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    Unlimited Promise!


    "Are you okay?" she asked, holding out her hand. "No." He sniffed. "My dignity has been greatly hurt." "You have underwear covered in pink hearts." she blushed while rolling her eyes. "You have no dignity left to protect." *** Marc Antony Hugh had three problems: --- his ridiculously curly hair --- the awkward movements with his long arms --- and his inability to break promises Now, most people would think the last one is a good thing, but for Marc Antony? Not even close. Marc can't seem to break promises - even if they are stupid. *** Liuling has looked up to her older cousin, Biming, for a long time. But their family issues has made their relationship uncomfortable. Things take an interesting turn when she meets Biming's only friend, Marc Antony. Every human receives a gift in their seventeenth year. He woke up different. They may get a sword, a wish, a curse, a blessing, a dream, a purpose, a book -- anything. But what they do with it determines their future. Marc Antony gets a promise system and accidently promises Liuling something. Liuling gets attached to Marc Antony.


That explains why I can't vote anymore lol. So happy! View More
Aria's Tales · C62
6 days ago
I'm very happy you started updating again :) View More
Aria's Tales · C59
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1
3 weeks ago

Sollkiri: You can't scam a rich girl. Since in the end, she's still filthy rich.

Lord of the Mysteries · C787
3 weeks ago

CreamPuffDelights: Meng Qi knew that everyone around him was pathetic people > you aren't exactly great yourself my friend. in fact, since we can read your thoughts, you're even more pathetic than them. At least they're honest.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C22
3 weeks ago

Madaradagod: Thank you for working to improve I’ll be sure to reread

The Law God - Artic
4 weeks ago

Krizantem: I have talked with the editors. They are starting to edit the book from chapter one. So after two weeks to three-week chapters will be updated. Thank you for your kind comments

The Law God - Artic
4 weeks ago

Krizantem: Hi, I'm the author of the book, voting for my own book as a classic webnovel tradition. Don't be fooled by me:)


Hi, I'm the author of the book, voting for my own book as a classic webnovel tradition. Don't be fooled by me:)

Hi, I'm the author of the book, voting for my own book as a classic webnovel tradition. Don't be fooled by me:)

The Law God - Artic
4 weeks ago

Dragonskeeper: The lack of punctuation makes this hard for me to read does it get better? Also if able to please re edit and fix if this goes on for a long time to locked chapters. I’ll try reading as is but it hurts my head for some reason.

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C1
1 month ago

Sollkiri: This time again, let me shamelessly take first!

Lord of the Mysteries · C720
1 month ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: As more and more Tarot members approach 5th sequence and up, we get more rituals and that’s sick as hell. I love the ritual requirement needed for higher sequences. Such a unique way to invoke power ups. Between listening to the song of mermaids, immersing oneself in complete darkness in a place where darkness is akin to death and now a ritual where someone has to pull a Pinocchio to advance. I’m finna call LotM McDonalds cuz I’m lovin’ it.

Lord of the Mysteries · C720
1 month ago
Ah, makes sense, thanks for the explanation. View More

lindatan90: It's not the life pathway worships the moon. It is the organization, Life School of Thought. This is mentioned several times, one of it is in Chapter 440.

Imo, I also think that the Monster pathway is a lone pathway, and that's why I wrote so in my previous comment. However, this is not confirmed in the story.

Lord of the Mysteries · C715
1 month ago

radarwave34: I need to pay my respects to the author and translator for covering this book its what i look forward to everyday THANK YOU FOR THESE CHAPTERS THERE AMAZING!!!!!🤯😮😁

Lord of the Mysteries · C714
1 month ago
Pretty sure monster is a lone pathway, it doesn't make sense for it to be interchangeable with any of the others due to its uniqueness. They deal directly with fate. Since when has the life pathway worshipped the moon??? View More

lindatan90: Omniscient and Ominipotent:
1) Bard (Sun)
2) Secret Supplicant (shepherd)
3) Sailor (Storm)
4) Reader (Wisdom)
5) Spectator (Dragon)

6) Savant (Craftmanship)
7) Mystery Pryer (Hidden Sage)

8) Seer
9) Marauder
10) Apprentice

Dawn of Life (?)
11) Sleepless (Evernight)
12) Warrior (Combat / Giant)
13) Corpse Collector (Death)

Destruction and Calamities
14) Hunter
15) Demoness

16) Arbiter
17) Lawyer (Black Emperor)

18) Prisoner (Wraith / Mutant)
19) Prisoner (Devil)

Life (?)
20) Planter
21) Apothecary (Moon)

22) Monster
(Either is a lone pathway or interchangeable with planter and apothecary because the Life School of Thought seems to worship the moon)

Lord of the Mysteries · C715
1 month ago

Alessan: I completely disagree, the churches are super strong but theres no way for them to know everything that would be stupid. If the churches were big brother then there would be little to no chance for other organizations to exist in the first place. How are they supposed find stuff like this out? Even if they weren't divination proof you have to know something beforehand to be able to successfully divine anything about it. Spies in the Demoness Sect and Aurora order should be near impossible to achieve even at low levels, let alone the very top of organizations that are cleared for knowledge of a plot like this. Not to mention the royal family (and I think the Demoness sect too?) are both older than the churches. Even though they don't have a true god backing them we've seen that ever since the fifth era the orthodox gods practically don't touch the world at all. Fighting a foundation older and possible deeper than the churches own with no foreknowledge of the plot at all how are the churches supposed to compete? Not to mention they have no access to Sequence 1 beyonders like the Royal Family might since they don't have a god behind them. Finally, most of the churches resources are focused on keeping order for the general public (Nighthawks, Mandated Punishers, Machinery Hivemind etc.) while secret organizations likely have about the same manpower (Law of beyonder characteristic indestructibility or whatever its called) but can completely focus on whatever their goals are instead of getting bogged down in a bunch of random stuff all time.

The Churches are as strong as they should be, near the top of the powerful organizations but not superhuman. All in all its a wonder they're doing as well as they are already given the circumstances.

Lord of the Mysteries · C477
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Ring View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1
1 month ago
... what does this have to do with my comment...? View More

DragonBloodWolf: Music is the pleasure the human mind experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.
-Gottfried Leibniz
I do not conceive of any reality at all as without genuine unity.
-Gottfried Leibniz

12 Hours After · C1
2 months ago
Ah, just reread it. Makes sense. Thanks View More

zad1333: Well at this point in time the elvers would have attacked him anyways

Reincarnation of a living god · C24
2 months ago
Why is there this comment View More

Rittzy: Bust it down Tatiana

Reincarnation of a living god · C27
2 months ago

Rittzy: Bust it down Tatiana

Reincarnation of a living god · C27
2 months ago
Why do I feel like this could have been avoided if he had just said he wasn't human from the beginning...? Despite the fact, the elf was rude, he is in an unknown forest. He could have made more of an effort to communicate. That way if they still attacked, I wouldn't feel this confrontation is so... useless. View More
Reincarnation of a living god · C24
2 months ago
Ah, I forgot about it once I got into school work again. I might look into it again. Thanks for the comment, that was really sweet. I may post the draft chapters I let sit in the dust just for that. Thanks :) View More

Zijay: Hey you are the author of unlimited promise right? I've read it a year ago when webnovel was still growing but you dropped the story before it even began. Sad. But the story concept was really nice and I did look forward to reading it.

The Genius' First Love · C3
2 months ago

Reptile_Not_Alien: Prisoner pathway... Executed via guillotine? Very interesting

Lord of the Mysteries · C690
2 months ago

Alessan: Poor Anderson’s pride as strongest Hunter seems to be officially shattered. Poor fella.

Lord of the Mysteries · C690
2 months ago

Aby55: Lmao he lost his bad luck curse and still almost dies from opening his mouth....this guy...and checking out a woman with no head????

A fellow man of culture I see...😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C690
2 months ago
Okay, her character ticks me off to no end. How is she cute and funny? :/ what she did was extremely rude. View More
The Genius' First Love · C3
2 months ago

Dibidibidis: Really really rude... She looks like a child that steal other's things 😅 I really hate it when people touch my food 😒

The Genius' First Love · C3
2 months ago

NovelAddictxD: I like the plot but I do feel that Xhem is being really rude. I mean it’s still kind okay to take the dessert from her friends and coach since they actually know each other but stealing from the other guy is just... 😶

The Genius' First Love · C3
2 months ago

Alessan: Current Stash:
~15199 Pounds

Dark Emperor Card (Priceless)

Sea God Scepter (Lots)

Corrupted Tinder (???)

Azik’s Copper Whistle (N/A)

Creeping Hunger (37500 Pounds|20000 Pounds + Characteristics inside)
- 1x Interrogator Characteristic (1500 Pounds)
- 1x Baron of Corruption Characteristic (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Zombie Characteristic
- (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Desire Apostle Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

1x Priest of Light Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

Biological Poison Bottle (~3000

Midsummer aka Sun Brooch (2000 Pounds)

1x Nightmare Characteristic (1500 Pounds

1x Interrogator Characteristic (From Capim, 1500 Pounds)

1x Lunatic Characteristic (650 Pounds)

15ml Thousand Faced Hunter’s Blood (45 Pounds)

= ~69,400 Pounds + Dark Emperor Card + Sea God Scepter + Corrupted Tinder

Lord of the Mysteries · C700
2 months ago

Alessan: Known Potion Names: 140/220
Known Potion Formulas: 30/220 + 1 incomplete

8-9 Low Sequence Names: 41/44 (13 Formulas)
5-7 Mid Sequence Names: 60/66 (12 Formulas)
3-4 Saint Names: 22/44 (2 Formulas +1 incomplete)
1-2 Angel Names: 7/44 (2 Formulas)
0 True God Names: 5/22 (1 Formula)
Unsure: 5

[] = Ancient Name
✓ = Known Formula
X = Known Incomplete Formula
* = Mid Sequence Starting Point

Corruption Pathway: (10/10)
9 Lawyer ✓
8 Barbarian ✓
7 Briber ✓
6 Baron of Corruption* ✓
5 Mentor of Confusion ✓
4 Count of the Fallen ✓
3 Frenzied Mage ✓
2 Duke of Entropy ✓
1 Prince of Disorder ✓
0 Dark Emperor ✓

[Devil] Abyss Pathway: (7/10)
9 Criminal
8 Unwinged Angel [Coldblooded]
7 Serial Killer
6 Devil*
5 Desire Apostle
4 Demon
0 Abyss

[Dragon] Dreamer Pathway: (8/10)
9 Spectator ✓
8 Telepathist ✓
7 Psychiatrist* [Psyche Analyst]
6 Hypnotist
4 Manipulator
2 Discerner
1 Author
0 Visionary

Creation Pathway: (7/10)
9 Savant
8 Archaeologist
7 Appraiser
6 Machinery Specialist [Artisan]*
5 Astromancer
4 Alchemist
3 Arcane Scholar

Deception Pathway: (7/10)
9 Seer ✓
8 Clown ✓
7 Magician* ✓
6 Faceless ✓
5 Nimblewright Master ✓
4 Bizarro Sorcerer
2 Miracle Invoker

Demoness Pathway: (7/10)
9 Assassin ✓
8 Instigator ✓
7 Witch* ✓
6 Pleasure ✓
5 Affliction
4 Demoness of Despair
2-3 Unaging Demoness

[Elf] Hurricane Pathway: (7/10)
9 Sailor [Keeper of the Sea]
8 Folk of Rage [Guardian of the Storm]
7 Seafarer [Storm Priest]
6 Wind-Blessed* ✓
5 Ocean Songster [Elvish Songster]
4 Cataclysmic Interrer
3 Sea King

Order Pathway: (7/10)
9 Arbiter
8 Sheriff
7 Interrogator
6 Judge*
5 Disciplinary Paladin
3-4 Law Weaver (Likely 4)
3-4 Imperative Mage (Likely 3)

Sun Pathway (7/10)
9 Bard ✓
8 Light Suppliant ✓
7 Solar High Priest* ✓
6 Notary ✓
5 Priest of Light [Envoy of Light] ✓
4 Unshadowed X (Main ingredients only)
0 Sun

War Pathway: (7/10)
9 Hunter
8 Provoker
7 Pyromaniac [Fire Mage]
6 Conspiracist*
5 Reaper
4 Iron-Blooded Knight
0 Red Priest

[Giant] Combat Pathway: (6/10)
9 Warrior
8 Pugilist [Gladiator]
7 Weapon Master
6 Dawn Paladin*
5 Guardian
4 Demon Hunter

[Phoenix] Death Pathway: (6/10)
9 Cor**e Collector
8 Gravedigger
7 Spirit Medium
6 Spirit Guide*
5 Gatekeeper
3-4 Undying (Almost certainly 3)

Journey Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apprentice ✓
8 Trickmaster ✓
7 Astrologer ✓
6 Scribe*
5 Traveler
4 Secrets Sorcerer

[Vampire] Moon Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apothecary ✓
8 Beast Tamer
7 Vampire*
6 Potions Professor
5 Scarlet Scholar
4 Shaman King

[Mutant] Mutant Pathway: (6/10)
9 Prisoner
8 Lunatic
7 Werewolf*
6 Zombie
5 Wraith
4 Puppet

Mystery Pathway: (6/10)
9 Mystery Pryer
8 Melee Scholar
7 Warlock*
6 Scrolls Professor
5 Constellations Master
4 Mysticologist

[Demonic Wolf] Night Pathway: (6/10)
9 Sleepless
8 Midnight Poet
7 Nightmare
6 Soul Assurer*
4 Nightwatcher

Thief Pathway: (6/10)
9 Marauder
8 Swindler
7 Cryptologist
6 Fire Bandit
5 Dream Stealer
4 Parasite

Fate Pathway: (5/10)
9 Monster
7 The Lucky
5 Winner
2 Soothsayer
1 Snake of Mercury

Secrets Pathway: (5/10)
9 Secrets Supplicant
8 Listener [Whispered]
7 Shadow Ascetic
6 Rose Bishop
5 Shepherd

Sage Pathway: (4/10)
9 Reader
7 Knowledge Keeper
6 Polymath*
5 Mysticism Magister

Life Pathway: (2/10)
9 Planter
? Doctor [Healing Pastor] (Likely Low or Mid Sequence)

Unknown Pathways: (3)
4 Prophet (Likely Reader Pathway, possibly Secrets Pathway)

? Planeswalker (Almost certainly High Sequence, Likely Journey Pathway)

? Weather Warlock (Likely Saint Level)

Known Pathway Connections:







Lord of the Mysteries · C700
2 months ago
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