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Professional audience member. I follow MCs around and comment how I am not sure how they will pull things off to increase suspense then shower the MC with praise and amazement when they succeed.

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Possible, but “His character didn’t allow for that” could also simply mean that his morals would not allow him to lie. There were mysterious whispers of Tamara and the other guy asked about the era ‘out of nowhere’ if you consider that most people would not have heard those “Tamara”s. While I tend to be suspicious of wording with Cuttlefish, in this case it could just have been a momentary impulse to avoid trouble. Personally, if I were an ordinary person who could perceive the supernatural but not do anything about it, I would be pretending ignorance and avoid trouble all the time. Mysterious whispers that most people couldn’t hear of an old family name from a different era? Screw that, never heard of ‘em. Honestly given that we have seen some of his thoughts and his thought process and actions from where he senses danger, I think he really is an ordinary person and not a beyonder, unless his memories and powers were sealed somehow. This could be a reasonable explanation of course, especially since Susie seemed to stop in his dream. There are too many “reasonable” things in this world though, it would also be reasonable if he turned out to be an artificial character like those marionettes from Klein’s pretend city, an alchemical life with fake memories, or all of this could turn out to be a dream in itself. Right now though, the evidence given only lets me believe he is a rather unlucky fellow lol.

ch 1398 An Ordinary Person's Daily Life (4/8)

Lord of the Mysteries

Lord of the Mysteries

Fantasy · Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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