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  • The Perverted Sage

    The Perverted Sage

    Video Games

    Zack Blackfire, 17-year old high school student with a rich family, has a, for mysterious reasons, strange birthmark on his right wrist that glows every 99 days. As he is walking home from school one day, he encounters a dying middle-aged man. The man tells Zack that he is fated to help him one day as he slowly breaths out his final breath. ---------- Updates are whenever I feel like writing. Don't be shocked if there's no chapters in weeks. There is going to be harem, and hopefully my virgin mind and body which hasn't touched another girl (other than family) in 3 years can handle the romance. **I DO NOT OWN THE COVER OF THE NOVEL, IT BELONGS TO WHOEVER MADE IT!**

  • Realm of 'Culture'

    Realm of 'Culture'

    Anime & Comics

    Random H Scenes with random girls from random anime/manga/novels. I made this because of certain authors telling readers if they don't like their H scene (or lack of), then they should make their own. So here I am. By the way, don't give power stones to this. This is just for the men of culture out there who haven't seen an H scene (or a decent one) with the characters in this "novel". I'm a man of culture and proud to be one, hopefully you are too. Also, just so we're clear, this is an adult novel and I won't take any responsibility for any children reading this. Uploads are random, I make them when I get inspiration which is not the most consistent thing... **I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE USED FOR THE COVER, IT BELONGS TO WHOEVER MADE IT!**


TheeUnknownSaint: Nalan Mingxue had always been the #1 girl in this novel.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C808
4 months ago

Kougetsu: This novel was banned in China all works of this author have been removed from Qidian since January of 2019.

The author already had a short hiatus, because of story problems back in April/May 2018 And stopped at chapter 1201. Since that hiatus he only managed to write 7 more chapters reaching 1208 before the novel got banned in January 2019.

Stop spending SS for a novel that will never be finished.

Please help spreading this Information. It's absolutely disgusting of webnovel to charge for a banned novel that will never finish!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C167
4 months ago
Why should I spend my precious time searching something as useless as your brain? View More

Joash: No need, search it up, you’ll find you fit right in, mr racist

I Hacked Everything · C2
4 months ago
Oh? Tell how so, mr nitpicker? View More

Joash: You don’t deserve to even mention Peppa, she is an animated pig and you are a real one

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
Neither does that peppa pig profile pic. View More

Joash: Clownery doesn’t look good in you luv.

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
Neither are you apparently View More

Joash: Oh so youre not done, okay.

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
You done justifying false accusation of an author just trying to write a book with his own sense of beauty? View More

Joash: You done justifying racism?

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
I swear, this is why everyone hates to argue with SJW's. They have no brain to argue with and nit pick at every tiny detail they can see with their linear as a pencil vision. View More

Joash: Once again, just say you are racist and carry on

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
Better in what way exactly? He never said anything in terms of rights or privileges, just beauty. Like I said, authors have a right to instill their own sense of beauty into their own works. Stop trying to pick trouble over nothing serious. View More

Joash: He basically said that pale skin is better than black skin, but if you don’t want to admit it is racist, go on. And just because there are other doujins that do the same thing doesnt make it right

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
Racism is the discrimination of people due to their race (You believing your own race is superior) . If we're talking literal terms, humans literally can't be racist to eachother because we are all the same race. I'll go along with your bull **** though cause I'm bored.

1. Author has not done anything degrading black people other than their beauty.

2. Authors have a right to input their own sense of beauty within their books. Hell, there's doujins of tons of popular works that twist characters into their own ideal image of them. View More

Joash: You are, if you are saying he took facial improvement pills, that means black skin was considered ugly and pale skin was considered better looking, that is racism clear as day, the author should try avoid offending their readers, he could have simply said “His nose became......his facial structure......” skin colour was highly unnecessary and quite offensive

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
No, we're justifying the author's sense of beauty. Just because the author thinks that pale white is the most handsome doesn't mean he is racist. Stop twisting subjecting his opinions to racism, or soon you'll be treated like those people who kept defaming PewDiePie of being a racist nazi because of small minute actions that have nothing to do with nazis or racism. View More

Joash: Are we really justifying racism

I Hacked Everything · C2
5 months ago
Yo was anyone else singing the tobuscus literal trailer in their head as they read this? View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C653
6 months ago

Meowhead: Chinese novels seem oddly dead set against male players playing female characters. So many novels have VR systems where people can only play a character of their own gender.

Did all the web novel authors get catfished or something?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C641
6 months ago
Reverse uno card View More

Marasca: no u

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C611
6 months ago
"It will be released this year!"

Watch fang delay it. Multiple times too... View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C609
6 months ago
If the girl eventually comes to like the sexual acts and leaves the MC on her own accord then its netorare. Otherwise it's just plain ra.pe View More

BobbyWibowo: What's with the additional clauses about "constant acts of .." and "leave willingly"?
I thought it still counted as netorare even if the girl were forced to have sex by someone else only once, regardless of whether the girl would chose to leave the her partner later, willingly or not.
Like, I thought it should be just the mere act of the MC's girl being forced by someone else? 🤔

The God Virus · C13
7 months ago
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C590
7 months ago

InThisGuys: This is a boring arc for me because I don't know the game

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C536
7 months ago
It was a joke referencing how most reincarnators in stories like these were salarymen before they died View More

dragoonmk3: What? He talked about being on his way home from a campus with a library. And his classmate/friend said she was 21 before transferring. So he was Obviously a college student.

Re:Death - Reincarnated Dead into Another World · C27
7 months ago
A FIFA player once looked into how much money he spent on the Ultimate mode in total and found that he spent over 10,000$ USD over the course of 7 months... View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C515
7 months ago
I dont know if people are not reading or I'm just dumb, but the author wrote that talents are given based on what you did a month after character creation... View More
Fatal Shot · C2
7 months ago

Wangshen: I ship Ning Bi and Fang the video game griefer.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C500
7 months ago

Wangshen: Sephiroth has come to the cultivation world. A whole new kind of edgelord is about to be born, god help us all.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C497
8 months ago

ECCHIEMPEROR_DAO: The reason alot of us complained about the lesbian action, is because the girl seemed to like the dildo more and the mc felt like an extra.

· C76
8 months ago

Devildwarf: "what are you going to do?" / "I don't plan on doing anything. It's only a defeat" my god... no vengeance? no calling dad or higher up , just accepting defeat like a normal person and even using it to fuel your determination to better yourself? where are our typical chinese elitist antagonist... I demand a refund !!!!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C66
8 months ago

Marvinzum: Did they just...I dont even...

Strongest Abandoned Son · C765
8 months ago

ImperialEdge: They're in college

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C60
8 months ago

SaintDiablo: 2017 - "There won't be a paywall."
2019 - Paywalls everywhere.

Don't trust any words from qidians mouth anymore.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C130
8 months ago

KoFu_: The content has been deleted

Stronghold In The Apocalypse
8 months ago
I only knew what was actually happening like 20% of the time reading this. View More
Magical Sex Potion · C147
8 months ago
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