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congrat.. your childrens are now related. View More
Dual Cultivation · C181
5 months ago
Future Kiba? True/Evil Kiba? View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C287
5 months ago
That what we expect from closet pervert. View More
Dual Cultivation · C176
5 months ago
His childrens may become the overlord in this world but i dont see him bringing any of them with him when he found a way to return to 4 heaven.

I dont see how any of these women or his children will ever reach immortality as long as they remain here tbh. View More

Hajime1234: He should at least give those woman who have his child a cultivation method to live longer otherwise they might not meet again in the future.

Dual Cultivation · C174
5 months ago
This is a realistic take on magic academy, most of the student are not phycho killing machine & the student breaking down from traumatic experience is something that a lot of other fantasy story tend to forget. View More
Supreme Magus · C176
5 months ago
Dude if you even have a slight interest in X-men you will know mutant power scale by its type, Kinetic Manipulation is among the most broken ability. Alpha is a good bet.

Of couse if you judge this series based on Xianxia power scaling then i defenitely nothing special. View More

Apex_Cultivator: How do you know it's Alpha class? And no, it can't hurt Kiba. Kiba's source of power originates from an object that powers an entire galaxy.

It looks like the woman is powerful because she turned Fitz into molecules, but you have to also consider how weak he was.

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C277
6 months ago
kinetic manipulation at molecular level, powerful ability (Alpha class) but can it hurt Kiba tho? View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C277
6 months ago

Hyperion: Reminds me of Shiba Tatsuya

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C277
6 months ago
what kind of spell has been casted on the Author? View More
Dual Cultivation · C159
6 months ago
female quicksilver? View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C274
6 months ago
Qiuyue have daddy issue & a pedo at the same time. View More
Dual Cultivation · C153
6 months ago
Lith is a threat but his potential is a catastrophe View More
Supreme Magus · C151
6 months ago
It doesn't reach his standard for success. View More

scarlett1414: "I'm sorry Colonel. It's been an utter failure." What?!?! I miss something 🤔

Supreme Magus · C150
6 months ago
My mind tell me he should seduce his friend wife. At least he can get even. View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C268
6 months ago
He not just satisfy the wife he even give them extra flavor that their husband love. View More

strixflash: Kiba is a sage. Everyone is busy powering up but he has dedicated his life for the happiness of others. How could the world ever thank him enough for his sacrifices?

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C266
6 months ago
here i am again, staring down clift into the void. View More
Supreme Magus · C146
7 months ago
Lith main concern is more about having a freedom to train his magic without interference, the place he is in right now is not ideal & it will hinder his growth. The school is not ideal too but at least he can learn there. View More

scarlett1414: Ehm, at least he will not miss any school day XD Oh joy! XDD

Supreme Magus · C143
7 months ago
What is the Cosmic spark & Genesis matter? Is it a Gift or a Curse? View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C261
7 months ago
what a clifthanger View More
Supreme Magus · C137
7 months ago
The plot thicken View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C257
7 months ago
Stormseal Island Arc foreshadow. Make it happen! View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C254
7 months ago
The government & the revolutionary are just a different side on the same coin. View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C253
7 months ago
nice chapter View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C251
7 months ago
Kiba is parting his knowledge to Ashlyn & she really taking it in. I have no idea how this will turn up. View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C248
7 months ago
exp View More

DarkeL: i dont even know if they can slow him, Yukeli finna take em Madara style

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C223
7 months ago
wow just wow View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C246
7 months ago
😂😂😂 View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C245
8 months ago
Is Jane in the menu too? View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C244
8 months ago
Dorian King class feel underwhelming after Zero fight. Maybe thing will be different after he max out all his law. View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C221
8 months ago
Yes. I know Zero wont die that easily, but killing Yukeli wont be that easy. View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C219
8 months ago
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