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Skepparn: nobody actually likes narutospersonality fully, he's just too naive and sometimes, or more like almost always stupid

Gaara · C11
2 months ago
If you say so View More

GrandpaWrath2: You meant Ham~ophobic, with one look she could deduce if you're an alien pig disguising as a human.

Do we have a problem >:)

When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C9
3 months ago

GoldenKitsune: Mama song is homophobic waw

When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C9
3 months ago
Mama song is homophobic waw View More
When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C9
3 months ago

bloo: I usually hate these stories, because they almost NEVER get the personality right.

In this one though? It feels like the actual Sasuke is the one there. IT's incredibly entertaining to read about. He's not interested in girls all of a sudden (when has Sasuke ever been?) He helps people sure, but he doesn't like to get personally involved with them. He kicks ass when someone needs an ass kicking. This story is defo worth a read.

Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse
3 months ago

18Dragon: No harem is good.
Harems are for guys that like the idea of sleeping around. They would complain instantly if the female harem members want to seek out other men. Hypocrisy.

When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C0
3 months ago

Godread: Ah no Harem ,yeah good

When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C0
3 months ago

louisjacq: Sorry to say it but it's ALWAYS the same story in Chinese novel.It's filled with cliches and here we don't have anything new.
If there are people who like this kind of novel please answer me because I kinda don't understand how it is a top novel within webnovel ranking.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

Tirinir: This is absolute trash. Close the window, delete this "story" from your browser history and never return to it again. Not worth writing 140 character for review, but this will hopefully spare some people from reading it.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

ZmTing: This is utter trash with dumb mc....
I don't even know what to comment anymore 😂😂😂
Welp, i'll still read this though... i want to test my patience... see how far i could get before i smash my phone in anger 😂😂

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

elibrocubicularist: Rather than new crap every week, I'd rather they focused more effort on finishing the stories they've already started. Especially some of the good stories that seem to have been totally dropped, like Dark King, which hasn't had a new chapter in ten months...

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

pufu: Utter ****-tier novel, full of cliche, trash protagonist and and antagonist, don't waste your time reading this novel, I don't even know why people even bother voting for this.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

Cesil: Absolute trash, don't read
Cliche trash
Author is trash
Story development is trash
Protagonist arrogant asf
Antagonist young master offended whole clan offended type of trash
Overall novel is trash

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

heavenlydogdog: So you want psychopathic mc's with no morals and no goals except getting stronger. That will collect girls like toys (harem) and have no plot.
I don't mind ruthless/gray mc or even evil mc but it has to be enjoyable and well make sense.
And having the mc laugh after killing someone for the first time is a sign of insanity but with insanity there is no reason for plot to exist there will be no goals except stupid **** like gaining power which he could achieve without killing everybody
I found a great Harry Potter fic about a guy transported into vlodomorts mind since his bearth(voldomort's) his goal is to conquer the world and he doesn't mind killing people its a good novel because it comes up with cool and reasonable plans and his plans of conquering the worls are interesting to say the least

Gaara · C15
3 months ago

Heretoc: The story is good, but I do have some doubts about the MCs characteristics and the way he behaves.

Shinigamis move in squads and teams. So how could he be sold lonely and just talk with his Zanpakuto?

How could he be so emotional? He's a shinigami, and god knows how old he is. So how can he break into tears by just talking with Grandmaster, slip while talking and so on.

The amount of OCs. Even writing about one character is nerve wracking. Creating its past, merging it into the story, developing his future and so on. You have already introduced around 4 characters including the MC who are OC and might play an important role in future. I don't have problems with OCs but most of the authors can't just handle them and usually abandon them by killing them off or just relegating them into the background or side characters with no life.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Qilin Guardian Douluo
3 months ago

SeaVen: This ia hilarious... i understand that in a special situation u can and u will spill ur secrets... but the MC do it all... he spilled the bean right away.. is that a trending to do when ur a reincarnated? Or transmigurated? To spill and tell on every one that u are one? This is a thrash fan fic... thats all...oh? Any retort?

Rebirth in hunter x hunter
3 months ago

GoldenKitsune: I see that you're not a man of culture

Gaara · C11
3 months ago
I see that you're not a man of culture View More

HitoNoName: I hope not, I love naruto but I hate his mentality

Gaara · C11
3 months ago

HomeoVader: The story is about a boy who receives a system from his father on his 7th birthday. The system is not as OP as the norm is, which under normal circumstances would have been a turn off for me, however, the author has done a splendid job of keeping the system real.
The system prompts and levelling up is not as easy as the norm is. The unique thing about this system is that it's introduction and explanation is much much more systematic than many other novels. In fact at one point the system appreciates the MC who is not using the system to form mindless harems like it's previous hosts.
Also characters are deep. The female lead's background story is really deep. Also the relationship between MC and heroine is really beautiful. The MC and heroine care for each other a lot, but have a relationship which is befitting more of best friends.
The writing is beautiful and of the highest quality. Overall it's a beautiful read. The story is very well written and powers are explained amazingly.
I recommend this novel if you are searching for a good and long time read.

Abuse of Magic
3 months ago
It's amon :| View More
Djinn Servant · C1
3 months ago

Conqueror1: for the love of god someone finally made a fan-fiction of magi , damn this is the best anime ever please do not ever drop this or i will curse u to have no children 😂 thats all ... god bless your brain and hand ... Bararaq Saikaaaaa!!!!!!!

The Pirate Djinn
3 months ago

MilordInk: So. You want a classical adventure, the likes of Hogwarts and the Lord of the Rings? You've come to the right place then. No seriously, you have.

MC is the good guy yet.... I can see him teetering on the edge between... he might be the villain for the right reasons.

Magic? Check that off the list. He has raw power, no control. He's also deceiving. He's the young-slightly-buff-dude that you can't help to scoff and ask, how is he a mage?

Wizened Grandpa figure? Check. In this case, not so wizened, more like 40 years old-still-able-to-knock-ladies-AND-men-down-with- a- wink. (That was long.)

The MC runs into a bunch of trouble near the ending of the first arc, novice against masters and grandmaster, that sort of thing.

Overall. It's a good read. There much more I could tell you... but that just ruins the fun of unraveling the plot that is Paragon of Destruction. So add it the library and join me for the wild, magical ride.

P.S: No harem. Not unless you count the gaggles of old men MC meets.... fine. Maybe a twincy wincy, old man harem. Only one romance lead.

Paragon of Destruction
3 months ago

GoldenKitsune: Will he be a friend of Naruto?

Gaara · C11
3 months ago
Will he be a friend of Naruto? View More
Gaara · C11
3 months ago

josephineteo: Its an interesting idea to do a novel on Rock Lee. I think its the first you can find here. BUT DUDE, your english...I have to read multiple times to understand what your are trying to say. Please hire an editor.

Would have given this lower if it wasnt rock lee

3 months ago

seob97: Your author **** inside the story is really bad and annoying. Ruining the story. You are just making it bad to worse.

Dropped :( · C0
3 months ago

GoldenKitsune: Wow disgusting

Reborn as a GOD · C6
3 months ago

EternalElysium: utter trash novel....
please consider beforehand if you want to lose IQ very fast or not:
-MC with blessing from god of dumbness
-appearance from typical arrogant and cocky "arch"-enemies
-forced mainstream plot
-dragon power that literally every MC has
-constant trash talk from every character in the novel + no real story advancement

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

Azunyan: There are too many cliches in this story. Cliches used to be something good when first used, but now they are just the same and not unique in some way. I could only force myself to read up to ch 10 and here is what I have to say.
1) The MC got some sort of bloodline power from his mother who also got kidnapped.
2) The MC's dad used to be a genius and then got crippled so both are treated like crap.
3) Of course, the MC has to get bullied because he needs trashy cannon fodder enemies for the beginning of his journey
4) The old weak useless caretaker also just happens to have a little girl that is just a year younger than the MC and she ends up being taken by someone related to the cannon fodder that the MC beat up
I think you all get my point.
However. Unique things this novel does. The little servant girl isn't some unsurpassed jade beauty. The dad gets killed off lol.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the friend that the dad had who seems to be OP, but for plot was never able to help his friend and his friend's son. What a shame.

It's so cliche it hurts

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago

SwiftFate: Oh. And before people complain, at least my review is somewhat constructive as-opposed to the way the QI system on this site works by enticing readers to literally review bomb novels for a few spirit stones. Not necessarily good reviews, but most people will obviously go for whatever is quickest and just rate it highly anyway. The review/rating system is a complete sham.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
3 months ago
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