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I feel he's neglecting himself? He's bringing technology over and developing a nation but not taking himself. He can't use magic so he should have learn many different skills and level up, strengthen his body so he can protect himself. View More
Traveller of Two Worlds · C33
5 hours ago
Gonna destroy the economy with all that gold he flooding into the market. View More
Traveller of Two Worlds · C32
5 hours ago
Since he could clone himself, doesn’t that mean he could transform his other self into a dragon and ride it? Looking cool and striking fear into your enemy!!! Or to hide your identity as a dragon and pretend the dragon is a tamed beast. View More
The Dragon Evolve God · C61
18 hours ago
Just asking because he is keeping this operation a secret. Even if the hired ninja do their job and shut their mouth about this. If they are capture, there are many way for people to read their mind and eventually connect the dot. I mean the arm created by with hashirama cell. Orochimaru created that and he has edo tensei. That arm will eventually belong to danzo and he has many ninja from different family under him. Mind readind clan that ino is from. Not like he could keep it from someone like danzo who control most of the leaf. View More

T0XIN: Gaara isnt well known, and sand isnt related to magnet jutsu, but yeah,. it could be easily recognizeable. Not that I didn't think about that.

Gaara · C60
23 hours ago
Huh took out the most memorable fight about naruto? Naruto vs neji was an important fight which allow neji to see the truth and which begin to change the villager mind about naruto? View More
Gaara · C67
23 hours ago
Sand shield? Doesn’t that make it obvious who he is? There are only few magnet jutsu user and there just happen to be a well known ninja taking the chuunin test. View More
Gaara · C60
1 day ago
Stop being a fan boy for konaha! Your garra from SUNAGAKURE!!! View More
Gaara · C49
1 day ago
Will martial arts made to fight human be useful against monster which have different body form? View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C41
3 days ago
Mark!!! He is the void!!! Darkness that devour all!!! No light shall pass!!! All will disintegrate in it presence!!! View More
Mutagen · C333
5 days ago
Wait a minute!? A years long rival because of a misunderstanding is solve just like that? While the misunderstanding is solve, what about the hateful thing they did while misunderstood? View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C57
1 week ago

Rosano: Mad respect to the author. I love this fiction. Here are my reasons to love this book:
1. Although mc has a system, it only provides him with jutsus(Not some childish boring bs like bloodlines, albilities from other animes etc. )
2. The author respects and appreciates hard work considering how mc growth is one step at a time and gradual as opposed to "Oh I shall join anbu at 6 years old and conquer all beauties !!!!!" Bullsh@t.
3. Author cares fir character development.

1 week ago
Foreshadow! A once in a while date only for someone or something to ruin it. Lady go crazy mad over it! View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C55
1 week ago
Rose is kinda similar to albedo from overlord. Crazy with love at a all powerful being. View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C54
1 week ago
Wait they know but didn't do anything? Huh? They just going to wait for the person to ask if they want to change their character back to male. View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C17
1 week ago
3. stay safe man! View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C0
2 weeks ago
Death to those who would dare harm your loved one!!!! Hail the true king!!! View More
Mutagen · C322
2 weeks ago
Best way to get a women heart!!! Wait for them to fall into despair and anger, and save them. The white knight!! View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C182
2 weeks ago
He is like a god, no he is a god!!! He control the power of the creator himself. A god should not interfere with mortal affair. It will only bring them tragedy. A god can enjoy life and protect the balance of the world but not interfere with mortal politic. Should a god do so, they will become corrupted with their own power or ego. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C375
2 weeks ago

yClouder: Gotta catch them all.

Journey Towards Greatness · C374
2 weeks ago
Thanks for this fantastic story!!! View More
Lone_Wolf · C212
3 weeks ago
Aww a shame. I had high hope for this story. View More
Lone_Wolf · C211
3 weeks ago
Good story!!! As everyone has said, the ending felt rushed. The character synchronization percentage now feel useless. And who was the girl who follow him. I thought it was the will of the world? You know letting go of the burden of protecting the world and seeing the world. But now I’m not sure? View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C944
3 weeks ago
The body still lives. Is it experimented on? I mean it was the first successful experiment and years have past. The time it had to absorb the radiation should have had it powerful. The mind is dead but the body remain alive. View More
Journey to the True Martial World · C1
3 weeks ago
If this was real, luxio teeth would have cracked. Bronzong wouldn’t have taken damage unless the fang were able to pierce the metal. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C366
3 weeks ago
Those weed and meth should be hella strong enough to kill a normal man. I mean with his power he could make the meth super pure and specialize breeding weed to become stronger while building up a tolerance to it, an endless loop. View More
Crafting a Realm · C14
4 weeks ago
Is mc power affecting reality? Making an entire island that originate from Minecraft? Like huge spider like those on the island only existing on his island. And when mc become stronger so will the mobs that drop loot? That will be cool! View More
Crafting a Realm · C10
4 weeks ago
Ohh cool! Thought it was a Minecraft world. Unique it is. A fantasy story with Minecraft power but mc doesn’t know minecraft knowledge. Good so the story don’t become boring easily. View More
Crafting a Realm · C7
4 weeks ago
Tomoyo or nakama? View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C169
1 month ago
Now that is a villain!!! Awesome!! View More
Lone_Wolf · C210
1 month ago
So in this world do they still call the first vampire Dracula? I mean he did give his name and it doesn't even sound like Dracula. View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C52
1 month ago
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