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Should make a PVP competition quest : Different points for different enemies slain, the winners has more points View More
The Boss Behind The Game · C19
2 months ago
If they do, he could just issue quests to dethrone them pretty quickly View More

Gamesempie: He needs to make sure to add a safety function so that the players can't turn on him and decide to crown one of their own king of the underworld.

The Boss Behind The Game · C6
2 months ago
There's the Dungeon one with Ol' Sherlock (can't recall the name right now), where it's the dungeon core that's a reincarnator(I guess, but he's still an object) and the dungeon lord a native View More

Forlornium: Really? I just found 2 including this. Where is a world creator right from the start?

Sacred Souls: Genesis · C1
2 months ago
Oh trust me, considering how much I could spoil from being uptodate with raws, tbat's little in comparison View More

darkoneko: that's already spoiling a lot

Divine Card Creator · C88
2 months ago
Well... without spoiling too much, Xiaobai has consumed something that slows her physical growth atleast somewhat View More

darkoneko: I don't really know ? One chapter she's "smexy and tempting to MC" and the next she's a 10 years old kid.

Divine Card Creator · C88
2 months ago
It's not really trying to ... hoodwink. It's just trying to maximise the possible education ( profit) gained View More

PopcornSectAncestr: This is why the association loses out on so much potential funds. The salesmen keep trying to hoodwink people and not fix his habit after being caught

Divine Card Creator · C84
2 months ago
Well.... as someone who's uptodate with MTL raws, let me just say it's not the only time, and she's not the only one to consider him pretty handsome View More

Willowith: i dont understand why she said he is attractive

Divine Card Creator · C83
2 months ago
It's not necessarily a tactic unique to that time or situation. It both bottles together more people than expected in cities, deprives them more tactical mobility when they know they can't use those cities as bases / supply points and cause chaos and demoralization against the civilians. And if it's long enough, riots or rebellions would occur View More

nutz91: The strategy smells an awful lot like something from the kingdom Manga a while back

Rise of The Undead Legion · C385
3 months ago
If they could just capture a Spectre and let it in loose in all their capitals, they would either crumble or really want to help out. Both are acceptable at this time View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C264
3 months ago
Considering his situation, it would be a lot wiser to deal with the impending doom quickly rather than wait for it to become worse.

Also, cultivation costs resources. View More

DanMan: The story is not bad but we are 6 chapters in and there is still no information about how to grow stronger or how he can increase his energy levels or how he will replenish spent energy only that he uses the stones to make up for what he can’t do. We need a lot more about how the energy is actually used.

Divine Card Creator · C6
3 months ago
Unless they had a delivery deadline for their deal, they could just postpone it due to the urgent critical needs they themselves have.

How to make it less urgent? Send more support View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C262
3 months ago
Provided that both sides are aware of his abilities, he could be an ideal messenger when one party shouldn't be seen or moving. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C260
4 months ago
Now would be an interesting time to tell the other nations.
'You came into our lands with armed force with the intent to cause trouble for us.
Now you will help fix the problem you caused, or we will do the exact same thing to you on a much larger scale.'
Preferably by one of the Wild Emperors to all of their representatives at once. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C258
4 months ago
Well, they ran into their homes or other buildings .
And frankly, outrunning undead is pretty difficult unless it's short-distance or the runners are marathon-class runners, because undead have infinite stamina. View More

Imrael: You're telling me a horrd of undead capcherd a village and no one ran when seeing them to call for help seriously ! and it repetitd 10 Tim's!

Rise of The Undead Legion · C383
4 months ago
If everyone can use magic, then atleast there'll be a societal shift , changing how people are treated based on quantity and skill with magic. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C254
4 months ago
Some of the elites are probably way tougher, yes. View More

Fourth_Magi: Damn. I thought it was just the Wilds, but humans overall are a damn sight tougher than their counterparts in ours. yk between their magic, cultivation and psionic powers shxt.

Anywho thanks for the chapter!! Happy New year!

Kingdom of the Weak · C252
4 months ago
Spoiled and maybe a bit too adventurous, but not really pampered View More

Pipen53: Tbh Zaynep is starting to grate on me as the novel goes on. She comes accross as spoilt and very very pampered.

Empire of the Ring · C617
4 months ago
Well, something happened to the other black dragon. And it was crazy powerful. And Onixya's parent. View More

Dragzaval: Whelp Dave is now indirectly ruler of the wild.........HIW IN THE BLOODY HELL DID THIS HAPPEN

Rise of The Undead Legion · C379
5 months ago
You know what would be the best here ? Bodybuilder and door prop being these two guys View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C12
5 months ago
Ah, so George does understand the situation.

Though, the easiest way to 'evict' the airships would probably be to notify them of a complaint their neighbor has made.
One bit far away Dragon Emperor neighbor.
'Course, it would be a lot more believable if there's a dragon to back them up their claim or notify them themself. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C249
5 months ago
There's nothing quite like imminent financial, political, societal, legal etc. collapse to finance rare chance expeditions View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C248
5 months ago
What they really should be doing now is informing Doom, Darian and the entire Dragon Lake community. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C247
5 months ago
Be assured that going premium will cost you readers. They'll either stop reading or read it on other sites.

But from a financial point, you might make more , it depends on each individual case.

But some would argue morals etc.

Basically, there are pros and cons for whatever you choose in that regard, and there'll be someone who's happy and someone's who's sad dependant on your choice.

Just make the choice you think will suit your situation better and you can live with for some time atleast. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C245
5 months ago
Wonder how much hierarchial power wilds have over lower tiers, ie emperor > king > lords. Because if it's just the area needed, they could probably take over several lord regions, but if they need a bigger area or just the right to ignore everyone other than the emperors, then king might be needed. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C239
6 months ago
True. Is there any leader that's close to the opposite ? Aggressive enough to become peaceful? View More

Pepesigh: He's coded that way, it's an Easter egg from a bug in the original Civ. His aggressiveness used to be the absolute minimum, but some events would lower aggressiveness, As a result his value would overflow and he'd go from minimum aggressiveness value to maximum aggressiveness. Since then Nuclear Gandhi has been a Civ staple.

Gamers of the Underworld · C63
6 months ago
It's not really a feature, as there is an actual arena in Winterfell and it's already in use by some. It would be more of a local area with different combat settings View More

PatientFall: Indeed... in fact, most of the functions are because of Bru diligently working to improve the system. Isn't this really bug-testing? What will happen when more Beta Testers come? No, actually, isn't the game eventually going to completely open???

On top of that, aren't there going to be gamers who stream and create niche genres, like cooking, dancing, brawling, and min-maxing???

The clash of one world against the next is going to be real.

I can't wait until the Gladiator "feature" gets patched in.

Gamers of the Underworld · C46
6 months ago
... Disciplined ? Have you been reading all the chapters so far? View More

JORM: I imagine all the dungeon lords at the conference with super cool and powerful servants and then there’s going to be Sherlock with 3 f*cking goblins highly intelligent and disciplined goblins but goblins after all

Gamers of the Underworld · C44
6 months ago
There won't be any way to directly buy ingame items for some time, but if they contact other players outside the game, pay them there and then get items in the game, it's possible View More

SmilingReader: Why does it feel like this “game” is turning into a P2W game 😭😫😭

Gamers of the Underworld · C43
6 months ago
Dogheads would be less of a mistake than headhounds , and make more sense.
I mean, if we go by WoW standards, kobolds... yeah, no relations or connections to dog heads. View More

kugguj: Wait... you mean Kobolds, even Google translate changes it to kobolds. HEADHOUND MEN? waddafuq?

Gamers of the Underworld · C33
6 months ago
He's a Devil , and then became a Dungeon Lord (not an actual race, but a title / occupation) View More

arbiter: So is it confirmed Sherlie's race is a Devil Lord? Or is it because he's a Dungeon lord? Stay tune for answers guys!!

I really wonder how the author will be able to hide the importance of magic stones to gamers, I mean for how long maybe. Cause later on, it's inevitable for magic stones to not be known by gamers, except if the author forced it or some great plot that I haven't think of, cause I can imagine at the future that the gamers will be able to adventure outside, or the surface, ahhh maybe at that time, Sherlie's rich from his bullsh**ing and scamming already haha

Gamers of the Underworld · C31
6 months ago
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