 months ago

Princezik14: If u put out the pants and make him topless u will have ace of O.P

A Valiant Life
1 year ago

LIght_Novel_San: The content has been blocked

Shadow Hack
1 year ago

Arunavazael: The content has been deleted

Shadow Hack
1 year ago

SleepsOnFloor: The content has been deleted

Shadow Hack
1 year ago

MysticalOrigin: The content has been blocked

Shadow Hack
1 year ago

Relhak: Highly recommended. The mc is thoughtful and acts reasonable according to situation. He isn't thoughtless or highly emotional and acts like any other decent human being which makes him highly relatable.
The side characters are also well fleshed out and actually feel like they have depth. E.g. the character descriptions are not all "a peerless beauty with jade like skin" and just end there. There are actually well described traits and personality.
At c10 there is a hint of a larger plot developing which solidifies further reader inticement - but so far it has mainly been about his own self improvement, which has carried the story well enough till now.
The world is a bit vague, but as it is relatable to current times, it is understandable why the author hasn't put more time into describing the world - it isn't worth it and the reader can interpolate well enough on their own.
Overall it's a series that's on my top read list and I highly loom forward to future releases - I just hope that they can release daily and quickly.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System
2 years ago
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