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Haha good twist. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C75
10 months ago
Everyone who was worried about typical long separation are relieved. You made them separate and meet up within one chapter 😁. View More
Chameleon: My True Face · C73
10 months ago

kishenkp: The SI units are not USA units. But what you mentioned- ounces, feet, inches, etc. Are definitely not SI units.
Millimeters, Meter, kilogram and degree celcius are SI units
Please note

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C1
10 months ago

Dragonwine: So you make her a slave? I don't know if i would keep liking this novel 😥

A Goblin's Evolution · C5
11 months ago
Liking the story, but you need an editor. The continous fluctuation between past and present tense is jarring. View More
The Union · C3
11 months ago

Dvaita: Yo, if she is a stage 5 at 16, isnt she technically the most genius? At least make her 4 years older or so. You initially said that no human broke through before 16, but you have a stage 5 at 16 here, despite it being harder to level. This is inconsistent

Genius Seventh Prince · C96
11 months ago
Huh? Wasn't the father a half dragon? How are both grandparents dragons? View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C93
11 months ago

NorthernLakeDaoist: Are you serious? I even need to spend spirit stone for this chapter? Author for God sake at least write 5 minute of reading time not 30 seconds of chapter with 0 substance and storyline...

Dual Cultivation · C87
1 year ago
Really.. some one helps him with notes and not a word of thanks. Really starting to hate this mc View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C45
1 year ago

Daoist_face_slap: I feel sad for that other female. Zi something. She barely had presence before. At least was mentioned along with wentian and mengchen. Now she is completely ignored

Ancient Godly Monarch · C956
1 year ago
God the ***ism.. cringe chapter View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C905
1 year ago
Every woman loves a good slaughter at her wedding View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C688
1 year ago


Ancient Godly Monarch · C421
1 year ago

kadalbuluk: who is haku?

Ancient Godly Monarch · C39
1 year ago

Nefi62: Masteress? There no such thing. Should be just Mistress or madam

The Legend of Futian · C81
1 year ago
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C43
2 years ago
What bs View More
The Strongest Gene · C113
2 years ago
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C137
2 years ago
Yi xiao is becoming a prop.. View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C129
2 years ago

Enlightened_Lord: King jing ,
The current emperor and eldest princess are the children of the empress dowager*

Joy of Life · C126
2 years ago
Ah ok. Thanks View More

Enlightened_Lord: King Jing the current emperor are all the children of the empress dowager
The Jing household is that of of King jing , with Crown Prince Jing as King Jing's heir to the title.
now coming to the Emperial household The Eldest prince, A great warrior who leads the armies in the war is the first son of the emperor but not the heir, The Crown prince is the Heir to the Empire for now and he shall be named emperor if the current one dies, The second prince is the third possible heir after the eldest and crown prince and also son of the emperor , does this kinda clears up stuff?

Joy of Life · C126
2 years ago

Tora: After I read this chapter I asked myself if I really voted for this

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C2
2 years ago
Too many princes.. and who is King Jing? Is he the emperor. Doesn't seem like it. So why are there 2 kings? Reverse harem? View More
Joy of Life · C126
2 years ago

9_Seraphim: Wow, just wow, really good writing!

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C115
2 years ago
Reading Status: C39
There are bad novels and there is this crap. Wow can't believe I voted for this. A rip off and it's made worse.
At least the translation is decent and the upload speed is good. View More
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
2 years ago
Dude what View More

DaoistGiraffe: Incest ?

Joy of Life · C16
2 years ago
I would prefer if he had hair like Goku ss3 View More

JSJJ: But it does fit a musclebound image right?

Way of the Devil · C109
2 years ago
He really needs to grow hair. I am having a hard time imagining an eyebrowless hulk View More
Way of the Devil · C109
2 years ago
So many flags View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C112
2 years ago

Yousif: Hope she doesn't die

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C111
2 years ago
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