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Loxy_Matx: Those are all good ideas but I don't want to create an Mc that just shoots nukes or other destructive weapons just to finish the fight since all the travel arcs would be short and boring since he will simply create a factory full of thousand of nukes which won't work on other stronger foes like Thanos and people on his league since they can escape unscratched or kill him by just thinking about doing so.

I want to create an mc who like to explore all of his surrounding and work to adapt to all kinds of conditions since I'm going for multiverse travel,maybe he could use them as last ditch methods but his true objective is to fight anyone from the naruto world head to head without problem.

As for the cyborg proxy,I'm planning to use that as his merchant alias for gathering intel and cash without gaining suspicion from anyone.

I also read hundreds of fan-fics where mc has an op system just so author could write how mc used an op method to get stronger without working for it which goes against my mc's planned route because I wanna write a long and interesting Fan-fic so yeah the mc is a wiredo who treats this new world like a game that he knows he can dominate without using nukes or other weapons of mass destruction since the mc himeself would be weak asf and I don want that.

In the multiverse with a Magitech system · C7
1 hour ago
I think at this point it is safe to assume that any female enemies can and will walk all over the mc with little to no consequences, well except of fucking them 😑 View More

Pied_piper: Thanks for the chapter
So what is going to happen to Seline...
Either way she becomes a queen...
Either way she wins....
There is no punishment for her

The Fastest Man Alive - Marvel · C46
5 hours ago

Pied_piper: Thanks for the chapter
So what is going to happen to Seline...
Either way she becomes a queen...
Either way she wins....
There is no punishment for her

The Fastest Man Alive - Marvel · C46
5 hours ago

undead_progenitor0: We have seen these exact same words too many times

To be a Demon God in Marvel · C16
7 hours ago
So is his power ups going to be restricted just to the hunting dimension? I mean yea he can be all powerful with just grinding but, it’s kinda a waste and pretty simpleminded to just rely on it. View More

Hunter_Of_Hunters: He's still got the same genes, so he can't enhance himself any further through that. His mutant power includes being the peak of what a human can be, along with those claws and fangs.

This isn't marvel comics. This is the MCU. So Death and whatnot aren't gonna be apparent or even shown.

He won't be doing any of that because you can't just add things to your body and expect your body to adapt and survive. Adding the gamma radiated blood to his system would kill him nearly instantly. Extermis is too unstable and he's not a genius who can fix something even a genius could make properly. Secondary mutation is possible but won't happen for a while. The super-spider thing won't be happening either.

He doesn't need to go around stealing power-ups. The Hunting Dimension will help him get to planet buster level, it'll just take time.

Marvel: Pocket Hunting Dimension · C6
1 day ago
Isn’t there chi in marvel? I bet it’s way easier and a lot more faster way than grinding cultivation’s 🤷🏻 unless it’s different of course, but doesn’t hurt to take advantage of learning it to View More

Hunter_Of_Hunters: He's basically Captain America but with claws. He can also go to that Hunting Dimension where he can kill the inhabitants to gain red orbs which he can then use to refine his body. That second power (the Dimension and the red orbs) is from a novel called 'Pocket Hunting Dimension', and it's a really good novel. A bit cliche at times but good and funny nonetheless.

The refining levels go like this: Skin, Muscle, Tendon, Bone, Bone Marrow, 5 Viscera, 6 Bowels, Meridian Refining, and then Refining the Du and Ren Meridians even further. I mean, I have no idea what that last one does but it seemed to increase the main character's strength quite a lot in the original novel. Then after that there's the Spirit Martial State that allows the person in that State to use Spirit Chi.

Basically, he's Captain America with claws and the ability to cultivate.

Marvel: Pocket Hunting Dimension · C4
1 day ago

ArkNightx: Ok, he waste stamina by using great sword when regular katana can cut them easily..
He waste mental strength by using Mystic eyes when zombie weakness are well known, just cut off head and they die..
What's with this idiocy, this is a long run need to preserve stamina and he waste them like this for the sake of looking cool..
And how would he swing his sword in corridor.. it's not like they are wide enough for him to swing freely..

Demon Of War · C20
2 days ago

Harem_fan: I would rather a Poke-mom lover than a Poke-mon lover!

True Conquest of Another World · C22
3 days ago

Lize: Errr.. can mc lil but more active..
Right now he like background chara..

Reancarnating into a chinease novel. · C7
4 days ago
Honestly it’s your choices:
- A) If this fanfic is for your writing/English improvements
- C) if you’re already bored or hit a writers block
- D) if you can still keep going and if you want

I just don’t recommend B as that will affect your story or will either take time to write. View More
From Mortal to Divinity · C35
4 days ago

amanda_chan: Selene ?

Marvel's Red King · C24
2 weeks ago

AKARYUU: Somehow this chapter felt unneeded like some filler

I've Reincarnated With A Summon System! (Re-Mastered) · C10
2 weeks ago
Or probably the mc, being one of his contingencies in the future 🤷🏻 View More

Luxus_Logo: Probably zeus the man whore of all gods

The Hammer Effect · C14
2 weeks ago
Illuminate, I know it exists in the marvel universe, but it’s a perfect fit for the mc who likes control View More

Red_Noodles: Hey! I'll appreciate if some of you can help me with a group name like 'Avengers' or 'Justice league'
The team needs a name, ya know!!

Marvel's Red King · C23
2 weeks ago

Alexandroo: I'm not comparing dude. I just think that the idea of ​​becoming a guinea pig for a mad scientist is absolutely meaningless. There is no advantage over the risk he would be taking.
If he has no reason to train, he doesn't even need to become a hero or something, just be a regular wage worker who has some powers that he doesn't tell anyone. If he doesn't train, going to this world is a waste for him and for those who read.
He saw that he was weak when his sword stroke only generated a micro cut in Saitama that was instantly healed. If he plans to be a risk-free hero, he has to be strong enough not to have to risk his life.
In essence, he is different from Saitama as far as I can tell. He is not a muscular brain that craves a good fight, so staying at the top of the world would be an advantage for him and not a nightmare as it is for Saitama.
What amazes me is that he did not seek to be able to train or be stronger in a safer way, but he has already risked his life. There is no logic to explain this.
I do not know what he seeks or what is the purpose of this story following the plot so far, you know? It is as if he were forced to go to this world and he simply said: Wow, as I am here and I don't like this power, let's try suicide to see if I am going to a better world! That was the impression I got.

Hunter in one punch man · C7
2 weeks ago

MyStomachHurts: Whole bit with Kushina seems unnecessary then. There was no need to mention that you’ll have her fall in love with him, just for mc to give her to minato, just so your mc could then cuck Minato.
But now you say she won’t even be with him all together. It all seems...pointless.

Not saying the story is bad because I actually enjoy it, but this whole situation is strange. If MC wanted fuinjutsu techniques from Kushina, he could’ve just been her FRIEND since she’s super young and the young kids are gullible like that.

Anyways, like I was saying, you set it up as a ‘romantic interest’, just to throw it all away. That’s what I found weird.

I Like your story though

Naruto: Power-Hungry · C7
3 weeks ago
Man for a fanfic that was pretty realistic at the start it went downhill quickly fast. I can tell this will be one of those fanfic that it will have the mc run around the circles. I wouldn’t be surprised if this letting leads free will be a normal thing especially females. View More

youzername: ... he did nothing to her? Like why cause he’s bored? Wtf
Is this a way to preserve female protagonist in marvel? And don’t dare say you haven’t seen this trope, especially for anti heroes

Marvel: The God of Mutants · C11
3 weeks ago
... he did nothing to her? Like why cause he’s bored? Wtf
Is this a way to preserve female protagonist in marvel? And don’t dare say you haven’t seen this trope, especially for anti heroes View More
Marvel: The God of Mutants · C11
3 weeks ago
Welp the whole Skyrim was a useless start 😑 View More
Necromancer in the Multiverse · C6
3 weeks ago

Amduscias: I think you should fix the one major flaw of this novel so far and i finally realize why it feels so unnatural.

He is yang chen whether he likes it or not.You cant follow the story line and use the character's connections as your own if youre not gonna take responsibility for said price for those connections.Even if he himself is delusional enough to think he isnt yang chen and attempt to stick to his prev life's identity,he should realize it doesnt matter what he thinks when he took over the body of a person.He becomes said person unless he is prepared to cut ties with everyone said person knows and go live somewhere else then yeah he is yang chen in essence and soul.

This is the first time ive seen someone delusional enough to think they can just reincarnate into someone that already existed and not take on the background of said person and think they can just act like they aint that person lol.

Transmigrated in the World of My Wife is a Beautiful Ceo · C8
3 weeks ago
No offense but really? He’s already 90 years old and still haven’t improve or gain more powers. What has he been doing throughout his life, getting rich? At this point it won’t even be a surprise that Logan or his other brother are stronger than him because they have more experiences in combat. His been stagnant throughout his life and the only thing he accomplished was that serum that doesn’t even benefit him. Another thing is you say he is more on ‘defense’ compare to his brothers, but what does that even mean if they’re all semi immortals? Does he have tougher skin? Is it his weapons? This just sounds to me like he lacks combat skills compare to his brother.

Honestly if this was an oc character instead of an si this would be a great story, but the problem is he has meta knowledge, and not using it to get powerful is such a waste. Like for example your mc is more focus in the scientific aspect of marvel but knows he lack the genius level that stark or Richard has, it takes him a while to get to their level, and I’m sure he’ll be a bit more advance than them for a sec but eventually they will catch up, which will make all those years such a waste. View More
Marvel's Red King · C17
3 weeks ago

: The content has been deleted

Spider-man reincarnation · C6
4 weeks ago

Genist: ?? why should god feel guilty? Why does this Jack-ass start complaining about how 'innocentpeople like him die' ?? He fucking was biking around like a retard and drove through a red traffic light. If anything HE was the danger on the road, I feel bad for the driver in that car, that dude now has PTSD because some entitled little **** that was lost in his own thoughts while biking couldn't follow road etiquette?

Spider-man reincarnation · C1
4 weeks ago

Sythcake: I rlly don’t get it why authors bother to use Harry Potter, Naruto, etc.. as the protag for their story and then the first thing they do is change their entire personality.. Why not just make an OC?

My Self-Insert Stash · C113
1 month ago

WeavingSpider: After he meets Aang😅

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C26
1 month ago

YoungestKing: This was nice it frlt step-brother step-sistery, now im just waiting for Ciri to go "what are you doing step bro!"

Elder Blood Witcher · C280
1 month ago

YangRen: Heck how can you make this tittle even theres a part this chap has no action.......how can you tittle it this way?..

I'm the King Of Technology · C60
1 month ago

FBI_B1TCH: Yes you can

The Last Child of Darkness: The Winter Night · C8
2 months ago

Lord_Snow: I literally skip from chapter 5 to this.

Reaching Godhood on Earth · C20
3 months ago

Demonic_Ogre: legit thought his name was ray porno for a second

Reaching Godhood on Earth · C1
3 months ago
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