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Thank you for the update. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter.^^ View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C248
7 months ago

XiaoReiChan: For some weird reason, I kind of love Guo Sheng? 😅 I wanted to take care of him and be like his mom. I want to pamper him and give him cakes and candies. 🤣

Am I alone in this? 😂😂😂

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C238
7 months ago
I cant wait for fei fei to meet guo sheng. I think she will pamper him as well. View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C238
7 months ago
Reading Status: C231
I love keeping up to date with story a very easy but entertaining read. The characters are complex and likeable and the backgroud of novel is descriptive enough to build the world but nor too descriptive for my brain to follow. View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife
8 months ago
A new chapter gets updated everyday at 5pm. It a great time for me as it can cheer me up on a bad day.^^ Thank you author and wishing you a great summer! View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C229
8 months ago
Noooo!!! Such a cliff hanger T^T View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C191
8 months ago

yokonakajima: And there i got excited for mass release 😭😭and it's only 2 chapters 😢😢😢😢

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C185
8 months ago
Thank you for the mass release. It really made my day. I look forward to reading more of your works.^^ View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C167
9 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 3.25million
Rating : 9.4(974)(highest I ever saw)
Chapters : 252
Status : ongoing
Rank : 8
Word count : 770thousand
author level : platinum
No of works : 2
Previous work : ancient godly monarch
It's an ongoing popular novel so stats change from time to time.
Guys I just checked qidian side but ratings in qidian changed for almost every novel, so I dunno if you should believe this rating.
Also ratings on my other reviews are before ratings changed, so don't blame me if you see high ratings in qidian and low ratings in my stats.
Even a novel with 7.6 rating got changed to 8.8 rating, I dunno what qidian is trying to do.

The Legend of Futian
1 year ago

weednim: you know its good when thestatsguy says its so 🙄

The Legend of Futian
1 year ago

xJiaJiax: Ahhhhhhhh I've been waiting for the translation of this book ever since the show Princess Agent came out (楚乔转). If any of you guys ever watched the show, you'd realize how good this story is. The character development is absolutely amazing and you really get an understand of the reason behind their actions. The romance is really cute too :))) Sadly, the show ended on a cliffhanger, but I really look forward to finishing this book.

Princess Agents
1 year ago
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