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I’m Really a Superstar · C1570
3 months ago
Go to YouTube & type In the name of the people. You'll find it. View More

bemebs: So, i tried looking for this show online - did anyone have any luck finding it?

I’m Really a Superstar · C1567
3 months ago
Shitty work, no proper story line.
Had a lot of expectation for this. View More
Assassination System · C5
4 months ago

thestatsguy: I'm listing MAJOR arcs( there are so many minor arcs too) after about 900 chapters (upto 1688 chaps), don't worry I'm not spoiling much, just enough to make you guys wait for them:
1.Martial arts arc (good arc):
We find out where rao aimin is, why she's been busy and some cool fights.
2."king of the mask singer" arc( one of the best arcs):
It's a singing show where celebrities wear masks so that nobody recognizes them and sing, if anyone is eliminated they have an option to remove their mask.
Zhang Ye gets banned for some reason and writes this show, gives it to beijing television and participates in it secretly.
3.Chinese chess arc( very good arc):
Old wu's father is legend in chinese chess.
AI chinese chess PETER is introduced, no country's champions are able to defeat.
4.Olympics arc(average arc):
Not that good arc. I remember him scolding sports world.
5."I am a singer"( very good arc):
This too is celebs singing show.
6.Wedding arc( yay one of my fav arcs):
nothing to say, their wedding and world getting shocked.
7.Spring festival arc( really good one):
He plans whole spring festival for CCTV, so you can pretty much guess what happens.
8.Korea arc( good arc):
he goes to korea as a part of some program.
Introduces heavy metal to this world.
Sell his calligraphy.
9.Manga arc( good arc):
He makes popular mangas. Doesn't complete though.
10.Hacker arc and final concert arc:(one of THE best arcs but maybe not for some):
He rolls difficulty adjustment dice and gets five times increased difficulty for 2 days.
On second day big saber bro is accused of being the hacker [2] (Zhang Ye's hacker name) and is arrested, knowing that he chooses to surrender himself but before that he performs asia's largest concert in olympics stadium (very touching concert) and bades farewell to entertainment industry and gets arrested.
11.comeback arc (very good arc):
He contributes to army secretly for four years and hence gets released early. World forgets Zhang Ye. For his comeback he makes a chinese drame and participates in "I'm a singer" show in which he sings touching songs.

After that noble prize arc, then he make chinese movie which is highest grossing in chinese movie history in our world, after that he makes "Man vs Wild" in International CCTV and right now he is ****** "Frozen" in hollywood.
Sorry for this being so long.
**: I hope you guys a give a like so that other people who are interested in spoilers might be able to notice it.

I’m Really a Superstar
4 months ago

zahymaka: How I wooed your mother: stabbed her once in the rear and punched her twice in the nose.

Super Gene · C24
6 months ago
😂😂 View More

zahymaka: How I wooed your mother: stabbed her once in the rear and punched her twice in the nose.

Super Gene · C24
6 months ago
F**k dude's a psycho😫 View More
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King · C239
9 months ago
Reading Status: C192
^^^^^^^^→^^^^^^^^^→^^^^^^^^^→😂😂😂 that was awesome^^^^^^^^→story development 5/5^^^^^^^^^^→Main character 5/5^^^^^^^^^^→character style 5/5 View More
The Strongest System
1 year ago
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