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Honestly, Mingxin realized early on that it's suicidal to go against Dali, so I wouldn't say they had enough conflict to be considered as enemies View More

Pokko: I always thought that Liu Mingxin is too good to be an enemy. Great that their relationship is now mended!

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C269
2 days ago
I'm not saying the value wouldn't increase.
I'm saying the 20 times increase for the entire area is insane unless after some massive construction sprees there, where it maaaaybe can increase a few times past the already pretty massive increase of up to 10 billion. View More

TheFalseClemCaTqv: it's just like houses prices increase with the environment, many rich people would pay quite a lot for your that. While it's unlikely commoners would, rich people can spare that money making it easier for prices to rise

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C226
2 days ago
To quote some of the later chapters ' If we propagandize it as the Black Turtle, it's the Black Turtle. If we propagandize it as a big a turtle, it's a big turtle'.
It's not an entirely new animal, it's an extremely large version of one that resembles a mythical 'spirit animal' for their nation.
So what they do with it is how the public will react to it .
That being said, sure an increase is probable, but 20 times increase is insane unless there's some aura or similar that benefits those that live nearby. Or even if there was a 20 times increase, it wouldn't be for the entire huge district, which they don't even own all of (they own a large portion, but not all of it) View More

TheFalseClemCaTqv: imagine if a creature that looked exactly like an alien lived somewhere, wouldn't people be willing to pay 20 times more to get a house close to it? sorry I have nothing more elegant as we have no western equivalent of the black tortoise except Jesus, which isn't the best thing to look like

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C226
5 days ago
MTL is never... tender or well-tended. View More

Akhier: This is where I wish this was a translation because I would totally be throwing the next chapter at some tended loving mtl right now

Farming For Gold · C52
5 days ago
To summarize these modern type novels where the MC becomes very.... influential one way or another, USA always tries to either attract, convince or trick the MC into moving or supporting them instead of staying in China. MC usually refuses, so then they start to try and prevent him.

And so, a long-running battle between various parts of the USA end up in a squabble with the MC begins.

Without spoiling too much... this one ends very uniquely View More

pokeperson1000: In a parallel world where the entertainment industry is far ****tier than ours, it seems that ‘Murrica is just as openly hostile with China as Trump is.

I want to say that our America isn’t anywhere near as bad as the version of it in this story. I really do. But... right now, I kinda can’t....

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C263
5 days ago
I had originally planned to make that 'firstly' and then follow up with some other points. But then I realized those points would either be spoilers or not really meaningful, so I decided to just post the first part. View More

pokeperson1000: That’s the point of me saying “but the question is”. You literally pointed out nothing with your comment.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C259
1 week ago
That was his actual first win, and he hasn't checked the squander value yet. View More

pokeperson1000: But the real question is: did his squandering value actually go down after he found this jade? Because if not, then Dali can finally go nuts.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C259
1 week ago
Best way to make sure ever more people want to join in View More

Daobringer: giving 50% of the dividend to the director and his crew.. Let's say the movie earn 1billion then he will give half just like that..wew

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C257
1 week ago
He couldn't upgrade his points past 100 anyway, and he had nothing else to spend his points on before the upgrade View More

BloodyWind: I think , correct me if im wrong i think i read it i forgot the chapter i think after the upgrade it say it will reset his points , but because of his all stats now are 100 it upgraded so the accumulated point are reset to zero

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C247
1 week ago
Fifth, Hong Dali will be very suitable as the owner of it, because he has no motivation whatsoever to brainwash the students into disloyalty, nor attempt to embezzle or otherwise sabotage it View More

ConsumedByDarkness: I think they intend to combine technological and military knowledge at the same time. First, it is beneficial for the country in many ways. Second, it'll provide manpower to develop strategical formation for the military and technical knowledge if combine then it is simply a mech or cyborg. Third, be the new capital(mini) of the country responsible for various transactions. Fourth, I can't of anything anymore so I'll stop here and continue reading the rest of the chapters.....

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C241
1 week ago
Dali wouldn't want himself to be shown in a video clip online, so he would be censored. And they probably might not have the technology for instant translations either. View More

Buster: Too bad they didn't record the argument

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C236
1 week ago
That's a bit excessive, unless Big Turtle created a lot of descendants and makes it a legendary place for Big Turtles View More

Heavensfart: He just turned 10 billion to at least 200 billion

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C226
1 week ago
Well there is. Just as long as they don't interfere with his business, they can also stay as one. View More

learxia: There is no such thing as a business genius in Hong Dai's eyes and godly luck😂

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C221
1 week ago
He's technically not spending it so... View More

bukvyrm: since he directly said to distribute it to the others, shouldn't that count as squandering it?

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C218
1 week ago
Not necessarily like that. But you can assume something like Dali saying 'I want to squander' randomly and it works as the codeword to open a voice-locked door noone knew was there, and the unknown other side has varying amounts of wealth inside View More

LittleSaberScholar: When you hear the words:

“I just want to squander for fun.”

Prepare a bucket because money is about to fall from the sky.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C215
1 week ago
They currently don't have the capability of doing it, so they're waiting until they do View More

warlord183: So they forgot the turtle in the cave and moved on in theif own life sad

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C193
1 week ago
Even if that somehow is possible... it's not relevant for several hundred chapters atleast View More

Penerjemah_ILmu: hong Dali: now i can control semen in the hole wuaahahhaha

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C192
1 week ago
Are you sure he's actually dense and not purposefully avoiding the opportunities? View More

ClemCa: as someone from earth who read novels it kills me he is so dense.....

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C190
1 week ago
He's always been a legend due to his status. Lately, he's only become more legendary due to his own achievements. View More

learxia: Hahaha Hong Dali is about to become a legend 😂

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C183
1 week ago
Well... considering their occupations, the difference in opinion is evident.
However, once the Beast Tide has left, there wouldn't be much left in good shape anyway. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C215
1 week ago
That's only if he counts the ones nearby. View More

Shadoerunner01: Ever watch Rambo? When you have nothing to lose everything becomes possible. Plus Runa must be mad. Also the apprentice tribe, can be used. But most important his work with the monster NPCs is the beginning caused a map to flip and go to war. Now he has 3 monster villages indebted to him. Bloodhounds might need a new home soon.

Farming For Gold · C51
1 week ago
One down. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C213
2 weeks ago
Oh, there might've been 20 Tiers 4s. If it had taken 100 years or so to reach the limit. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C212
2 weeks ago
It's a possibility, but how would he go about doing it ? Are they going to extort him again and he'll happily just hand over this 'rare' ginseng to them, hoping none of them has good enough appraisal knowledge to figure out what it is? View More

Logan_Shaw: I want to see him use the evil ginsing on the guild hahaha 😈 you bother me I give you bad luck that would be the most evil to gamers your drop rate is super low or not at all. Also lower crits.

Farming For Gold · C50
2 weeks ago
Well, if they try to either extort him or force him off the land after this chapter, he'll be way madder than if they had before this chapter, considering the investments he just did. View More
Farming For Gold · C50
2 weeks ago
There are 5 different colonies other than Kara-Goth and the small settlement at Eagle Lord's place.
Am I interpreting this correctly that they'll actually leave Kara-Goth alone unless Kara-Goth is to the North and thus in the way after they've dealt with the west and east ones? Because they mention dealing with 5 settlements, so unless one of the new 5 is too far away from the others and thus not included, it actually looks to me like they'll only hit the newcomers. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C210
3 weeks ago
Did they only contact La Vive to offer them sanctuary or did they contact others as well but only they answered? View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C209
3 weeks ago
Curious if he's from another of the settlements there or if he's totally new to the entire region and had just heard about Karagoth and felt it was a good chance. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C208
3 weeks ago
The problem with creating a suitable antagonist for someone who just wants to farm and make money is just that.
Why would someone want to fight with him ? Conflict of interests ? Personal grudge ? Envy ? etc.

And there could be a multitude of smaller reasons as to why they're that insane, but 3 stand out to me.
1) Showing force. They're a small guild, so they have to show that they can do something every so often, otherwise nearby larger guilds will want a piece of their pie. Problem with that is that picking a fight for that reason is likely to make their targets join those other guilds against them or sabotage them on their own.
2) They never liked Winston in the first place, and he's not showing enough of an attitude to please them with the whole 'I know what's going on, so let's just get it done and be over' so they want to make him change that attitude. If that's the case, they come off as brash , reckless and insane, and this better be their first time or unless the guildmembers are unaware or okay with it, they wouldn't stay.
3) They either dislike Trish or just want her gone so they can rule on their own. I forgot if Alex & Vera were a couple, but if they weren't, they might've become one in secret, effectively totally ruining the purpose of the whole Triumvirate, if two of them are together. This one's possible, because Trish mentioned it's not the first time they just oppose her, and she's probably got some of the guild members behind her, so they're trying to get her to leave on her own volition to prevent her from getting more support or eventually deciding to take the members and split the guild because they're displeased. View More

Ghostman: The MC need an antagonist though I don't really understand the way it is handled. Like Trish said, there's no real reason for the guild to go after the MC this way. Hopefully the author would expand on the reasoning in the future.

Farming For Gold · C49
3 weeks ago
... Deliberate slight ? Doing something noone knew was possible ?
Okay, that guild either needs a leadership change or to disband.

But if they're going to try and punish him personally, he'll have free hands to deal with them as he wants. If they 'allow others to punish him instead' , then they're pretty much showing their protection racket is worth less than the time to pay them. View More
Farming For Gold · C49
3 weeks ago
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