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ScottyForsythe: I haven't commented on this in months now. I'm kind of sad that I missed a lot due to my busy life and happy that this book goes between 1st and 2nd place now:).

On a lighter note, I keep getting notifications about people liking and replying to my earlier comments. Didn't know I had so many top comments on this book till now lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C971
1 day ago

thestatsguy: (Unfortunate author here, why is listed below Stats.)
Website : qidian china
Views : 53.49million
Rating : 9.2(1629)
Chapters : 563
Status : ongoing
Rank : 4
Word count : 1.79million
author level : platinum
No of works : 6
Disscussion : 24871
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 诡秘之主

At last it's here. Damn I've waiting far too long for this novel because of three reasons :
1. It's the book by my favorite author.
2. It's the best work from my favorite author.
3. It's really so fucking popular right now in China. (just look at the rank and views with only 563 chapters)

But he really is an unfortunate author in this site. Reasons listed below.
Three of his works are translated here.
1. Martial arts master : one of the best books with romance and action. This is actually my favorite romance novel. And martial arts fights are really sooo awesome in this book. But the reason for this not to be in rankings or popular bcoz one translation is ****, two no updates since atleast 2 months. Even with **** translation it was in rankings sometimes.

2. Throne of magical arcana : This is really one of the best webnovels with western magic elements with elements of science in it. It's basically epic magic, science and church novel. Translation too is really good for this novel but translator updates only 3 to 4 days a week which is also the reason it's not in rankings imo.

3. The sage who transcended the samsara : I wanted to try this. I really really wanted to try this. But it's said to have a very ****ty translation. People say it's a very unique and good novel, they also say translation is **** and end up dropping it.

Now I'm really really happy because not only is this epic getting translated, it's getting translated by cktalon one the best translators out there.

I only request one thing with you. Please keep the releases stable and I really thank you for taking up the translation for this novel. 🙏

Lord of the Mysteries
1 week ago

darkoneko: Qing Zhen : "Looks like the board will have to"
*put sunglasses on*
"personally question me" YEEAAAAAAAAAAAH

The First Order · C192
1 week ago
Wonder if his shadow has turned into a cook View More
The First Order · C191
1 week ago
or is it actually the same world just far far into the future? View More

Aby55: It cant be that long ago because ppl had cell phones and jeans. Unless they're all look pulled from modern earth but pulled to the past in this world. Who knows how the time works since him and Roselle were contemporaries on earth but had a long time separation in this world

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 week ago
well you had a good run... rip View More

Caasi: Hey guys, today I almost lost control... I was almost seduced over to the dark side we know as 'privileged chapters.' I'm in dire need of an anchor (mass release) to keep me from succumbing to this ill fate... please... please help.

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 week ago

burntpotato: We won but at what cost...? ( ´థ_థ)

Spectacular end. Just brilliant.

Lord of the Mysteries · C945
1 week ago

Ozwin: I thought I would be much happier with Ince’s death and Klein’s advancement, but... oh Madam Daly... but right now my heart is occupied with Madam Daly.

Lord of the Mysteries · C945
1 week ago
I am kinda hoping it's actually just a bathroom or a **** stash, doubt it though View More

Alessan: It was just Klein using his Faceless powers to transform.

I really wonder what item is hidden up there too!

Lord of the Mysteries · C945
1 week ago
Man he's gonna hurt View More
The First Order · C188
1 week ago
I hope Klein takes him through the spirit world, back into the square.... View More

Meowhead: An unknown existence that feels pity and takes him through the Spirit World... would be funny if it was Reinette Tinker. I don't think it will be though since he seems to be aware of her existence.

... I mean, Klein is an unknown existence with Spirit World traveling abilities.... hmmm...

Lord of the Mysteries · C943
1 week ago

CKtalon: This is a story that the author spent months researching. Set in the Victorian era, the author strives to make it an epic masterpiece. Actual factual tidbits from the real world are weaved into this steampunk world.

There is rich world building with characters and their personalities fleshed out perfectly. However... Maybe it's best not to get too tied to the characters...

The development of the mystical elements are very well planned, with 220 classes. Imagine the richness that will bring!

Many things are foreshadowed in this story, so look out for that!

As translator, I will try to make sure the release rates are high.

Lord of the Mysteries
1 week ago

headlimit: U wonder?who u think wrote this book?hah u naive.
008 gained godhood and devour everything.we and this book is just a way for it to anchor itself.all hail the quill,lord cliffhanger and occasional release!

Lord of the Mysteries · C939
1 week ago
Or he may have been told to pass all information to the two of them View More

Alessan: So easy! A demigod really is something else. The more we know and the closer we get the more exited I become.

Also that last sentence does Soest have suspicions...?

Lord of the Mysteries · C939
1 week ago
I wonder if grosells travels is a way to seal 0-08. Get it write on its pages and it may be stuck changing the books world instead View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C938
1 week ago
poor guy can't catch a break, just wants to live peacefully View More
The First Order · C175
2 weeks ago
And thus Frank's infamy grows View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C922
2 weeks ago

burntpotato: I consider flashbacks from LOM character as death flag. Hope I’m wrong with Daddy Azik

Praise the Mushrooms 🍄

Lord of the Mysteries · C915
3 weeks ago
or it could also have Azik's past corpses in there as well, he has been dying for over 1000 years View More

Ozwin: This brings up a different issue though. I somehow doubt since they are calling it artificial Death that they made this by raising and combining sequence 1’s over the last millennium or so. Also what appears to be a piece of Azik is just a mole on the thing. What if this is like death’s corpse or something and Azik was used to stabilize it?

What I am really saying is that I am sweating bullets on Klein’s behalf and making a strong insistence for them to skedaddle because I am increasingly afraid the author is about to off Mr Azik to finish this abomination’s development. D:

Lord of the Mysteries · C915
3 weeks ago
you can cross demoness off the list... klein would probably rather not have a marionette then a trap View More

Alessan: Got bored so decided to make my own list of what marionettes are best at Sequence 5. Didn’t take Klein’s mystical items into account. Feel free to discuss or make your own list!

Best Marionettes (Sequence 5)
1. Wraith
2. Traveler
3. Shepherd
4. Mysticism Magister
5. ??? (Spectator Pathway)
6. Sanguine Scholar
7. Priest of Light
8. Guardian
9. Desire Apostle
10. Astromancer
11. Constellations Master
12. Mentor of Confusion
13. Gatekeeper
14. Reaper
15. Demoness of Affliction
16. Dream Stealer
17. Disciplinary Paladin
18. Ocean Songster
19. Spirit Warlock
20. Winner
21. Druid

Lord of the Mysteries · C910
3 weeks ago

Hokonoso: most likely. meaning the same saintess that shiro knew in her first life.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C278
3 weeks ago
They will be sold in all the other worlds once she's done with him. View More

Ritschichi: hero better buy a assplate

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C278
3 weeks ago

GoodWithAToaster: That would be hilarious

Lord of the Mysteries · C906
3 weeks ago

TomoyaNagase: This matches my speculations. With 0-08 urge to kill its owner but at the same time being fearful of the churches and their sealing, it makes sense that 0-08 might write a story that ends up helping Klein in killing Ince Zangwill.

Lord of the Mysteries · C906
3 weeks ago
I want to see this View More

ic4ru577: So OP. Xiaosu might be able to kill Midnight using jumping rope skill. Or not. Thx u Legge. Good night

The First Order · C167
3 weeks ago

Shtriya: Why is it like that dani boy vibes are coming from this guy 😅 . Well now I have to wait to know who is this guy .

Lord of the Mysteries · C904
3 weeks ago
Danitz would be murdered in his sleep 1st night. Frank would be killed after turning the ship mast into a penis or something View More

BurntCabbage: It'd be fun if there was some kind of pirate crew exchange program. Cattleya would trade Frank Lee for Edwina's Danitz. I don't really know who would be getting the short end of the stick in that deal though.

Lord of the Mysteries · C904
3 weeks ago
He has probably forgotten he has it in the junk pile. View More

Alessan: I wonder how valuable the Giant Key’s Court Key Klein got from Edwina really is. Is it worth trading it for a Bizzaro Bane corpse or is that too much of a waste? Maybe it’s better to hold onto it until they are closer to leaving to raise its value? Perhaps he should mention it to Derrick so he can bring it up to the chief and see what they are willing to trade.

Lord of the Mysteries · C904
3 weeks ago
Umm isn't 178 a battlefield that they are protecting against monsters or something? Wonder if he will still be grateful when he delivers the letter and be thrown into the fight View More
The First Order · C165
3 weeks ago
Definitely when he gets them a food source they can grow View More

TomoyaNagase: He might be able to turn all the citizens into his believers and use their faith to stabilize himself as a demigod.

Lord of the Mysteries · C898
4 weeks ago
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